Chapter 75 – I’m A Savage Right Now! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 75 Riley God…. I can’t fucking breathe…. Man…. How am I supposed to control myself after all this time? Jesus…. No…. Baby? BABY! Oh…. Shit…. I can’t take it anymore…. It’s fucking excruciating, baby…. You have no fucking idea what’s inside of me while you’re eating so damn innocent like a kid…. Oh…. NO!…

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Chapter 74 – This F*cking Baby Dangeeeeer! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 74 Alexa “I want to first gain strength to kick your baby danger ass, Riley…. It’s an urge, baby….” I muster a frail wicked smile at him while I feel the pear juice giving me some boost inside. I’m telling you, guys, that fucking pear juice is out of this fucking world when it…

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Chapter 73 – Baby Danger Is Baby Danger, Man… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 73 Alexa “Nothing…. Don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m just readjusting back to life and feelings and all that…. To hear the pregnancy thingy, it did hit me hard to have a full comeback to sanity. I’m halfway there because of it.” I sigh and look aside with his burning hands cupping my face and…

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Chapter 72 – I’m So Bad, Man… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 72 Alexa “Let’s go, baby. Daddy is so fucking done with everything and my limit over limits and extra limits has been till here. No more, honey.” Yeah, once I’m out the door and shut it behind me, I see myself grabbed by LUNATIC and sent over his shoulder, like he did that day…

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Chapter 71 – But That’s Me… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 71 Alexa I finish reading the files with my blood boiling down my veins. I snap it closed and hand it to Jasper with my signature bloodthirsty killer stare. “The Mafia bastard. Bust his fucking ass and bring him to the agency. Chain him in the fucking dungeons and let him stay there for…

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Chapter 70 – I’m Sure Now I’ve Been Sent Here For You… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 70 Alexa The head of the baby can be seen…. And it’s blood everywhere…. “Babe? Call the number I’m giving you and put it on speaker.” I’m keeping calm still, though I’m having my heart in twists. No, I’m not affected by seeing blood and such, but her state and the fright of losing…

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Chapter 69 – Oh God… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 69 Alexa Ahead of my car, at a lot of distance, an old model of a red Audi sports car loses control on the road, another car crashes into it, and four others get in a chain accident with the one hitting the Audi. The Audi gets badly hit as the car flips in…

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Chapter 68 – Look At How Your Wife Is Acting, Baby Boy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 68 Alexa “Baby?” Riley is probably leaning his head at me as I’m fucked, breathing in torments, with my eyes fixated in Klaus’s now panicked eyes as he’s probably thinking I’m having a new reaction on me from the fucking toxin. “Alexa? What’s wrong?” Klaus is making the step to me as I probably…

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Chapter 67 – Don’t Kill The Messenger Of… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 67 Alexa “Yeah, with this, I have a clear and sound explanation before her for everything, and I’m safe on the other part. She’ll buy it and will drop the suspicions. Well, it’s not a lie with the pregnancy at the end of the day, so yeah. That if dad is still alive over…

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Chapter 66 – A Disturbed Person And A Liar… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 66 Alexa “Other fields? What do you mean, honey? I’ve done nothing wrong…. BABY! FUCK! STOP SHOOTING, HONEY! I’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG! SHIT! HONEY! I SWEAR TO GOD I’M FUCKING INNOCENT! FUCK!” Yeah, she jumped on her feet and started shooting at him without notice…. MUHAHAHA! And dad was running around to dodge the…

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