Chapter 22 – UH! Fire… Oh, F*ck Yes… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Eternal

Chapter 22


Before he can really touch and get a hold of me, my breathing halts, and I’m taken from here with my all with a blur of memory and everything.


My Supreme General Angel heart is beating like a heavy metal one, and when my breathing resumes and my eyes open….

Hmm…. I’m back on the battlefield…. But there’s no one here now…. They’re all gone and there’s…nothing here anymore….

I’m looking around while I’m standing, dressed back to my General garments from before, ragged and bloodied from the fight, yet my wounds are restored and healed, like nothing fucking happened on me during the war.

I’m seeing fires around and the charcoal ground, yet not a single soul remained on the site. My people, my legions have left as well.

It ended, and we’ve won…. But…why have I been taken back here instead of Saradossa taking me back to my human body? He won over that fucker as well, so he can take me back….

I’m breathing in a labored one, like after the fucking massive effort of the war that went on, and my sword whooshes back from the velvet sky of this part of the Hell, as it has been sent back to me from above, and it goes straight into my right hand.

I’m having a strong grip on it, and its blue fire intensifies on it to some lighthouse levels marking a cross on the charcoal ground.


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