• May 17, 2022

She Alpha (Chapter 3 – Maybe She’s Not Our Mate…) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌

Chapter 3 – Maybe She’s Not Our Mate… Daren Ashia had the faint smell of white roses, so of course, she wasn’t in my mind of her being the “MATE!” Sada called for and acknowledged as being our mate. Ashia would have been with zero chances to be the one anyways. Not even in fucking…

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She Alpha (Chapter 2 – I’m Here To Kill You, Honey) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌

Chapter 2 – I’m Here To Kill You, Honey Daren I’m losing it this time…. I’m fucking losing it…. She’s right before me now…. She’s…. She’s the fucking spitting image of her daughter, like they’re fucking twins! I can’t fucking stand her! Even as a fucking ghost, I still hate her fucking guts for killing…

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She Alpha (Chapter 1 – Don’t Have The Balls To Do It All The Way?) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌

Blurb: When your mate rejects you… “I said stop talking back! You’re not even a fucking Omega to stand before me! You’re only a fucking human! The only thing keeping you alive is that intelligent brain of yours! I can’t stand you in any fucking way and I’m forced to see you all day long…

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Chapter 75 – I Do Have Side Effects… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 75 Vivian “Umm…. Sorry for interrupting….” Get over it and fucking say…. “Gianno cartel is involved with them. It wasn’t completely random all this. No location for Marianne yet. She’s well hidden. She knows you and that you would try in finding her…. Her parents are here and asking about you. And Monroe is…

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Chapter 74 – Of Course I Went In There Alone! |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 74 Vivian “WOW! VIV! YOU WERE AWESOME! ALL OF THEM?! ALL OF THEM! I’ve recorded it! I have never seen something like this in my fucking life! WHOA! RAVEN IS A NEW RAVEN!” That’s Rolland, being crazy in happiness for what happened and the others on the background are applauding, whistling and screaming like…

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Chapter 73 – Snuff, Baby… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 73 Vivian One man is approaching me, having a similar built to Davy and a strong motherfucker, with a devilish smile at me, dressed in black clothes. So you’re the leader here…. Okay…. “So this is the infamous Raven….” He’s moving around me, sending mixed looks, among them a criminal one, a lustful one,…

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Chapter 16 – No One Can F*cking Put Me Down |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Liar

Chapter 16 Andrew Yeah, I was kidnapped back then. The fuckers managed to break in where I was under training, away from my grandma. They killed the people who were with me and fetched me while I was sleeping. They had sent the best they had to succeed all that. And they were going to…

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Chapter 15 – He Was Crazy As A Kid, Now He’s Beyond That! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Liar

Chapter 15 Kassandra “Drew? Wait a minute…” I take his hand off my face and take a deep breath, looking on the bed, as it hits me with all this. He keeps my hand in his, though. I raise my eyes back into his. “Look. I was just trying to comfort you back then as…

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Chapter 14 – You Really Are F*cked In The Brains, Aren’t You?|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Liar

Chapter 14 Kassandra Oh… Where am I? Probably in a hospital… I’m with my eyes closed and in a bed. I bruise the sheets with my body movements, trying to open my eyes, but my heart is still giving me some wild beats. I take a deep breath and rub my face with my right…

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Chapter 15 – One Of Us Is Standing, Baby… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Cat

Chapter 15 Marcus Once I have my phone at hand and take hers as well, I walk back to her in same manner. She’s waiting with same inflamed all and crossed arms. “Here, baby.” I extend her phone, and she storms it out of my hand, making me chuckle as she’s so damn adorable, though…

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