• November 14, 2021

Let’s Admire The Artistic Beauty – Film Director Aleksandar Tomov Junior

Well, this post is about my dear friend, Aleksandar Tomov – junior, Bulgarian film director and writer. (He doesn’t know about this post about him and his work yet as I’m sneaky about it, but he’s bound to find out soon enough…. Muhahaha! I’m so bad sometimes…. Ha-ha!) So! At the end of last week,…

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Let’s Learn More About Andra-Cristiana Stan And Her Books

Well, I’ve been recently approached for a sort of interview for ‘something’ about me and my books (not going to disclose what’s about for the moment, but it’s a nice surprise 🙂 ), and while processing this ‘interview’, I’ve decided to share with you guys as well some highlights of it, letting you know some…

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