Chapter 52 – Leave Her Alone! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Angel

Chapter 52 Frederik I’m at the main entrance of my dad-in-law’s house. I left my men with the cars outside of the estate and I’ve fucking walked on my own all they way here with MY EVERYTHING set in a black leather bag. I’m a pure devil at face right now, a smirking one with…

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Chapter 168 – Don’t Blink, Motherf*cker! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 168 Selena He comes back in a few minutes and I’m experiencing eruptions of heat, all sweated, and I’m pulling my blouse to rip it off as I can’t stand it on my skin any longer. I’m breathing like there’s no air and even my fucking hair is wet from all this. Fire waves…

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Chapter 167 – I Wouldn’t Have To Deal With All This Messed Up F*ckery! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 167 Selena “Shut the fuck up! You’re sick! That’s all there is to it!” He’s in a moment of rage now and stands up to grab me, making me punch him again while all the burning and all the sensations inside of me are at peak point. He manages to grab my left arm,…

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Chapter 166 – You Don’t Play Nice, I Don’t Give A F*ck Anymore… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 166 Selena We’re in the elevator. I’m with my arms crossed, meditating over what’s next, as I haven’t done this since I was a real, full power Death Angel, General Death Angel. “Angel? You’re not going to involve in this. Let me do it my way.” I’m in my Death Angel right now and…

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Chapter 165 – But The F*cker Never Stops… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 165 Selena I’m out of my mind right now. I can’t hear any other noise there than her screaming. Eric is listening to all this, keeping me in his arms. “Sel…. He’s…. He’s here…. HOW THE FUCK DID YOU APPEAR LIKE THAT?!” WHAT?! You need to be logged in to view the rest of…

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Chapter 16 – People Are Fed Up With Darkness, They Want The Light |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Agent

Chapter 16 Rebecca Alpha Boy is coming to the car in his mad stare and warrior everything attitude with his men doing the same, while I’m already on my previous seat in the car with the phone back in my hands for I’m going through my apps to see some things, yet I’m seeing them…

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Chapter 15 – One Is The Angel, The Other Is The F*cking Devil |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Agent

Chapter 15 Rebecca Well, as I always say to fuckers, don’t provoke the bad bitch, as shit fucking happens, and the shit that happens is fucking thriller and not some small shit. I always try to keep my fucking sanity intact and not do bad stuff because I’m someone righteous and of good nature, a…

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Chapter 14 – F*cking War You’ve Asked, F*cking War You’ll F*cking Get! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Agent

Chapter 14 Dylan Well, after a session of kissing, she goes back to sleep on me because she’s really out in strengths and she accepts the fact she can rely on me from this point on by letting her guard down. The car is eating the road with our other escorting cars to reach faster…

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Chapter 13 – Don’t Look Back |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Agent

Chapter 13 Dylan We’re outside on the terrace, I’m walking taking in the surroundings to avoid security as much as possible with the gun with the silencer on out in my right hand, and she’s keeping herself calm yet she’s whispering at me, squeezing my suit jacket fiercely at my back, as the fuck I’m…

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Chapter 12 – Alpha Boy, Huh? |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Agent

Chapter 12 Dylan I barely get myself together and move per her wants because I see she’s exhausted and her eyes are telling me she indeed has everything under control with the fucker. However, I just let her think I’ve gone upstairs and fucking staying there, as once she leaves from the spot, I go…

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