Chapter 52 – Leave Her Alone! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 52 Frederik I’m at the main entrance of my dad-in-law’s house. I left my men with the cars outside of the estate and I’ve fucking walked on my own all they way here with MY EVERYTHING set in a black leather bag. I’m a pure devil at face right now, a smirking one with…

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Chapter 51 – Revenge! Oh, Sweet Revenge, Baby Love! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 51 Frederik We’re in a fucking helicopter now, one of my best with HIGH EVERYTHING, going through a fucking messy storm, yet if you were to look at me, the hellish storm outside is Satan’s baby kid, and I’m fucking Satan’s GRANDAD in fucking DEVILISH AND WORRIED EVERYTHING! Randy and Gibson are with me…

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Chapter 50 – She’s F*cking Killing Me! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 50 Frederik “Where is she, Jasmin?! It’s been a fucking week and you don’t know anything about her not even now?! There must be something she’s been communicating to the agency for something! You must know where she’s operating at this moment after a fucking week!” I’m in Jasmin’s office, being a fucking electrocuted…

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Chapter 49 – Get The F*ck Out Of Here…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 49 Mona The rain of bullets directed at me, halts a fucking inch distance to my body. I’m with my guns pointed down as I’ve been so far, and with my entire being standing on the hood of my car like a pissed off lion ready to give the fucking battle roar. Yeah, all…

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Chapter 48 – You Say Bye-Bye To Life This F*cking Night! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 48 Mona “Fucking motherfuckers…. Oh…. I’ll catch your asses…. And when I will? Fucking massacre, fuckers. You fuck with me? You fuck with Hell, buddy….” I’m in LA, on a highway, pushing the gas at maximum, driving a dark blue Lamborghini, pursuing a set of fuckers who have “just” snatched fucking Berdi from one…

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Chapter 47 – Pandora Demon |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 47 Frederik “So, while in one of my racing competitions, first weekend after my 19th birthday, on the fucking racing field, another sports car comes out of nowhere on my lane, from the other side, in full speed, aiming my car. I didn’t have a way to avoid the impact as I was flanked…

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Chapter 46 – The Next Successor |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 46 Frederik I stop caressing her legs, resting my hand on them, wandering my eyes on her. Her robe is gone, and she’s dressed, in like a second, in her agent attire with her black leather pants, a black crop top, a leather jacket unzipped in front within her waist, and leather black gloves…

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Chapter 45 – You Bad Angel Baby… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 45 Frederik “Boss?” Randy is downstairs and I hand him the tray, walking to the kitchen to grab fresh food, cake, and orange juice for my baby love. “Yeah?” He’s following me. “Is Madam okay?” He’s looking at the plates that they’re not touched. You need to be logged in to view the rest…

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Chapter 44 – I’m F*cking Freaking Out! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 44 Frederik It’s fucking two in the afternoon and a snail is a fucking racer compared to how I am right now. No, I’m not tired or sleepy. I’m so fucking lively and heated up! The snail comparison is to my reason…. My brain is so fucked and tranced in my baby…. It’s over…

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Chapter 43 – Don’t You Touch Her! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 43 Frederik I take a seat on the side of the jacuzzi to watch her. She’s back to how I found her. There’s no movement. Even the fucking water is like in a still everything. I have the urge to touch my baby’s body and with fire spears in my body refrain from it….…

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