Chapter 5 – Oh, This Is Some F*cked Up Shit Happening To Me… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Queen

Chapter 5 Sabrina “Stop! Don’t touch me…. Fuck…. My head…. I can’t open my eyes and I feel like throwing up…. Look. I don’t really care what went through…. In the backstage. I don’t agree in marrying either of you. I’m done with everyone. I was…stupid to accept him four months ago for the company…

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Chapter 4 – I Can’t Believe You’re Doing This To Me! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Queen

Chapter 4 Sabrina God…. I didn’t drink that much, but I’m so fucked in the brains…. Where the fuck am I? I hear no music anymore. My heart…. Stop beating like a lunatic! We’ll fucking solve the money! Somehow…. Have I dreamt about Will coming and being him but not? I do hope it was…

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Billionaire’s Queen (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌

BlurbWhen he comes out of the blue…I’m entering an exclusive VVIP club, Savvy Luxe. I want to get fucking wasted. Never done this before…. But I’m going to do it now. Why? My fiancée, Will Sharet, 31, a big shot and hot lawyer, cheated on me and we broke up, having the wedding this weekend.…

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