• August 9, 2022

Chapter 73 – Baby Danger Is Baby Danger, Man… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 73 Alexa “Nothing…. Don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m just readjusting back to life and feelings and all that…. To hear the pregnancy thingy, it did hit me hard to have a full comeback to sanity. I’m halfway there because of it.” I sigh and look aside with his burning hands cupping my face and…

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Chapter 72 – I’m So Bad, Man… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 72 Alexa “Let’s go, baby. Daddy is so fucking done with everything and my limit over limits and extra limits has been till here. No more, honey.” Yeah, once I’m out the door and shut it behind me, I see myself grabbed by LUNATIC and sent over his shoulder, like he did that day…

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Chapter 71 – But That’s Me… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 71 Alexa I finish reading the files with my blood boiling down my veins. I snap it closed and hand it to Jasper with my signature bloodthirsty killer stare. “The Mafia bastard. Bust his fucking ass and bring him to the agency. Chain him in the fucking dungeons and let him stay there for…

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Chapter 42 – If I Shoot Your Eyes Right Now, Will You Like The Bullets Approaching, Buddy? |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 42 Samantha “Don’t do it or I’ll fucking kill you all!” That’s Alessio at the gorillas, making them step back. Baby boy seems leader over them…. And guns are arming at my back. You don’t have to, baby. I can kill all the fuckers and have no fucking scratch on me. Let them do…

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Chapter 41 – No Matter What I Must Endure, I Always Come Out A Winner And The Other Party Is Sent To Its F*cking Grave |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 41 Samantha Recalling all the shit training I had, all the experiments and all that crap done to me to become what I am today, it turns me upside-down inside. My grandpa never told me why I was always the only one submitted to that. He was just saying I’m special and I must…

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Chapter 40 – If He’s Your F*cking Big Boss, Want Me To Believe He’s A F*cking Lamb?! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 40 Samantha “Baby? You don’t look well. I’ll tell you another time. I can see it’s already too much for you.” Of course I don’t look well. Who would in my place? To see the son of a bitch who ruined your and your mom’s lives, it doesn’t sit well with you. And he’s…

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Chapter 39 – Keep Talking. I Want To Know |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 39 Samantha “Dad?” His dad is now breaking the embrace and kisses my forehead. “My daughter! Yes, son. You may speak now.” Ha-ha! He’s so damn funny! He’s inching my face with his dancing stars eyes, not looking at Alessio, and I’m about to have another outburst in laughter. He’s smiling at me. “Sir?…

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Chapter 38 – When He Says “Whack”, The Hell He Can’t |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 38 Samantha I’m coming back to reason when I hear the try on the door to open it. But it doesn’t open. That’s good it doesn’t open, but how did it get locked? I have sharp hearing and I didn’t hear a noise of getting locked. However, I know who the culprit must be….…

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Chapter 12 – But I’m Doing It For My Baby Love… |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 12 Daren No, she’s hearing my thoughts, but she’s ignoring my yelling, finally managing to light that fucking cigarette and lean her back on the seat, looking before her, taking a smoke, but a bit unsatisfied by something as she’s twisting her lips and staring at the fucking cigarette now. “Hmm…. It doesn’t taste…

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Chapter 11 – I Don’t Even Want To Think About It… |Members Only| She Alpha

Chapter 11 Daren My fucking blood is fucking boiling right now to have heard MY LUNA has made her escape like that! Like, what the fuck really happened?! I do know she’s so damn feisty and foulmouthed when mad about things, and that she does have that boss of all bosses spirit, approach, and behavior,…

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