Launched in 2021 as a community for romance stories of all kind (books and posts) lovers, tarot lovers, and not only, this is a quickly growing collective of loving souls from all around the world.

Why should someone read this website?

If you love billionaire romance, curvy romance, mafia romance, dark mafia romance, arranged marriage romance, paranormal romance, tarot predictions (periodically), and many more related such goodies, you’ll feel right at home here.

What will you get out of this site’s posts?

An encouraging community of supportive women and not only. My stories and all content on this website is for women of all ages and not only, who seek a friendly guidance, inspiring stories, having fun, experiencing all kinds of feelings a human can, announcements of my published books, work in progress stories snippets or chapters to check them out and give feedback on, free promo codes for when I have campaigns for my books, tarot guidance, and many related topics.

Which types of posts do I write?

As I said, posts will be with stories, books, personal experiences, motivational, tarot predictions for all zodiac signs and more. I want to be a friend in need with this website as much as I can for you. I want to let you know that you’re not alone, to make you laugh, to make you feel a range of emotions and more.

Why does my site should be one for you to follow and share it with others? 

I want to make friends with you, share my knowledge and interests on all areas with you and be of help if I can, to entertain you, to provide you with a tarot prediction for your zodiac sign, to create a community of like-minded people who share same values and interests and have a blast together with the motivation and inspiration included!

How did my site get started?

Well, I’ve already mentioned some things above. But the true reason is that I want to improve – as a good and real friend would – your life with some loving light. For you to have something you can resort to when in a moment of solitude or sadness…. I want to make you smile, to motivate you, to inspire you, to make a Phoenix out of you. Yeah, a Phoenix! Why?! Do you think that only a few have that capacity in them to raise from their own ashes? No way…. We all have it, but we just need to tap it and make good use of it.

All my books, all my stories are around such topics. They’re never only romance stories, though it’s the main genre they have. Yet I go way deeper than that and tune in a wide range of situations we all get to experience at some point. And I show you in my stories what mentality one should try to increase their chances for the win against the harsh life many of us have.

I also tune in Angels and Demons and how are they present in our world nowadays through people – in a fictional way, of course, but the deep messages are there for those of you who want to reflect upon them.

Nothing from what I write in general comes from plotting. I’m one who gets a sort of channeled inspiration while writing. And while receiving the mind film of the following scenes, I transcribe them fast and furious on my laptop.

Are these stories somehow crazy? Yes. But they are full of messages. The want of true, pure love. Trust. Loyalty. True friendships. True saviors. Strong people coming from a foundation of weakness but not giving up. And so on.

So, I do hope you’ll join me in this journey and become a powerful community together in time.

Something about me, huh? Okay….

Andra-Cristiana Stan, better known as Anda on social media, resides in Bucharest, Romania, so English is her second language. She loves to create stories as her own *TV channel* while writing and reading them with a display of emotions as if living the respective story and characters. 

She claims herself as a crazy writer, being a true Aquarius who thrills in bringing novelty and a splash of everything for her guilty entertainment and out of a not so enjoyable reality we all live in. And she hopes to provide same experience for her readers.

Her personal motto is “Life is a bitch, let’s make it better!” 

Through her stories she also wants to send motivational and inspirational messages. Her main female characters will always be strong ass ones, no matter their weaknesses. 

A true Aquarius brings originality and craziness, so Anda aims exactly that with her stories for her readers. And yes, expect out of the ordinary stories from her… She’s lunatic… That’s why…

On the other hand, among other things, she’s a tarot reader and wants to help her peers through this gift of hers. She never takes personal readings. Just on this website and on her YouTube channel, she’ll share with you horoscope for all zodiac signs.

She has Sun in Aquarius, Virgo Rising, and Moon in Leo. Just saying…. 🙂

As background academics, she has Law school and Finance-Banking-Accounting school.

How can you get in touch with her?

You can get in touch with her through her social media and website! She loves all of you! If she’s not a fast responder to your messages, it means she’s either working at her professional job, *possessed* by the mind film of her work in progress story and furiously blazing her laptop’s keyboard with music at maximum, or waring the bed for some nap times… But she’ll answer! 😛

Website: https://lovestoriestarot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stanandac

Twitter: @StanAndac

Instagram: @stanandac

Email: stanandac@gmail.com

Now. If you would love to be part of her community, what should you do?

Subscribe to my website, follow me on my social media, follow my author profiles on bookstore platforms for new releases, subscribe to my YouTube channel, share this website with others you consider having such interests and wants to join! And! Leave a comment on my posts or just say hi to your new friend which is ME!

Love you, guys! May Love, Bliss, Light, Happiness, Success, God, and Angels be with you all the time!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan

original link:Love Stories Tarot
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