Chapter 12 – Why Don’t You F*cking Kiss The F*cking Walls For A F*cking First Round, You Son Of A F*cking Bitch?! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 12 Nicolette Well, when I say in my mind, “HE’S OUT!”, I have the instinct to force my body and proceed with the slicing monster processes on the kissing my face fucker, yet, once more, I can’t fucking perform it, as my body is still numb and doesn’t respond to my instincts and wants….…

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Chapter 11 – Well, That’s How It Goes In Our World And At Our Level… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 11 Lorenzo When I reach upstairs alone, Mr. Jasper is waiting for me at the bedroom’s door on the corridor, looking over a medical file. And just now, the last nurse comes out from inside the room with my men escorting her out. “I’ve given her the last dose, doctor.” She nods at him…

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Chapter 10 – We’re Playing The Royal Type Of Chess Now, Sucker |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 10 Lorenzo Caston leaves telling me he’ll dig further into his chronicles to see what else could be of help to her in there. He’s been seeing something off in her aura, something affected. And he must see what he could match that with, as he’s not certain in his own hypothesis at this…

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Chapter 9 – If It’s For Her Help, I’ll Do It |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 9 Lorenzo Yes, she seems to have finished with her wrath, as even the energy bubble she was in and those light pulsating lines coming out of her hands and fingers have vanished, and she’s now sent back on the bed with ease, like a falling feather, to resume her peaceful sleep on the…

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Chapter 8 – F*cking…Tell The Truth, Man! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 8 Lorenzo We’re more like running than walking fast upstairs, with Caston leading the way, I behind him, and Gabe with three other sturdy men of mine at my back. The thunders outside are harsher and like bombs crashing on the roof as sound, and my fucking house is soundproofed for you guys to…

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Chapter 7 – She’s In A F*cking War Again… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 7 Lorenzo “She’s extremely dangerous in this state, Mr. Madiglani.” One of my paranormal associates is with her file in his hands, perusing it the tenth time. I don’t fucking care how fucking dangerous she is, Caston. I sip from my whisky, waiting for him to tell me more. We’re in my mansion’s office,…

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Chapter 6 – I Have The Right To Privacy! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 6 Nicolette How the fuck am I gonna get out of this now? At least he’s not using those fucking drug guns on me and he’s giving me a freedom space…. BUT HE’S FUCKING CHAINING ME WITH HIMSELF! UGH! Well, even if I’m getting out of here, where the fuck am I supposed to…

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Chapter 5 – You Just Couldn’t Play Nice All The Way, F*cker, Huh?! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 5 Nicolette I’m blacked out for real. No senses on me to perceive anything around me. Like I’m dead or something, yet I know I’m not dead and just sleeping. I have my breathing and heartbeats, so…. Ha-ha! At least I trust this Lorenzo to some levels, and I feel safe in his custody…

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Chapter 4 – The Black Demon Persona… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 4 Lorenzo Baby Nicole is relaxing and slowly going down, with her hands sliding from my arms. I freak out a bit because after what has just happened, I don’t fucking know if it’s another bad round for her or not. Though everything is reduced to silence around, and nothing out of the ordinary…

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Billionaire’s Baby Auction (Chapters 1-3) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌

BlurbWhen she gets kidnapped and up for auction…“Next part of our gathering here tonight is an auction, gentlemen!”Auction, huh? I wonder what the fuck it is this time around…. Oh man…. I would kill all of you tonight….I’m Lorenzo Madiglani, 29, big mafia head over thirteen of the most powerful mafia families worldwide.“We’re auctioning some…

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