Chapter 6 – You’re Lower To My F*cking Balls Against ALL You F*cking Represent And Own |Members Only| Billionaire’s Curvy Secretary

Chapter 6 Larissa “Your mother can’t be released from under my hand, Issa. She’s entered into a per life agreement with me since she crossed to my side by her own will ages ago. One billion dollars is incentive enough for such a deal, darling, yet not when it comes to you and your mother.…

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Chapter 5 – You Want The War, Darling! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Curvy Secretary

Chapter 5 Larissa Yeah…. It was too much for me to hear that as it seems. I mean…. The pain for me now is that I wasn’t able to prevent that on her, and that I have blamed her since then for doing that to herself, when she…didn’t…. The ache in my heart and soul…

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Chapter 4 – I Said I’m Not Your Regular Guy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Curvy Secretary

Chapter 4 Larissa “At least he takes it as a fucking man! Take your lips and hands off me! Now!” I’m rioting on him. Oh! All those killing scenarios in my mind for the last six months?! I would apply all of them on you right now! LET GO! Okay, okay…. Calm down, Issa…. You…

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Billionaire’s Curvy Secretary (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌

BlurbShe runs from mafia, but her boss buys her…“Larissa! Come here!” My boss, my out of this world in hotness and handsomeness boss, is calling me from his office, in his heavy and sexy voice.What did I do this time?! He always finds fault in everything I do!Find another secretary to do that to. See…

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