Chapter 18 – The Moon Is Bleeding! |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 18 Ashia I’ve not been able to say anything out loud or move or anything when he walked to me and grabbed me from that chair. I don’t fucking know why, yet from how I’ve been since the moment I killed Lucas till now, that shift in me, it’s now ravaging my being in…

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Chapter 17 – The Era Of The She Alpha Has Begun |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 17 Ashia I’m walking to the side table where there’s a range of alcohol and some poker cards and chips left over it, with glasses and so on, fetching the fucker’s suit jacket from the floor to search for his fucking phone. I’m not feeling well, having a heavy shift in me, almost wanting…

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Chapter 16 – You’re A Great Alpha At That, Baby Boy Wolfy |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 16 Ashia While he’s in that sexy and powerful motherfucker walk to me, understanding that it may go down in a fighting manner to take it, embracing that thought with excitement, and when he’s at a certain distance to me, a relatively close one but not that close, I fucking kick his solar plexus…

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Chapter 15 – You Have To Work That Ass For It… |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 15 Ashia Lucas is lowering his head at his right at me, sitting on the sofa with his legs in a man’s pose, a triumphant smirk on his face, his left brow up, relaxed on his back, wearing a dark grey suit with a white with silver glow shirt and grey tie, having the…

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Chapter 14 – Mommy’s Big Bad Wolf Of A She Alpha… |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 14 Daren Sada is as surprised as me, both watching how she’s getting the looks she’s had before being killed by my own dad like that. I’m studying her face, and her grin isn’t sinister anymore, as she’s like my baby now, the sweet and adorable being, and looking awful no more from how…

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Chapter 13 – Oh! She’s Started…On The…. |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 13 Daren She’s fucking screaming in happiness, like at a fucking cheerleading on some fucking stadium for a huge and complex nailed homerun, for I’ve light the cigarette and named it for her, and the moment the cigarette appears in her hand, available for mommy-in-law ghost to SMOKE from it, the giddiness she has…

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Chapter 12 – But I’m Doing It For My Baby Love… |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 12 Daren No, she’s hearing my thoughts, but she’s ignoring my yelling, finally managing to light that fucking cigarette and lean her back on the seat, looking before her, taking a smoke, but a bit unsatisfied by something as she’s twisting her lips and staring at the fucking cigarette now. “Hmm…. It doesn’t taste…

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Chapter 11 – I Don’t Even Want To Think About It… |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 11 Daren My fucking blood is fucking boiling right now to have heard MY LUNA has made her escape like that! Like, what the fuck really happened?! I do know she’s so damn feisty and foulmouthed when mad about things, and that she does have that boss of all bosses spirit, approach, and behavior,…

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Chapter 10 – I’m A F*cking Alpha In My All Who Loves To Hunt, Not To Be Hunted Down |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 10 Daren “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” This fucking bitch has wrapped her arms around my fucking right ankle to prevent me from going! Her fucking hands and fingers are nailed on my fucking pants, tightly! And I have nothing to fucking grab on her myself and make her unglue herself from me!…

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Chapter 9 – You’ve Seen Your Alpha Alive For The Last Time |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 9 Ashia “Alpha? Ashi….” Yes, the bouncer has just opened the door to notify him and show me in. I’m behind him, with my lips twisting into such a malevolent smile you wouldn’t believe possible. Ha-ha! But he gets interrupted by fucking Lucas…. “Come in, love. Nobody is allowed to hear, stay, or breathe…

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