Chapter 11 – I’m Crazy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hidden

Chapter 11 Sandra “I’ll fucking kill him.” That’s Max with a low growl. “You haven’t answered your phone. It’s shut down. You were hit bad last night. Come on, Sandra.” Levi from behind the main door. MAX! He puts me down and starts to the door, raging. “Max!” I’m in a low voice, grabbing his…

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Chapter 10 – I Would Love And Kill Him At The Same Time |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hidden

Chapter 10 Sandra “Yeah, baby. Whatever you say….” He’s kissing my forehead and I think we’re in the bathroom. I can’t keep my eyes open. I’ve seen outside it’s sunny. It’s way after noon by the sun. But I’m not so sure…. “Max…. Don’t…. Shock…. Please…. Take me back….” I now realize the reaction between…

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Chapter 9 – I’ll Give You Mafia Boss If You Don’t Behave… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hidden

Chapter 9 Sandra “Get in the fucking bed.” I’m pushing him in bed and go in myself. “Two morons decided to fuck my peace and quiet tonight.” I’m taking his arm to hug me with my back at him. “Not to mention my stupid and out of norms sister who decided she wants a play…

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Chapter 8 – I Would F*cking Kill All Of You Right Now… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hidden

Chapter 8 Sandra He chuckles. “Mafia Boss…. Ha-ha!” I turn my stare into his eyes, which are under some euphoric waves, and the smirk on his lips is present. I’m blinking for a few times, with my eyebrows up, smirking myself, twisting my head, with his hand in mine, having the ring in sight. “Bad…

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Chapter 7 – This Is So Damn Wrong… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hidden

Chapter 7 Sandra I’m whining inside. I need alleviation for what my body, heart and mind suffered tonight, I compromised in not kicking his ass and flying him out through that door behind me, and now I can’t even take advantage of him for such an innocent act? I feel betrayed by life a millionth…

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Chapter 6 – You Do Have Some Heavy Balls To Play This Game With Me |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hidden

Chapter 6 Sandra “Can we talk now, Sandra?” It’s four in the mourning and we’ve stopped at a hotel for the night, as it’s late. We had a big catch tonight with some Mafia and we’re all beat tired. To understand the magnitude of what went down, I have no bullets left in my guns…

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Chapter 5 – Badge, No Badge, I’m The Boss, Baby |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hidden

Chapter 5 Max “Just break the limo. We’ll speak another time about your seriousness. I’m booked for something tonight. My time is only at this. I made efforts to come at Monica’s call. Now. If you’re serious about me, you’ll listen to my wants. Let’s see how serious you are about me.” You need to…

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Chapter 4 – Twist Them, Baby… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hidden

Chapter 4 Max “Let’s go, baby.” Oh no, I’m not playing. This little baby is mine. I’m serious. None has ever managed to conquer me in my entire 26 years of life, but in less than an hour like she did. It has nothing to do with her bitch sister. No, I never had something…

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Billionaire’s Baby Hidden (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌

BlurbWhen her baby sister wants revenge…“Monica? Please. Give me that damn document.” I’m in an at-my-limit stare at my stepsister, Monica Grewlad.“Only if you do what I told you to, Sandy.”“Do what, Monica? Go to some guy’s private room, kiss him, tell him to call the fucking bartender that it’s done, and then you give…

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