Chapter 43 – See What You’ve Got With That F*cking Mindset, Stupid?! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 43 Brian That fucking Jon! Shit! Calm down, baby…. We’ll solve it…. Somehow…. She’s getting white at face again…. Great…. This was the only missing thing…. Baby bitch has outdone it…. Why couldn’t she be like her sister? The fuck I can understand…. They come from same parents…. So different though…. My baby is…

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Chapter 42 – What The F*ck Did You Say?! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 42 Stacey Yeah, his voice is as a fucking thunder at my back while I’m out the door, signaling Sam to go and take my belongings from inside, which he does. I’m silent and walking in my straight stance, chest out, chin up, hands at my back, to the main door, thinking about how…

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Chapter 41 – It’s Only For Sane Purposes, Not For What You Want… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 41 Stacey He’s at my back as I’m facing Sam. “I SAID SILENCE!” My heart is vibrating my body and I’m with a bit of a blurred vision, with my headache scoring homerun again. Not at the earlier intensity, but it’s an orgasmic one. “SAM! OUT! NOW!” This son of a bitch and his…

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Chapter 40 – I’ll Kill Him With My Bare Hands |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 40 Stacey “Call Stevenson now and give him to me.” I’m shoving another bite in my mouth. “Yes, sir.” He does it and when he answers he gives me his phone. I’m with my eyes on my phone on the table in front of me, leaning my back on the chair, crossing my legs,…

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Chapter 39 – Son Of A Bitch And Your F*cking Soul… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 39 Stacey “Well, I think you’ve got the picture of it, Mr. Objective. You seem a bright son of a bitch in those upstairs brains of yours to comprehend my words.” I’m moving my head at him per my speech. “Now, before Baby Angry has a thriller comeback on you, GET THE FUCK OUT!”…

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Chapter 38 – I’ll So Kill You One Of These Days… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 38 Stacey All my body muscles are constraining and it’s an aching clench as I’m now feeling the intensity of dealing with those 156 fuckers under five minutes. Yeah, I counted them while killing them. It’s a crazy thing of mine to keep myself hyped and in the adrenaline rush to get to the…

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Chapter 37 – I Didn’t Ask You To Want The Impossible Me, So… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 37 Stacey Luke? When he will find out about all this shit? Oh yeah…. He’s the most dangerous one, and funny thing, he’s the Big Boss…. He will never allow my getting out of the agency, especially this way, and he’s not one to be bought. He’s with unlimited money. I don’t know how…

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Chapter 36 – I’m Not One To Hold Grudges And To Enjoy Someone’s Fall Or Worse |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 36 Stacey What happened with Philip and how I solved it? Well, I don’t know horses in detail, but I do know they feel you, no matter how crazy they are. It’s like with dogs. The leadership. When you’re confident and emanate it with determination, eye contact, and you show no fucking strand of…

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Chapter 35 – Taking Advantage Of My Shit State, Huh?! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 35 Brian The moment I lay her down on the bed, she starts trembling, like her head, lips, all of her. Baby?! Shit! She’s having them…. She’s with her eyes shut. “Fuuck…. Ooooh….” She’s turning on the other side, curling with her arms crossed, rubbing her arms with her hands, in an earthquake of…

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Chapter 34 – I Can’t F*cking Breathe Right Seeing You Like This… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angry

Chapter 34 Brian “She’ll be fine…. Don’t worry. She knows she’s out of danger and she lets her guard down now. She’s tired…. It was an intense month even for one like her. She hasn’t slept much or eaten much. She just did what you saw here…. She saved a lot of people there and…

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