Chapter 48 – The War Is Coming… |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 48 Back at Mirval Mansion, Drake almost broke the main door to get inside faster, basked in fright for how Thomas might understand and react over the earlier events, looking everywhere to catch sight of one of them. “GABRIELLE! COME HERE! FAST!” Giselle was in the dining room with a mug of hot cocoa…

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Chapter 47 – You’re So Dead… |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 47 “What?! Are you crazy?! Do you hear yourself? How did I fuck? How did I fuck your life? And how the fuck did I make you lose your dad? As far as I remember, I brought him back to life and protected him and the company all these years! That’s what you call…

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Chapter 46 – Don’t You Dare Look At Me Like That, Mister! |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 46 I shall prepare my funeral, but at least she loves me and she’s with me right now. I’ll die a happy and loved man. Thought Drake, having darker and darker thinking processes as he knew Thomas too well to hope for a chance on life but with Mika. A towering figure came from…

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Chapter 45 – A Calm Voice Predicting Nothing Angelic On The Way |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 45 He drove in silence for a good thirty minutes when they reached a coffeehouse opened around the clock. He stared at her for around ten minutes. She was sleeping like a baby. Her chest would go up and down slowly. A little snort came out of her and he chuckled in silence. A…

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Chapter 44 – As If I Can’t Protect Myself….|Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 44 Mika’s thoughts were screaming at the scene. Her heart was pumping blood in a rush through her veins and her head was palpitating. “What are you doing here, Monreya?” He was on a husky voice, facing her with a smirk plastered on his face. That fucking player! I knew something was off with…

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Chapter 43 – You Dare To Negotiate With Me?! |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 43 The wind was rustling through the leaves of the tall trees rising out of the earth to brush the sky. Mika slowly gasped with her hunter sight the surroundings and heard a spongy crunch of layers of dead pine needles and twigs. A cry from an animal followed. A hunt was in place…

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Chapter 42 – The Thinutrihal Mandriv Glod Mirror |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 42 “I know, but….” She was trying to reason her intentions. “No but! I know you feel guilty for what happened. As I said then, I’m telling you now again. It was fate’s fault! Not yours! If he were to choose between you and him to die, he would have chosen his death instead…

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Chapter 41 – I Challenge You! |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 41 “What about my father?” She didn’t react in any way. “I can deliver him to you safe and sound. What do you say about that? Would it change your mind favoring me instead of Thomas?” He gave her a smirk. “My father is dead for months now. Saw him with my own eyes.…

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Chapter 40 – You Have Nothing To Give That Would Make Me Yours |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 40 Salvatore had been a wise man. He had protected Mika’s existence and identity in front of everyone once he had learned who was in fact his daughter, whom he had loved more than anything else. He had decided that he needed to put her through ordeals and blood mutations to do just that.…

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Chapter 39 – I Escaped From The Dark Fate You Wanted For Me |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 39 “Don’t snake around me. One word and you’re dead.” He retaliated and opened the door to let him inside. “You’ve got five minutes. After that, I’ll drag you outside with my own hands.” He said under his lips, but strong enough to be heard. Vincenzo scanned his face with a cheeky smile, revealing…

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