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Romance Books To Read Now!

“Yeah,” he says, “this is Eric Rodricks, our client, CEO of Rodricks Real Estate Investments, and this is our Marketing Manager, Selena Dutchmond.” The guy is hot, Adonis style, Greek God, towering, with beautiful dark blue eyes, chestnut wavy hair and a billionaire. That suit on him makes women stay at his feet. GQ magazine model. That’s why Jessie’s high-pitched voice has been on. “Nice to meet you, sir.” I extend my hand. “The pleasure is mine.” And I manage to take my hand back. Derek, I’m sorry, man… She’s mine… Oh! You’ll be mine, baby… Don’t you worry. I have to talk to Derek to get a confession out of him and then we’re on, Angel. I see Selena coming from the other way of the hallway to the elevator, crying. She has her purse in her hand and her gaze is down. She doesn’t see me and bumps right into me in the front of the elevator. I keep still but I’m a bit shaken seeing her like this. “Oh! Sorry!” She looks at me and then at Derek and my men.  “It’s alright. Something happened?” I see her eyes are red and that she’s keeping tension inside of her. The elevator comes as one of my men has pushed the button when we’ve reached the spot. She walks in, leaving us here, with her head down, not looking at any of us, pressing the lobby button, and the doors closing. I get into the next elevator and on her footsteps. My men are already tailing her downstairs. She won’t escape me. Read more now!
“Dad! I said no! I’m not having her as my wife! I don’t know why you insist on her! She’s all wrong for me! I don’t like her! I despise her!” We’re in mutual agreement, kiddo. Play some more and make your daddy break. He should love you enough to do it your way…. Get some more to him…. Make him give in. That’s it…. “SIGN IT, TOO! AND WE’LL HAVE HELL ON EARTH AFTER THAT! I HATE YOU! YOU’RE SO FUCKING ANNOYING! I CAN’T STAND YOU!” “THERE! LET’S START THE HELL ON EARTH WAR NOW! YOU FUCKING KID! YOU’RE NOT A MAN! YOU’RE A KID! REMEMBER THAT! IF YOU WERE A REAL MAN, YOU WOULDN’T BREAK UNDER A FUCKING LETTER!” Read more now!
Landing back home to my dad from abroad upon finishing my PhD studies should have been the happiest moment of my life, right? Nah…. A punishing to my soul and heart news hits me right from my father’s lips. I need to marry Frederik Shawn tomorrow morning, a 31 hot billionaire and dangerous mafia head, to settle a 40 million debt my and my dad’s companies have to him as an investor. I, Mona Sandler, 26, curvy, genius, businesswoman, rebel, badass, with a life in the shadows even my own dad knows nothing about, break before this crushing to my all settlement between Frederik and my dad to prevent the entire collapse of our companies. However, he’s going to have me on papers only and I’ll make his life a living hell. The name I possess in the shadows is Pandora Angel…. He wants me? He doesn’t know what he’s asking for…. But…. When I meet him for the signing of the marriage contract in his own office, something in me responds to him. Yet, I’m on revenge mode, and I’m not going to surrender to the crawling feelings he summons in me. To pay debts back? Okay. To be his real wife? HELL NO! Read more now!
I’m Alexa Shawn, 32, virgin, a curvy girl and lawyer by profession. I’m never one to want a relationship with someone. Actually, I’m banning all males around me and only focusing on my work. However, my best friend, Vivian, drags me to an exclusive club to have a girls’ night out. She wants to force me to date someone, but that won’t happen as I’m not in for that. In the club, a sexy, hot, amazing guy in his all approaches me and wants to sit at my table to get to know each other…. From this point on…. The very next day…. I get kidnapped by the billionaire, younger than me, 28-year-old Riley Kovac, right from my office during day time! I’ve been a runaway girl from men all my life! But something about him…. I don’t know…. I’ve never been impressed by beauty or wealth, so that’s not what I see in him…. Could he be the one for me? I’m a runaway and he knows before I do, but he’s not going to let me go…. Have I fallen in love for the first time in my life? I don’t know…. Read more now!
The Devil was after her, at least that was what she thought. She only saw two bloody eyes, a pair of sharp fangs, and a towering, sturdy male body. “Why? Just why?” she cried, crumbling on the cold ground. Her breath was heavier with each effort she made. A pressing weakness reigned her body. “I can’t die…. I’m only 18…. I…. haven’t…,” she protested with her last viable strength before she passed out. “What have I done? Who’s this girl?” The devil raged coming back to his senses. His scarlet eyes disappeared, and navy-blue ones took their place. “I will save you. I didn’t mean to.” He whispered into the girl’s ear that felt like a rose petal when he approached his cheek to her head. “You will not die because of me,” he continued with a husky voice. Read more now!
His energy heals me…. Never have I experienced that…. And I’m healing and shutting down his anger…. The connection between us is undeniable, and he wants me. But I don’t know what’s really happening to me regarding him…. And the Royal Demon he was arguing with is his blood cousin. What am I going to choose? Will I love him and respond to the magnetic pull between us? Read more now!
I’m sent on a mission once again…. Infiltrated as a damn maid in a billionaire’s humongous household! Me?! A maid?! UGH! But I have no choice. And Angelos? I’m his mate?! What the hell is happening here?! But the bond is present, though I’m not a werewolf… Read more now!
“I said stop talking back! You’re not even a fucking Omega to stand before me! You’re only a fucking human! The only thing keeping you alive is that intelligent brain of yours! I can’t stand you in any fucking way and I’m forced to see you all day long as my fucking secretary and advisor! I hated you since the moment you’ve been brought in our pack as a fucking human child slave! And that fucking slave HAD to become my personal everything because of her brains! To be cursed with seeing AND tolerating you every fucking day since the day I became a fucking Alpha! AND YOU ALWAYS DARE TO TALK BACK TO ME! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOU BITCH?!” The last angry yelling sentences, he emanates them at me in his Alpha tone of voice, a tone of voice that kneels down an entire pack, and not only. I throw my chin at him in further disobedience with a mocking smile. Read more now!
The 18-year-old Arien Astrov, the lowest student in a private and elite high school because of his poor background against the rich and popular kids, wanted for once to find that Halloween a costume to impress and “catch” the most beautiful and popular girl he’d been having a crush on for years. However, he had exactly five bucks in his pockets to make that happen. With five bucks, you can’t get something to match what the rich boys had, not even as a rental. How fate had something else in “store” for him, as it was high time for his awakening to what he truly was, an unknown and out of the blue shop of such costumes appeared down his path, with brand new and latest trends costumes, each for EXACTLY five bucks! But! That would radically transform his life…. From rags to riches? What kind of riches? What kind of fate? What sacrifices? Love as in a crush or true love? What’s real and what’s not? What bears true value and what doesn’t? The diamond in the rough must have been him though…. And “Romantic Vampire” was his first stage of awakening…. Read more now!
Adria Michaels is about to have her life turned upside down. From an office worker, in a modern world, she will dive in a supernatural world with demons and vampires. Her human life is about to end as a vicious pact was made in her previous life. She is now hunted down by a High Demon Alhazar and Anthony Seymour, a noble vampire who pursuits to take revenge on her. What she will discover about her past life along the story will transform her in many ways. Will she follow the pact she made with the demon in her previous life? Will Antony Seymour succeed in his revenge or fall in love once again with her? “There were no less than 173 years since he was turned. 173 years of pain, betrayal, and sorrow. 173 years of loneliness and plans of revenge. 173 years of waiting for the right divine moment of her reincarnation. The moment when she would be subjected to all the shit he endured.” Read more now!
While in front of the main entrance of the company, talking to her over the phone and sipping from my hot coffee, I turn around and bump into a gorgeous, hot billionaire, 29-year-old Brandon Bash, spilling the coffee on his entire front, who also happens to be a big mafia head. He rages for the event, calling me names, and then shoves me in his limo saying that I’m hired. Read more now!
“Well, then. If I can fix it and make it work like new, would you have a drink with me?”
And from this point on, I, Samantha Lance, 31, curvy, frozen in feelings in general, find myself with a hot and sexy ass stalker, who is soon to find out about my other life as Cobra Lance, and I of his big mafia boss. Read more now!
“If something happens to you, like getting arrested, Alysa, what is your sick mother going to do? She needs care and you’re the only one she has, isn’t that right?” His voice and words are banging my brain and heart and my feet stop walking. I’m with my back at him. I don’t move, just sigh in anger. “What’s your game on this? What do you want? Just say it.” The answer comes without delay and he stresses the word with a thick, full of desire voice that grates my nerves and flames my heart and brain. “You.” “Purpose of it.” I don’t delay my reply either. “Legal wife.” Read more now!
Me?! To babysit?! Get the…out of here! And he’s no damsel in distress! He’s got an army around him and deadly himself as the big Mafia head he is! This damn playboy and heartthrob is driving me crazy to go on such a mission! But I accept it in the end…. I’m not allowed to refuse…. Oh…. I think I’ll end up killing his ass…. Read more now!
“I’ve changed my mind, Miss Holtrey. The more I get to know you, the more value I find. Hence, the new salary. Plus, you will take a lot of work as I’m a busy man and lead an empire. You’ll see that the amount of work and time I will get from you, will equal the 100k.” It’s a Devil’s pact I’m signing here. And his name is Hunter. Suitable for the real him. He does air a hunter. Lacey? Dad…. You can protect yourself from harm. Read more now!
And in all the mess I’m in for the last twelve years since I’ve left high school, this LUNATIC Big Bad Wolf, as he’s now known in the industry, decides to play games with me, claiming to my baby sister we’ve been high school sweethearts, using her before me to manipulate me to his wants, because she’s with a crush on her IDOL, knowing of his existence before me from the social media, and he’s wanting me as his woman! Read more now!
“Move. And wipe that smirk and look off your face before I do it for you, mister. You’re not allowed to do that. Move. Now.” He’s asking for trouble. He’s REALLY asking for it. “And why wouldn’t I be allowed to do that? This is my hotel. That’s my pool. I’m standing on my territory. You’re in here. So, of course, I’m allowed. I own everything around and on it, you included.” “And you’re in hot pants right now, aren’t you?” My hands move towards his chest, like wanting to touch him, while I’m smiling, fake smiling. “We do need to do something about that then.” Read more now!
I’m working in here for the last month. Mrs. Alexander said that every week he would change the maid with complaints, so, he seems he’s finally pleased with my work. I start every day, during the week, at 9 am and leave at 7 pm. Yeah, it’s a long day. But I get two paychecks, so, I don’t complain. Can’t say I don’t reach home tired… “So, this is my Chef, huh?” What?! A raspy, male voice, with a bit of domination, asks me at my back, making me startle, have a halt in breathing and heartbeats, and jerk my head at him with popped eyes…. Read more now!
“Rachel! Weren’t you announced over today’s event? Come home! Now! It’s tragic and important at the same time!” And she hangs up the call. What?! What is this brat saying?! “Alright! You need to…marry…him.” She backs off her head with each word for the pauses. What? I don’t think I’ve heard it right. She needs to marry him? “Now. You tell me what’s the meaning of this. We’re adults, so I expect more sense coming out of your mouth. Why is my sister saying I must marry you? And why are there consequences if I don’t? I’ll leave aside the twisted scenario and I’m listening.” He bites his lower lip staring into my eyes in a confrontation. Read more now!
“Hmm…. Yes, you’re perfect.” What? I don’t know what you’re seeing, dude. I’m far from perfect to any kind of scenario you’re rolling in your mind right now. Trust me. He’s grating my nerves…. I’m blinking in a frown, chewing from my left cheek. “I beg your pardon?” He widens a sexy smile, motioning his head with those locks of dark honey wavy hair. It’s short, the hair, but it’s wavy and ravishing. Yeah, he’s featured on the cover of many top magazines as the sexiest man alive. Last one was last week. With a full interview and all that. “I need you, Gia.” Read more now!
The class I’m in includes billionaire kids…. The top of the school. And it’s said there’s one Alpha in there, Alpha in the entire school, Dylan Davidson. The high school is his and so many other businesses…. However, he’s a bad boy and a player. I’ll for sure be a target of his entourage and his after the mess outside. “My answer, Ashton…. I’m not giving up….” “If you don’t back off and start the test as a good boy, my car will be your last concern, buddy.” “Is that so, Ashton?” He’s in same whisper, but in a heavy, Alpha tone now. I feel he’s leaning his face at my right ear as I’m on the exterior and the girl is at the window, so the moment I consider right, the back of my right hand slaps his face in a low noise “Yes, it is. Back off or it won’t be just that. I’m here to study, not for chit-chat.” He’s silent, but I think he’s shaking his right leg under the desk. And his breathing is with heaviness. Next time, behave, brat…. Read more now!
I promised…. Can’t go back on my word now…. “Your blind date is expecting you in one of the private rooms upstairs.” “I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Riley.” No worries…. Just place your ass on the armchair and let’s get over with it. “No worries, Mr. Gilbert.” I think he’s playing with me…. “Why don’t you want to give a chance?” He’s crazy and a playboy…. Read more now!
“Next part of our gathering here tonight is an auction, gentlemen!” Auction, huh? I wonder what the fuck it is this time around…. Oh man…. I would kill all of you tonight…. I’m Lorenzo Madiglani, 29, big mafia head over thirteen of the most powerful mafia families worldwide. “We’re auctioning some beautiful! Young! Virgin girls!” Prepare for war tomorrow, fucker. “Whoa! The war between the biggest bosses in the place! This is sizzling! Bring the last one!” And they are bringing her after some delay compared to the other girls. The sound of chains and a rumble is filling the air, halting all the men from emitting a sound, all eyeballs trapped on the stage to see her coming in. She’s so damn beautiful…. I’ll take you away from here. Read more now!
I’ve just landed back home to Italy from the States at my father’s call, the big head of Gianto famiglia. We’re one of the strongest families and I’m the princess of the famiglia. The rebel. Always playing with fire. Never listening to orders. Forever meeting my father’s wrath because of it. Never giving a fuck on that, though. I’m Arrabelle Gianto, 23, curvy, and a deadly Mafia Queen. You see, my father wanted a son. No, let me correct that. My father wanted sons. But my mother had me and three years later, she died in a car accident. Well, in the underworld, there’s no actual accident, but a planned attack. Which was a success for them. Not even today, we don’t know which of the main rival families did it. Starlos, Wratzo, or Marini. And it seems I’m sold in marriage to one of the Marini brothers by my dear-oh-dad…. “The rumors back in the States are she’s kind of a rebel. She’s known to dump her escort and make her daddy wait. She’s the only one who dares do that against Giacomo and to still breathe after.” The rebel he refers to is my soon-to-be bride. Not by choice. I don’t know or want to know anything about her.  “If she were my daughter, not even a fucking breath would she take without permission from me. But things will change once she’ll become my wife.” Read more now!
Derek Stephano. He’s one of the youngest billionaires at 28, and the most wanted bachelor worldwide. He’s…. Perfection at its purest? No…. Go beyond that, and you still won’t nail it on how perfect and sexy this damn Devil is…. And I’m his secretary, personal assistant for the last two months…. Yeah. Lucky me, right? Nope. He’s terrorizing me without limits. He wants perfection. You give him perfection, he wants PERFECTION! Jesus! I can’t work under him any longer…. “Did you send in your resignation, Ms. Slayton?” “Yes, sir. It’s on Human Resources’ email.” “Good. I was going to fire you anyways, Ms. Slayton, for torturing me all this time….” Read more now!
“Monica? Please. Give me that damn document.” I’m in an at-my-limit stare at my stepsister, Monica Grewlad. “Only if you do what I told you to, Sandy.” “Do what, Monica? Go to some guy’s private room, kiss him, tell him to call the fucking bartender that it’s done, and then you give me that damn document, which is legally mine from dad, Monica?” “Don’t do it! And you’ll never have it! Like everything is never yours but mine!” If he refuses, I’ll walk away, and Monica is dead. That’s the plan. And I’m not drunk. Yeah…. I shouldn’t have come here. That bitch knew. I knew. Should have known better. I’ll continue searching through other legal ways my mom’s grave…. I won’t play her game. “I wasn’t…presented…with the right…sister. If it’s you…I’ll get married.” This is madness…. Read more now!
“Larissa! Come here!” My boss, my out of this world in hotness and handsomeness boss, is calling me from his office, in his heavy and sexy voice. What did I do this time?! He always finds fault in everything I do! Find another secretary to do that to. See if they raise to the bar I’ve set as your secretary. Sweet, sweet, sweet revenge is finally here…. It’s nine in the morning and I can’t wait to see my wicked, little devil. That should be my secretary…. What’s the meaning of this? Let’s see if you’re in here…. Oh! If this is what I’m thinking of? OH MAN! Oh yeah, baby. Found! Punished! And mine per life! This little, wicked, rebel Devil…. Oh! No escape from the burning beast now, love…. I’m coming…. Prepare your all, honey. It will be with fireworks. Trust your man here. God, I love her…. Read more now!
“No! Erica! What are you doing?! Shit….” My secretary and best friend, Erica Joseph, has just uploaded my dating profile on a new app she says it’s amazing. “Don’t worry, miss high-level pants…. I haven’t given pictures of you. It’s your Persian, fluffy, sweet, white cat, Bogus. He’s cute, isn’t he? But the profile is for female and your username is SandyStorm. You’re a hurricane storm as a matter of fact, but I kept it as a harmless storm….” She sticks her tongue at me. BadBoyBill, huh? Oh! You’ve just met BadGirlKiller. Ha-ha! BadBoyBill: You’re awfully chatty. Ha-ha! SandyStorm: Of course. It’s two in the morning. BadBoyBill: And why aren’t you sleeping then? I’ll so kill Erica first thing in the morning…. I now thank your friend for stealing your credit card and doing this for me to find out about you…. I’m twisting my lips and I recall she hasn’t checked my profile to see who she’s talking with. Well, I only have random stuff. The only true hint about me is my username. Hard nut to crack, huh? I’ll so crack her…. Watch me. My username is not named like that randomly. I’m a bad boy billionaire. What I want, I get, beautiful monster…. Mmm…. Read more now!
“I don’t believe in love….” I’m looking over the insane contract in front of me with my heart filled with betrayal…. I have no choice…. My mom will be left on the streets. So will I…. Thanks, dad. You’ve sold your only child before dying…. “So, I’ll sign it.” I’m not taking it like this. It IS like this. In my 28 years of life, this is the harshest thing I’ve ever done…. “Jesus! What have I done?! WHY?! WHY?! From my dad’s funerals to this shit?! This is why I had to come back?!” Hmm… She’s the real deal… She’s not faking it. In fact, she’s so damn annoyed by all this. And she’s not giving any sign of being impressed by me. She does want to finish this fast. That’s a first. Ha-ha! It’s only dad’s fault! He married me to her! Yeah…. I think it’s the marriage bug thingy…. The feeling of ownership through papers… Yeah…. It must be…. WHO THE FUCK AM I KIDDING?! SHE’S AT FAULT! SHE’S DRIVING ME INSANE! Read more now!
“Another Christmas without a boyfriend, Veronica? Your sister got married this year! You don’t even have a boyfriend!” I’m rolling my eyes having my mom on the phone. Yeah, yeah…. My sister is the Princess with all accomplishments…. Only career she couldn’t. I nailed it there. Jason11: “Morning…. Office or home?” I’m smiling. This guy is the only one I’m talking to on a dating app my friend set up. We’re in a friendship for the last seven months. We’ve never wanted to exchange photos or stuff like that. Just being friends. And we click so damn well on that. I talk to him about everything, and he does the same. Obviously, avoiding names and all that. Victory32: “I said I’m sorry for not replying. It’s been a hectic day till now, and I’m only halfway. Yeah, I’m Grinch…. Bloody hell sounds the norm for everyone. Ha-ha! Good the sun is finally shining. I’m happy for you.” I swear to God I love that girl or woman. She’s perfect in her all and we click on so many levels. Not to mention we complete each other’s sentences…. Even if she’s a granny, the fuck I won’t marry her! Ha-ha! I’ll be damn! That’s my Victory32?! I knew she’s my special one. Take that as confirmation, Adrien. Your instincts never lie to you. My baby…. You’re all mine. No escape from me.
Jason11: “I love Grinch then. I need my answer to forgive you. Ha! What did mom say?” Man! I need her more than I need air. Soon, my love, soon. Read more now!
My mom pauses. And she sobs? “K-Karen?” “Mom? What’s wrong?” “I-It’s dad…and…our company.” “Alright. Dad has just run away. A few hours ago. Listen, baby. Your father has taken loans from sharks. MAFIA! From the…Big Boss of Mafia. Daddy hasn’t paid the loans. I didn’t know about this. Our company AND ALL OUR ASSETS are going to the Big Boss. Tomorrow morning. First thing in the morning. So, we are alone, baby. ON THE FUCKING STREETS! WITH NO HOUSE! NO MONEY! NO COMPANY! NO NOTHING!” “To whom do I owe the pleasure of your,” he’s measuring me with his lustful eyes from my feet up, taking his time, speaking in a husky male voice, “spectacular and full of action presence, Miss?” He’s following my moves with his stare, smiling. “To my father, Mr. Cobrin. I’m the daughter of Mr. Slade Gregory. Karen Gregory. I’m here to talk about the supposed loan and how to pay it back.” 175 million dollars. 175 million dollars? 175 million dollars?! 175 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS?! How am I gonna get that kind of money? JESUS! DAD! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO WITH THE MONEY?! Read more now!
“You’re not going to close this shop! I don’t care who you guys are! Get out of my shop! Now! It’s not for sale!” I’m standing in front of several Mafia studs, all dressed in some expensive suits, wanting for me to sign a contract to sell my family’s shop for their fucking area project of building a mall or something! UH! Man…. Ha-ha! She’s got such an angry and sexy voice this little devil…. “Show me where the bastard is!” You don’t say…. Bastard, huh? Ha-ha! “You’re big boss of these fuckers?” “I suppose I am, Miss Kallard.” Interesting little devil Kallard…. “You take your dirty hands off my shop and me right now! Understood?! IT’S NOT FOR SALE!” Those baby eyes with such wrath in them…. And those pursed little devil lips…. I know what the third option will be. Oh yes…. You’ll marry that little devil Kallard ass to me. Just like that. Read more now!
When I found myself without a family and home, I ran away from authorities, and found shelter in a Mafia place. Yeah, well… Since a teen, after my family has been assassinated…. No one from my past has awareness over my person since then. I’m alone in this world. But it seems someone has been after me all these years without ever seeing or knowing him…. I dream about her since then; day dreaming and night dreams. I’m haunted by her… I’m always thinking where she is… Is she alive? Will she ever come back to me? Will I ever find her? Will she ever come home? My baby… What happened to you all these years? How did you manage to survive with no help, no money, with nothing, on your own? Where have you been? Why haven’t I seen you so far? Read more now!
I’m entering an exclusive VVIP club, Savvy Luxe. I want to get fucking wasted. Never done this before…. But I’m going to do it now. Why? My fiancée, Will Sharet, 31, a big shot and hot lawyer, cheated on me and we broke up, having the wedding this weekend. Yup. “It’s your fault, Sabrina! You never let me touch you! And stop being that cocky all the time! What are you?! Huh?! A fucking queen?! Look at you and look at her!” “And here I was blaming myself that I don’t even let him to kiss me….” “Alright. Let’s go, baby….” He’s scooping me in his arms and I’m shaking my head, trying to gather my person to be lively and move against him, but I can’t. However, I manage to crack my eyes, and through my blurry vision, I see him a bit. He’s different. It’s Will, but not. Does alcohol do this out of a person’s sight and senses? I’m seeing Will but not? Read more now!
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