Chapter 13 – Stop Twisting Things, F*cker!|Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 13 After laughing with appetite because of her past memories with Alhazar, out of a sudden she stopped, narrowing her stare in the room, with her eyes becoming bloody, her grimace dropping into seriousness, and her lips twisting, as her mind and body were receiving intel about Alhazar’s current state after her werewolves should…

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Chapter 12 – What Doesn’t Exist In Me Can’t Be Made To Surface, F*cker… |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 12 “I…hate you, Alexandria….” Anthony breathed out the words while she was chanting to extract the demon venom from his injury, making him contract his entire body in pain, clenching his chin at refusal to undergo the piercing ache. “Jikstika Demona Kalla….” And like black wriggling snakes went from his injury through her hand,…

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Chapter 11 – Like I’m Your Worst F*cking Enemy… |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 11 Adria’s flashback of past life memories halted, yet something totally changed in her because of it. She was now in her full past life persona. She was now Alexandria, the returned one, though she completely held all her Adria life memories and identity. All her past life’s supernatural powers were restored, flowing with…

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Chapter 10 – No Matter Your Choice, You Are Blessed |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 10 “Did I scare you, child? You already went for a hunt?” Nana giggled, closing the door behind her. “You didn’t scare me, Nana. I was just surprised. Hunt?” She took a puzzled grimace. “Now, now. You are the Great Witch and High Priestess, Alexandria. I’m not mistaken. I know your story. Duchess was…

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Chapter 9 – Demons Don’t Catch Themselves! |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 9 “I couldn’t stay there, Nana, it’s not right for various reasons. I can’t stay in chambers next to those of a man and I couldn’t disturb Duchess’s chambers. That would be disrespectful.” Alexandria had a panicked attitude to Nana’s arrangements. “I am fine with any other room, I don’t have requirements. As long…

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Chapter 8 – I’m Not Going To Be Near This One’s Chambers! |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 8 They reached the area were Nana resided. Her chambers were fit for a queen. Nana had briefly attended the festivities, but because of her old age, her hearing wasn’t as it used to, and her sight was helping her at half capacity. She was still strong and vivacious, yet never a fan to…

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Chapter 7 – Duchess Of Red Roses |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 7 Alexandria was guided by Sir Anthony through a long hallway. There were imposing portraits on the walls left and right. One would depict the portrait of a gracious lady in her twenties. She had such delicate features. The focus was on the eyes. While Alexandria laid her eyes on that particular portrait, she…

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Chapter 6 – This Will Complicate Things Too Much! |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 6 The door cracked, and a man entered the room. “What was that noise? Are you alright?” It was Sir Antony who had tailed Alexandria all the way there. Alexandria rolled her seeing him and retracted her fangs. Her bloody eyes were hazel again. “Oh! No noise. I don’t know what you heard, Sir.…

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Chapter 5 – Always A Bloody Demon Hunt, Huh?! |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 5 Inside the room alone, Adria’s hands were shaking, her eyes were watery with blood. She went into hiding in a dark corner of the room. She could hear the voices and the rumble from the other room. It was like thunders were inside the house, clashing against each other. Why am I going…

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Chapter 4 – It’s A Burning Fire All Inside Of Me! |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 4 Back at his place, he went into his library to study the parchment about Alexandria and the pact in discussion. As any demonic pact, it was written in blood. Blood of Alexandria. He sniffed the parchment. Intense sorrow vibrated from it. These were Alexandria’s feelings when the pact had been written. “Hmm… Sorrow……

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