• May 16, 2022

Chapter 75 – I Do Have Side Effects… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 75 Vivian “Umm…. Sorry for interrupting….” Get over it and fucking say…. “Gianno cartel is involved with them. It wasn’t completely random all this. No location for Marianne yet. She’s well hidden. She knows you and that you would try in finding her…. Her parents are here and asking about you. And Monroe is…

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Chapter 74 – Of Course I Went In There Alone! |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 74 Vivian “WOW! VIV! YOU WERE AWESOME! ALL OF THEM?! ALL OF THEM! I’ve recorded it! I have never seen something like this in my fucking life! WHOA! RAVEN IS A NEW RAVEN!” That’s Rolland, being crazy in happiness for what happened and the others on the background are applauding, whistling and screaming like…

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Chapter 73 – Snuff, Baby… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 73 Vivian One man is approaching me, having a similar built to Davy and a strong motherfucker, with a devilish smile at me, dressed in black clothes. So you’re the leader here…. Okay…. “So this is the infamous Raven….” He’s moving around me, sending mixed looks, among them a criminal one, a lustful one,…

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Chapter 72 – It’s Gonna Be So F*cking Bloody… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 72 Vivian I get in the car, followed by Davy, in the back, and we have the driver, an agent, too, and Hunter in the front seat next to the driver. I’m taking out my phone to check for Josephine’s report and where to go first. They’re both silent and the driver hasn’t spoken…

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Chapter 71 – F*cking Alpha Attitude… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 71 Vivian I signal Rolland to end the call and he acts on it while she is yelling and wants to say something but the call ends. Everyone is with googled eyes on me for what I’ve said to her. I have a killer look over them. “Oh! Shut up! I’ve never done such…

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Chapter 70 – Like You F*cking Pained Me! |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 70 Vivian He’s with his left hand in his pocket, straight in stance like the lion he is, his left eyebrow up and a start of a smirk. I get down from the elevator where Sonny is waiting with my gear. I’m walking and starting to take things from him to arm myself, going…

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Chapter 69 – F*cking Strongest Bitch Out There… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 69 Vivian Davy is on the other side, speaking with his men on the phone to get involved. I ignore him and start the car at the impossible speed it can go. I’m driving between all the cars like I’m on a fucking race. By my calculations, with this speed, I’ll reach there in…

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Chapter 68 – The Oh-So-Good-News Is A Oh-Oh-Oh-So-Good-News… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 68 Vivian After some more negotiations and wrestling while he almost had me again, we’re back in the restaurant and it’s 9:45 pm. Yeah, we’re both wearing different clothes as he ordered some new ones while I was sleeping. He’s very meticulous with everything. I’ve told him to order me the same thing I…

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Chapter 67 – I’m Crazy, But Not All The Time, Baby… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 67 Vivian “I should have come that morning like that, too…. Maybe you would have fucked the letter for real…. It didn’t cross my mind the contract was that solid and your dad so demented…. I do regret not doing it…. The marriage contract presented itself in my mind as a fucking shit, not…

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Chapter 66 – You Are A Kiss-O-Maniac Now… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 66 Vivian I’m still tired and have the side effects, but feeling well and in a tolerable manner. This is my usual state though. At least, I don’t have the depression mode. It’s a bonus. Who would have thought that me and Davy are so connected since all these years? His cousin, the serum,…

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