• August 9, 2022

Young Billionaire Businessman And Mafia Boss Begins Stalking A Woman He Has Just Met! |YouTube Videos

The most recent trailer for “Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire” series. MUHAHAHA! I love how I managed to make this video…. Aww! One of the best of mine so far…. Aww! Ha-ha! It took me a few hours, but it’s worth it…. Ha-ha! *popping hearts* You can start reading it here on our website:…

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Oh! You’ll Be Mine, Baby… Don’t You Worry

Well! I had so much FUN and LAUGH creating this video yesterday morning…. Ha-ha! But I love how it came out. Kind of proud of me to evolve in this as well. We’re improving, man! Ha-ha! For those of you new to the website and landing on this post, here’s the link on the website…

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Bloody Hunters Saga | Episode 2 | 19th January 2022 | Andra-Cristiana Stan

Hope you guys will enjoy this second episode! 😇❤ YouTube channel LOVE STORIES TAROT Direct link of the video on YouTube is: Bloody Hunters Saga | Episode 2 | 19th January 2022 | Andra-Cristiana Stan Now watch the episode! Ha-ha! I just finished everything on it! 😉😎😇❤ RED MOON LOVE, BLOODY HUNTERS SAGA SERIES, BOOK…

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Bloody Hunters Saga | Episode 1 | 5th January 2022 | Andra-Cristiana Stan

Well, guys! SURPRISE! HA-HA! I’ve just finished everything on this first episode and the next episode will come soon! So stay tuned! I’m working my ass off on all corners, so I hope you’ll enjoy the movie maker persona of me the same! Muhahaha! Love you, guys! And happy watching! I loved working on it!…

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