• April 6, 2022

Chapter 49 – Don’t Worry, Baby Hunter… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 49 Lacey All jump on their feet at my shooting, alert on what’s going down, and their right hands are fast taking out their guns to fucking shoot me out of life. No, the three heads and their right hands don’t do that towards me. They have their right hands with their guns out…

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Chapter 48 – Bad Blood And My Blood |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 48 Lacey We’re stepping out of the house and at my sight, my men salute me with their heads in a bow. “Saint!” They’re spread in two rows, mixed with baby hunter’s men. His men do the same at me, minus the ‘Saint’ part. They use the ‘Madam’ calling of me. “Garvel?” I address…

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Chapter 47 – Saint Isn’t On A Break Anymore, F*cker |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 47 Lacey Well, after I have another range of crying on Hunter and he’s there for me to get back to my senses with all his love and containing his psychopath reactions as he is so damn hot in his all, ha-ha, he kisses me several times and then tells me he’s expected downstairs…

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Chapter 46 – I Want To See Him! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 46 Lacey “Now?” He’s irritated for whatever he’s being told, with his chest taking a rabid breathing and his hand stopping on my head. Yeah, his phone is in a super silent tone, and you can’t hear the other person even when I’m this close. And to be frank, I could listen to it…

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Chapter 45 – Some Are Happy, Some Are Suffering… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 45 Lacey “You baby killer….” Oh yeah…. Ha-ha! He’s kissing my lips, caressing my face, and I’m in complete bliss. Hey! I’m getting my sleep. Muhahaha! “Smiling, huh?” Of course…. You get fucked in a painful way, and I’m getting my divine sleep in the sweetest way possible, baby hunter…. He, he, he…. You…

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Chapter 44 – You F*cking Loser… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 44 Lacey “WHO THE FUCK ASKED YOU TO DO THAT?! GET OFF ME! NOW! I’LL LEAVE NO FUCKING HAIR ON YOUR FUCKING HEAD IF YOU DON’T FUCKING STOP, HUNTER! I’M NOT A FUCKING WHORE! BACK OFF! RIGHT NOW!” I’m with a strong grip on his fucking hair against my position, gathering further strength to…

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Chapter 43 – Ugh! I’m Not Your Baby! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 43 Lacey Oh man! That was…. So fucked up. No, I’ve never had it like that. Everything was internal. The fight I mean…. This time, it was…. I don’t know. I know about the predictions, and this came as close to them, but I never thought it will happen during my rule. Nope…. I…

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Chapter 42 – YOU BABY COBRA! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 42 Hunter The entire water from the fucking pool is raising like a tsunami wave while she’s the same in there, saying something under her lips, stamped on the bottom of the pool in same position, eyes shut, and they’re backing off as the water is still boiling and the wave is turbulent and…

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Chapter 41 – Is It The Prophecy? |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 41 Hunter “NO! JUST THROW HER! LISTEN TO ME! YOU CAN’T STAY IN THERE WITH HER! IT WILL FUCKING KILL YOU! THERE’S NO TIME!” WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN?! WHY?! Her people are dumping big bags of ice in the pool, and more are coming to do the same, with the first ones…

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Chapter 40 – Rave Party |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 40 Lacey Yeah, I’m in my Alpha territorial balls over what’s mine, though I feel like a fucking Chihuahua right now from how shit I am in body and strengths. You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member? Join Us

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