Chapter 12 – The Royal Divine Blood Is Now Up And Running To F*ck You To Your Eternal Damnation… |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 12 Araf’s fangs penetrated Arien’s neck to suck him up of his blood, yet Arien’s heart exploded in his Divine Light in that precise moment, feeling how his entire being was inflamed with an unknown fire, having his right hand taking Araf’s back of his head and burning him with an invisible fire till…

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Chapter 11 – We’re Under F*cking War! |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 11 Antonio’s eyes were jiggling in a hellish fire, and he was bobbing his head with a twist of his lips in a low growl for the second great war of the century was starting. But this time around, they were not going to lose. Arien wasn’t a baby anymore. He was a man…

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Chapter 10 – Death Demons |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 10 In the humble Astrov household, Arabelle, Arien’s mother, was pacing the living-room, worried sick because of her missing son, while Blake, Arien’s father, was making calls over calls everywhere to find his son. He couldn’t call the police yet, but both felt something bad must have happened because it wasn’t in Arien’s nature…

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Chapter 9 – Scream, You Filthy Souls! |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 9 Everyone in the room was already running, finding ways to have their backs at the Grim Reapers and their front to feel the air of escape, screaming and crying, tripping, and standing up to continue running. Many reached the exit doors and succeeded in storming out and run further. However, a few of…

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Chapter 8 – The F*ck You’ll Do Your Want |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 8 “As you can see, I’m waiting for your delayed punch.” Chris moved his left cheek closer to Steve’s punch. “Is this helpful for you? ‘Cause it’s taking you an awful lot of time to punch as I can see.” “Let me go!” Steve was moaning a tad because of the pain in his…

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Chapter 7 – Some Stupid F*ckers All Around Me… |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 7 “You have seen me before, Ms. Green Witch. You just can’t go through the surface and see the reality. As I can see, you only look at the exterior.” He winked at her with a devilish smile, airing King of Darkness, full of sexiness, vibes. She’s so fucking stupid…. But I was more…

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Chapter 6 – Mr. Romantic Vampire |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 6 He had continuously sent her anonymous letters of confession throughout the years to see her opinion. Her reaction hadn’t been the one he wanted. Each time she had read the letters, she would laugh and say…. You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content. Please Log In. Not…

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Chapter 5 – Enter If You Dare! |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 5 Going back through the alley that had taken Arien to the Halloween store, he was noticing shadows, hearing strange sounds, and he spotted a black cat that was tailing him from afar like a bad omen. It was night outside. He perceived it was darker outside than it supposed to be, and creepier.…

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Chapter 4 – What Did You Do To Me?! |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 4 His eyes were wide opened. He was flaring under his nostrils, with his heart twisting in monster beatings, and his blood whooshing down his veins. “No way! This isn’t possible! How?!” His parents would be furious and anxious finding out about all this, especially for him missing from home for 24 hours! He…

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Young King Darkness (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌

BlurbThe 18-year-old Arien Astrov, the lowest student in a private and elite high school because of his poor background against the rich and popular kids, wanted for once to find that Halloween a costume to impress and “catch” the most beautiful and popular girl he’d been having a crush on for years.However, he had exactly…

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