Chapter 36 – You Shouldn’t Have Stirred Up My Wrath, As This F*cking Happens… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 36 Mason I make the step to fuck him but both Carter and Haxton bar me from doing it, making me turn my angry stare at them. “Don’t.” Haxton says in a low voice. She’s walking towards him, with her eyes scanning him from head to toes and back, and her lips forming that…

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Chapter 35 – You Pay, Motherf*cker |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 35 Mason Haxton lowers his head hearing that and walking after her with me and Carter doing the same. “Boss?” Carter is in a whisper at my left. “Yeah?” I’m taking in the surroundings with the corners of my eyes, preparing myself for whatever could go down. My target is only one. My baby…

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Chapter 34 – Don’t You F*cking Worry, Buddy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 34 Mason Muhahahaha! I’ve tricked my baby love! Mmmm…. My sweet baby…. I’m so fucked…. You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content. Please Log In. Not a Member? Join Us

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Chapter 33 – I Said Hate Not Love! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 33 Rachel “WHAT THE FUCK, BABY?!” He’s a Big Bad Wolf mixed with a raging bull. Oh boy…. MUHAHAHA! I snort into a demented laughter, parking the fucking car at the building the council is. Yes, it’s a company of ours without any other building around. There’s a forest surrounding it. Mason’s cars park…

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Chapter 32 – I’m F*cking Unleashed Now…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 32 Rachel “Just fucking say it, Haxton.” I’m on the highway, driving like a lunatic among cars. “Alright. Our men have taken into custody the kids in Sweden and are driving them to the airport. Your stepmom….” He’s pausing to my fucking outburst. “What about?! Say it already!” “She killed herself before our men…

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Chapter 31 – Don’t Think You’ve Won Something On Me, F*cker |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 31 Rachel God…. I feel so sick…. Oh man…. Fucking serum…. I’m burning inside and I feel so fucking cold outside…. Great combo. Fucking shit…. If it weren’t for mom’s words in the fucking dream, I wouldn’t be waiting for this fucker! She said to not refuse him…. He’s a blessing, she said…. Yeah,…

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Chapter 30 – Please, Don’t F*ck My Heart! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 30 Mason “Rivera?” “We’ve bombed their main premises, boss. But the head with the important people are missing. They’re probably waiting for Rachel for the midnight challenge in case she makes it, to not raise suspicions. I’m sure he’s heard about the attack on their side.” Good. They have first warning. No one fucks…

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Chapter 29 – Shut Up, Devil |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 29 Mason “Oh fuuuck…. Only boss is this fucking crazy….” My man from the car tailing her says, and they break the car at distance from them, but I’m having the entire scene before my eyes on my phone. She has turned the car on the side like a barrier for the sports cars,…

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Chapter 28 – She’s Showing Them Why She’s The Head…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 28 Mason The limo drives away with two SUVs in front and two in the back in a line, having as destination my house. I hop in another SUV in the back seat with Carter in front, and the driver speeds away. I have five more cars escorting this car, so we’re a line…

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Chapter 27 – Answer The Damn Call And Stop Killing Me! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 27 Mason “She’ll have it coming, baby. Don’t worry. No one disrespects your sister, you, your brother, or me without paying for it. She’ll get her lesson.” “Good! That bad witch…. No matter how beautiful she is, she’s a black demon…. Can’t stand her even one bit…. She comes to my mommy to show…

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