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Foreword and Disclaimer

  • This is a collective reading.
  • Messages can pertain to your love life or any other part of your life, messages you need to hear at the moment of you reading this collective reading.
  • For this reading, I’ve used three cards from my “Angels’ Hints & Clues” deck, a deck we don’t have yet at our Interactive Tarot section for our Baby Angel Wise and Baby Angel Abundance Members to make use of but it’s with a “coming soon” tag, and an advice card from my “Halloween Messages” deck, a deck which is already available in the Interactive Tarot section for our paying Baby Angel Members.
  • This is the free part of the reading, and it has an extended part. Link to the extended part will be at the end of this post where you can click on the “READ THE EXTENDED” button to be directed to that part. The extended is only for Baby Angel Wise and Baby Angel Abundance members only. You can read on our Join Us page details for each type of Baby Angel members we have on our website and choose what best suits you, if you’re not such a member yet. If you’re already a Baby Angel Wise or Baby Angel Abundance member, you can already read the extended without a restriction. ATTENTION! For this specific reading, I’ve decided to have the extended free as well, so you’ll have it free to read after the free part because there are some life-threatening messages in some parts of this reading, and they need to be known by more people resonating with it as precaution measures to be considered for better choices. So, scroll down and read the extended as well as I’ve put it in the same post. And please, do not disregard the warnings from this reading if it resonates with you, as for many of you in that situation is vital.
  • It’s gender free.
  • This is a timeless reading, so it’s valid for whenever you see it.
  • Don’t try to fit the messages presented if it doesn’t resonate with you. However, retain the main messages as it may resonate to your future self. What doesn’t resonate with you, let it fly. It’s a collective reading, so it may resonate with you in parts, half of it, all of it, or none of it. It means it wasn’t meant for you, and I’m sorry if even one message wasn’t for you in this collective reading.
  • Use discernment and responsibility. This is friendly advice and info and doesn’t take place of specialized advice. Seek experts for professional advice for your own needs.
  • For entertainment purposes ONLY. The psychic/tarot reader doesn’t take responsibility for your future actions.
  • I do NOT do personal readings. Thanks for understanding on that.
  • You must be 18+ to read this reading.

Let’s see the messages for you, baby….

Well, well, well…. Ha-ha! It seems that you’re crossing a period of mastery on something, honey! And this is having your competitors/haters in a frenzy of what’s going on! MUHAHAHA!

We’ve already talked about closing out some karmic cycles in our last reading, and it seems you’ve been focused on that, putting in your service in dealing with that closing out of cycles which is to launch you into a new and fresh, full of adrenaline cycle, yet a new cycle serving YOU this time around, as it’s going to send you out of different types of crisis you’ve been living thus far.

There’s a major cleaning and purging happening in your life at this moment, in many corners of your life, which have been affected for so long, and slowly but steady, you’re reaching the balancing of scales in your life on what has gone wrong, unfairly, in your life.

You’re now able to see better how things really are around you with no masks and illusions anymore. People around you can be seen at their true colors, more or less, yet enough for you to have clarity over truths, enabling you to better decide on what’s really serving you and what doesn’t that you must get rid of for your and greater good of all parties involved on the unjust side being done.

Your eyes and mind have now the curiosity to see the truth all around you, as the veils have been removed, and you’re getting the threads of truth in many situations of what was really happening directly and behind your back, and you’re starting to do a great job at this, as your curiosity shall lead you to a much needed breakthrough out of the darkness clouding your life and choices to either keep you stuck or to destroy you and your life.

As I’ve told you in the last reading, you must learn how to keep your secrets private and your actions private, not letting anyone know, even the closest of your people, of what you shall do next. Keep being observant all around you and master the moment when an action must be sent out by you without anyone to be able to predict or expect that from you.

Because whatever you’re doing, honey, you’re doing it right, as your rivals/enemies/haters are shaky-shaky of how the actual fuck could you master your fucking exit out of each and every crisis you’re in and they’re still sending to you as traps to your permanent downfall! Well…. Ha-ha!

It is because you’ve allowed yourself to see beyond the veils and you’ve listened to that inner guidance, that of your Angels and God, to help you see the light down the dark path you’re on, a dark path which wasn’t willingly chosen by you but you’ve been placed on it because of external people and forces.

And how you’ve got the Divine awakening of things not being the right way around you, as many things that should have worked for good in your life and many people which should have been genuine and loving with you all went wrong against the odds, you’re now able to take the REAL measures in your life with the right set of choices and decisions on the true truth of how things really are.

And this shouldn’t make you feel bad of anything that has happened on the wrong side in your life, because many of the things you’ve picked have been manipulated by the ill-intended people and situations and you’ve been just a victim of it all.

Instead of feeling bad, feel thankful because your Angels have protected you from many bad things to happen to you, bad things you couldn’t see were happening in the already dark scenario you’ve been living and it’s better to not know of that, and also feel thankful for finally seeing and learning the truth along with a series of lessons from this karmic cycle you’re approaching its end.

You’re given the chance to take more of your power back, to put your life back into place, with even more great things to add to it in the next period in different forms.

And these are a whole lot of blessings you SHOULD be thankful for and be grateful before God and your Guardian Angels, because against of how bad it’s been for you, how hard and vicious you’ve realized your life has actually gone to without your want or knowledge, as you’re now facing the reality and truth over a set of heavy to digest things, you’ve made it through it and you’re given the chance to step out of all type of crisis installed in your life with each step of the way from this point further.

Remember at all times that God and Angels ALWAYS help more the fighters and the most unjustly hit people.

As long as you always find the fighting on and on power inside of you, yet fighting things in the right ways, as God has allowed it to be as His fighter for your own life and of others genuine around you, as in your family and loved ones whom you know haven’t betrayed you and sticked with you through thick and thin without leaving the team or going against it, God and Angels will always favor you and lend you their hands to overcome the impossible in the stages where your fight needs it.

God doesn’t like or favor quitters. If you just fucking surrender before hardships on the thought you’ve got no fucking way out anymore, as you’ve got the “illusion” of nothing remained to be done by you to make it, that’s when God with His Angels remove their hands from you as well.

Why? Because you’ve made the choice of not trusting Him and His power to get you out of it and have fallen prey to the illusion of being impossible to get the fuck up, back to your feet, and fight the impossible with Him at your side. He NEVER likes that or approves of it, because He knows what HE can do for each one of us as long as we don’t give up and have faith and trust in both our self and Him.

As no matter how alone you may find yourself, without a team at your side, you forget about having the BIGGEST team ever and the BEST of it in all worlds, honey, and that’s YOU and GOD. That’s the most UNBREAKABLE, the most JUST, the most LOYAL team ever that you could have at your side, baby love.


VERY small “price” to pay for it, isn’t it? It’s only your trust in God and His Divine entities and fighting spirit of yours to go against the “illusion” of your hardships needed to make it. Is it too much to pay before Him? Huh? No, I don’t think so.

Because HE will find ways to guide you and give you all the needed resources for you to make it during the narrow road of trials and get out a fucking winner at His side against whatever may be casted your way.

But you MUST go through it all with truth at your side and doing everything the right way, no matter how hard or impossible it may seem or even be, because He is there with you. God is with all of us in every millisecond of our life as long as we’re with Him and for Him in every millisecond of our life. It’s a two-way road between you and God, and the team between sides is a true give and take which you can trust, blindly trust.

Your Angels want you to forgive yourself of all that you think or know you’ve done wrong in choices and allow them to clean your human vessel inside and out of all the darkness put on you and in your life, because that is required as a start for them to be able to perform it for you.

No matter how sinful you consider you’ve been one way or another, or a bit sinful, or however you may consider due to your life choices, forgive yourself and ask Him for forgiveness because you maybe didn’t know what you were doing due to external manipulation or maybe you didn’t consider your then actions to give such dark consequences in your life, or maybe even willingly doing it back then, yet you’re now in the realization of giving your life’s choices to the wrong side, and you now want to come back to the right path and at His side.

You also must not repeat the previous choices and acts you know were bad or have given you ill consequences to suffer and bear karmic cycles to pay for them. You must learn from your mistakes and poor choices for your personal illumination and spiritual evolution which shall add to a better life and better choices in life, increasing your vibration and aligning it to God for a better and true bond with Him.

Whatever “evil” things, situations, people you still have to fight against, fight it, yet for what you can avoid, just cut off your cords with such things, situations, and people, and liberate your life from them.

Because by doing so, you’re balancing your life on what truly matters and on what God and the Divine requires of you to align the right way with Him and His plan for you and for the greater good of all involved in your life, the ones true to you and there for you no matter what and all the way.

Let go, willingly let go, of all that no longer serves you and you’re not into the same system of beliefs anymore, to meet true balance and taste from the true start of genuine abundance and prosperity in your life in their various forms as God has left them to be for you per your signed Sacred Soul Contract and what He’s got in store for you as destiny from this point on, baby love.

Well, there’s another set of things to deal with from the other side, as your enemies/rivals/haters aren’t just gonna let go of their vicious war with you, especially now you’ve shaken them into their own crisis of how you’re so damn equipped in retaliating against ALL their fucking traps and they’re not able to conquer on and off of you anymore, yet we shall discuss about all the other details in the extended and whatever extra messages you shall have for this reading, baby.

And this following message is for a specific someone reading this and not for the rest of you, as for the rest of you, you can ignore it and scroll down to your first advice card for this part of the free reading.

Honey? Yes, I fucking know. You can’t hide it from me no matter what. I’m just fucking playing your set game just for “fun”. I’ve started loving how your fucking “legs” “dance” in the hope of maybe fooling me this time around. Well…. You can’t. But be precautious of how this game of yours shall end for YOU, and not for me. Because there’s a very special delivery for you at the end of this “game” of yours, and that special delivery shall take the form according to how you further decide to play the said game, yet don’t think I’m fucking stupid over anything. I may be whatever but a fucking stupid? Nah…. I can feel your everything without even wanting it and yes, how your fucking blood even flows is all perceived, not to mention your fucking thoughts and whatever you think you’re mastering in hiding from me, as if I were to ACTUALLY tune in and make the assessment? WHOA! But I don’t need or want that, because it’s too fucking dirty for me to connect to such fucking energy, babe. Word of advice, if you want to maybe take it this time around. Lower the fucking rituals to connect to me, for your own good, honey. They’re not really working, that’s one. And two? You get the bad part of it, and I remain untouched and without further consequences. I just fucking feel them of being done to me yet not on the working side for your “conquer”. When I said I only bow and kneel before God, I said the fucking truth, and that’s fucking unchangeable, no matter what. As, honey? The ones like me? Well… We ALWAYS take the fucking HARD and IMPOSSIBLE way and NEVER bend our knees or heads for NOTHING. We fucking “kick” and “punch” all the fucking way without any fucking distraction or temptation of breaking before whatever. And how I’m both a fucking Fire Dragon and Fire Lion? UH! Kind of a fucking HOT combo, isn’t it, babe? MUHAHAHA! Well, you already know some of it, right? *wink* But be my guest and do whatever you please, yet be prepared for the rebound for this stage when the time shall come, alright, baby hotness? Ha-ha! Anyways….

Advice card for you…

“You are going to gain recognition for something you’ve done through your mind’s work and inspirations. Continue and never stop. It’s just the beginning for you.”

Alright! This is all I had for you for the free part! The extended reading will answer the following questions:



  • For this part of the reading, I’ve used three cards from my “Angels’ Hints & Clues” deck, a deck we don’t have yet at our Interactive Tarot section for our Baby Angel Wise and Baby Angel Abundance Members to make use of but it’s with a “coming soon” tag, and an advice card from my “Halloween Messages” deck, a deck which is already available in the Interactive Tarot section for our paying Baby Angel Members, cards pulled in the free part of the reading, and with some extra cards from my “Love Tarot” deck, which is not yet in the Interactive Tarot, and “Halloween Messages” deck.

Let’s see the messages for you, baby….


Well, I’ve already told you that people around you, and among the closest to you yet on the team against you, have become curious on what the fuck has just happened to you to wake the fuck up to what’s really being done around you and at your back to you. How can you now SEE the truth and they can no longer manipulate you or to the lengths they’ve been doing it thus far?

So, yes, you’ve been sending then into a deep thinking on that, because whatever leverage they’ve been having on you, either through material things or emotional manipulation, is no longer valid as streams to puppet you around to their complete desires, and that’s bad for them, as the fucking golden goose on whatever they’ve been using it for is not longer theirs to bear the “fruits” and for them to “feast” off of whatever they were having going on from you and through you.

You’re also detaching from certain people and situations because you’ve got the hang of wrongs being done to you and through you, and they’re losing control over the illusions they’ve been feeding you with all this fucking time, and they’re going fucking crazy over it as a fucking result.

There is a person or a portion of people in your life who may further react directly to you in a not that good of a manner, dropping off their mask as well before you, because of how you’ve changed and of how they’re losing their advantages on and through you.

So, expect a lot of retaliation and a full-fledged and out in the open war to be formed against you, because it doesn’t matter to them if you’ve gotten awakened to the truth for them to stop. No, it will just be a change of tactics in going to further war with you out in the open this time around.

That’s why, your Angels want you to be prepared over what shall be thrown your way, as this time it will be a full and upfront war with hits you won’t be able to deny and your strength and mastery of wisdom and action shall be at perfection to strike back as the Divine shall guide you in every moment of it for the conquering of this further stage of the war you’re in, in whatever form it may take for you.

As for each of you, it may be a different type of war. Because for some of you this war in on the work front for you, as in your job, career, business, and for others it may be with your significant other or family and friends which they prove to be karmics and not your real deal of souls to have in your life on the good side. We did speak about the cleaning of karmic whatever that is performed in your life this period, right? So, there you have it.

No matter the losses, in whatever their form, shall take place during this major Divine cleaning in your life, you must work it through and make sure ONLY serving to your life in the good and God-given ways people, things, and situations remain in your life. The rest of it, no matter how painful it may be, or how hurting the felt betrayal from the loved ones may come to you, you must the right thing in all of it.

However, God and your Angels want you to make an effort over certain things as much as possible from your part. People or situations in your life which you now identify as being on the wrong side of things and having affected you greatly or not that greatly, you’re demanded to find the strength in you to have the curiosity and find the truth which and how many of them have been like you in their own places, victims to manipulation without their own choice or realization over things.

If you conclude that such people or situations have been like you, manipulated, your Guardian Angels and God want you to do all you can to help them see the truth of their own predicament and try to save as many of them as possible, yet without forcing it on them.

Because God wants for as many of His children to be saved and brought to the right path and back to His grace and salvation from evil and wrong things they’re victim to with or without their want, and through people like you and me, He wants that to happen if it’s possible, if it’s doable, and if THEY also want to change and access this, let’s say, “second chance” of doing the right thing this time around.

However, as I’ve said, don’t force it, yet give them the chance for them to do it the right way if they truly want it, but be very careful and watch them all the time to make sure they’re truly wanting and doing it and it’s not just a trick to not lose you and that “golden goose” you embody for them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shall provide them with the same whatever coming from your part, as change on that is a must with heavy restrictions, yet you should be there for them to a bare minimum to help them in their own journey of change, of transformation, of wanting to do it in God’s ways now and detach from their toxic ways.

Yet, if you see them not responding to this generous approach from your part to be there for them for that change in them to happen, I’m afraid that you shall have no other choice then to completely detach and let them see and maybe embrace the change the hard way with no one around to give them that safety net for errors during the transition of their own rebirth from their toxic ways.

Because sometimes, people do not respond on their own while someone is there for them “nagging” them to do the right thing, becoming comfortable in their ways and in the “stupid” forever tolerating their ways and forever forgiving them to always stay in that cycle of bad things, and they TRULY need an “on their own” life in everything with no fucking help to get that big shake, that big impact to first reflect over their wrongdoings and then choose or not to stand up and fight their own fight to becoming the right way.

And that’s a personal choice which no one else can do it for them. You can just extend your helping hand to the lengths you consider it doable and if you see positive results during their “rebirth” process. If that’s not truly working, God will let them take the higher towers, the higher disruptions to either make or break them without mercy.

It’s been their choice on that by refusing to change under a safer environment and with genuine people around them truly wanting to help them out of their own darkness and dark ways of living. And that’s not YOUR problem anymore, as that is as much as you can compromise on as a genuine and righteous one. Even God doesn’t give unlimited chances to redemption, so…yeah.

For some of you, because of your proper and good transformation and inner balancing of energies, you’ve picked up the attention of someone interested in you on the love, personal side.

There’s something about you stirring them up and identifying themselves into you to some levels of a magnetic bond, like in reflecting over if you’re their true and only one in this lifetime for them or not.

However, they’re afraid that there may be things about you unknown to them which may turn things around for them to be mistaken over you due to their own heavy and dark past of bad choices and toxic partners and relationships.

Therefore, they may be prudent and reserved in approaching you in a more direct and open discussion over their true feelings yet keeping a close watch over you and your everything to validate to themselves if their suspicions on the bad side validate or not when it comes to you.

This person also has their own secrets and tumultuous past, and for some of you, their past and secrets maybe aren’t at the level YOU would agree to or understand, so this is another thing keeping them at a bit of distance from you, as they’re aware of the complexity of their own past and that not many out there would be wise enough to digest and see the real truth on how things have gone for them and what true changes for them on the good side have come out of it to become the good and on the right side person they are today.

So yes, these two things weigh a lot on their thinking processes, yet their heart is already beating more than less for you than for any other person.

However, this isn’t your problem, as it’s their own problem to solve and make the step towards you with the entire truth set on the table for you to know and decide over when they’re ready, especially if you’re a woman. As if you’re a man, yes, you should do it first, to approach and explain things at their own value and feelings and see what happens.

But if you’re a man, you must speak the truth as it is, no matter how ugly you consider it is and be patient in answering to whatever questions they may have for you according to the truth you’re delivering to them on whatever you shall express before them. And make sure you don’t miss any detail, as that fucking detail may come back later on and position yourself in such a fucking dark situation between you and this person you may or may not come out of it as victorious and with them at your side precisely because of your act of hiding that small or bigger detail.

Have fucking balls and do it right all the way and see what comes out of it if this person is truly your one and only in your heart, mind, body, and soul as you feel it, as if you don’t feel it as complete as that for them, you should reconsider this entire thing and either give more time to reflection or just back off.

Because yes, once the truth is out in the open between you and this person, you may or may not need to make certain healthy changes in your life to mold into this union, and if you’re not truly into them in your complete being, and true love isn’t present and it’s just a whim or momentary or a bit longer lust or curiosity or whatever, things will go south, and many things can go awfully wrong between sides, things that you may or may not be able to correct for your own life, with Divine punishments set into motion if you do NOT adapt to this union the right way or this person is not in truth your one and only and you knew it but proceeded to this anyways.

So, be careful when you make the choice and first be honest to yourself and then before them. Express when the time comes of the conversation over what changes you would be able to conform to and what you can’t, as you need to be very open over a whole set of things for this to work and make it through if the union will be agreed to by both sides based on truth from both sides.

And all this is valid for both you female and male, as you both need to open to each other and discuss things thoroughly if you both have similar intentions and feelings towards each other without hidden interests or whatever ill-intentions towards the other, as if this is  in place, it won’t fucking work at all.

In such cases, Angels and God shall intervene, and the wrong side in all this from the “couple” shall be served with a lot of bad things precisely because of doing it like this. That’s why, no matter how ugly the truth is or intentions, just fucking say it to them and be honest all the way. You want just a temporary thing, say it. You want a permanent thing, say it. You want whatever, be very honest and say it. Learn to be frank about it and own yourself in your wants and desires, and if you get a negative answer to your non-committal nature, don’t be angry about it, as you can’t have them all at all times and learn to move on, as many out there will agree to it, being just like you in desires and wants.

Learn to respect people who say no to a wrong line of things if their living beliefs don’t align to yours. As they also need to respect and not judge yours. As indeed, we CANNOT change by force but by own will once we accept that maybe our own way of living is not that right as we thought it was. And this is something that comes from within and out of true love for our self and towards the person truly destined for us in true love.

Yet not even that one and only can’t force us if we don’t see it that way and we refuse change for a greater love and union with them, and this becomes toxic to try it, because it needs two to make it work and not only one to shed light over how the right thing to do is and the other to forever go against it in scandals and whatnot because they can’t conform to it by their own stubbornness and toxic ways of living they’re finding REALLY comfortable to live in and why the fuck you don’t want it the same? Well…. Yeah, anyways.

You’ve got the picture of what I’m trying to say here with this and how things should be for the proper way of discussing things out and increasing the chances of having such a union if true intentions and feelings are in place from both sides, trying to work things out on healthy compromises and accepting that change from “me” to the new “us”, as it’s a fucking challenge indeed from both sides.

Therefore, if you’re a female, just continue focusing on yourself and getting into more balance and clearing in your life, not needing to do any other move, just to have an open mind and wisdom to see the truth when this person shall approach you with whatever speech they’ll come towards you. And of course, to also express your own truths and all that is necessary in this convo between sides for both to be able to decide in proper truth and understanding.

If you’re a male, you must be ready, as I’ve said, and be sure this is the thing you truly want when it comes to this particular person, as you can’t make the step if you’re not ready to embrace whatever would need to be on the compromises lane to become into union with them. As it may be some stuff you may either need to give up on or to change yourself in some ways you may not be that ready to.

However, if you’re a male, you must be VERY open over what you may be able to embrace as compromise from the first take and on what things you wouldn’t be able to because there may be a process needed to undergo or whatever on that line, yet you must express with valid arguments to this person of why you couldn’t embrace at all or just yet certain things to make them understand and give them the entire set of detail for them to be able to make their own choice when it come to this relationship between sides you truly want to manifest.

For others of you, that certain person or people may be curious to join into either business partnership with you or to make you a job or career offer because of how they’ve spotted you to be, your talents, or whatever it may be you’re good at it and they see that, as you’re indeed of value to them.

However, the same, be careful with whom you join forces with and make sure if your beliefs system and work ethic, vision is the same to both sides, having the same target for whatever it is being offered and there aren’t hidden interests or things on that side placing you into a future difficult position when the curtains get raised and you’re forced to face the truth of what has actually been offered and you’ve worked towards.

Because some of these people bear some dark secrets and the need to manipulate you to a certain agenda is greater than doing the right thing when it comes to people like you, able to say and promise even the fucking sky with the moon and the entire stars till they trap you to their submission and delivery of whatever you have of value to them and under their hand.

So, be careful and learn to say no against whatever placated golden offer it may be presented to you and wait till something, though maybe smaller, of true value and truly lucrative lands on your “lap” to take and profit from it in the right way and for your own beliefs and vision, as God and your Angels will give it to you at the right moment, but you must start making the difference between real and fake, and to avoid letting yourself manipulated by illusions of a fast “capture”, as true things to manifest need time and a hella work till the real “capture” of that “treasure” shall be blessed upon you by God and you Guardian Angels to reward your efforts on merit, and give it to you with a solid nature and durability, because you’ve already worked the foundation of it, which wasn’t easy at all, right?

Well, that’s the right way of doing things and how God has left it to be. He gives it to you to reward you on merit and not of a potential merit. He gives it to you after a done thing and not on a promise of a thing done which you may or may not accomplish per your promise.

So yeah, that’s why He rewards and blesses you and your efforts and your work after it, on merit, and before. He’s one with done deals to present before He grants you His promised part of the deal, because He knows He will NEVER take His word back on a promise made, yet us humans do it more than not.

That’s why He works it like this and not the other way around. And many times, He shall give you more than He’s promised to you once you deliver the done deal before Him through your honest work, your honest way of living, and all that you know is under His Word to do in your life to have access to His blessings in your life in their different forms.

And for each of His blessings sent to you, it shall only motivate you to continue your life on the same line and strike to do even better than before, as for how you keep yourself and continue on the same path without stopping under His guidance and word, He shall deliver the same and greater when it comes to you and people like you.

Because God loves when He sees in His children the want to evolve and do better under His word and guidance, as He wants in truth what’s best for us and to forever live in peace, honesty, truth, and true abundance and prosperity inside and out, yet we must always prove ourselves worthy of it, and no matter our momentary mistakes, to always go back to the right path and try as best as we can to avoid repeating the same mistakes, as He truly values that and He can be understanding that us as humans are not perfect and given to mistakes along the way, yet we must always keep our mistakes to the lower side of things and avoid falling into the great level ones bringing us the most unfortunate consequences and karmic cycles to pay for the purging of them.


Well, because you’re ending some other chapters and some “new” ones in your life, leading to a spiritual evolution of self, it’s normal to face some more hard or not that hard to take truths from many corners.

These truths are meant to help you ascend in certain situations in your life, especially in those areas of your life where you’ve been either stuck for so long or have been the darkest ones for you for quite a big chunk of your lately life and in dire need to overcome it already.

So, no matter that hidden truth or truths shall take form for each of you and where in your life, your Guardian Angels want you to stay strong and not run away because of whatever negative roller-coaster of emotions they may instill in you but to take them upfront and work to the resolve of it as best as you can. As honey, there’s no other way for the closure of that part in your life to bring you those much needed fresh and more rewarding chapters in your life, alright? Okay.

Rest assured that your Guardian Angels shall be there, beside you, all the way to guide and empower you to get all of it done and sealed to ensure your stepping into the new “era” of your life in whatever that has been wrong and unfair for you and needs that closure and leaving it behind to give you access to moving on and restart your life as it should. So, no fear, honey. Just do it and be brave in taking your power back on your own life, as you deserve it.

For some of you, I’m sorry to tell you, yet secrets you’ve just uncovered from different people in your life and situations, are just the first threads of it, as there’s a fucking web of secrets in knots even, and the line of secrets with ill-intentions towards you is even greater than you’ve just found out.

It goes so damn deep and so fucking twisted that you’ll may be even fucking shocked to find out till where that fucking web goes, as these people have some deep rooted interests in keeping you clueless over what’s really going on to further manipulate you to their wants and needs.

And these secrets are among the darkest with the most evil consequences on different aspects of your life, which are the true reason of why shit has been happening in your life where you’ve been hit the most, though you’ve had no fucking clue why things went wrong with people and situations in your life when you made sure to choose the right things and people to allow in your life and you did nothing wrong to be met with such consequences.

Well, certain people and situations you’ve allowed in your life on the thought and certainty they’re good with no possible bad outcomes ARE the reason for all of that happening precisely because the cover up and hiding of things before you has been done at mastery level by them to trap you and for you to sniff not even a fucking bit from the get-go and from that point forward, till you’ve just started living certain bad things coming from nowhere from your knowledge, as I’ve said you’re sure you’ve picked nothing wrong in life to lead to such unfortunate situations in your life.

Therefore, stay tuned and keep being observant to see where your first row of uncovered secrets lead to, as you’re going to discover way more. And you’re going to discover them coming from people and situations you’ve expected the least to come from.

Pay attention as you’re soon going to receive news from or for two situations and/or people connected to some newly discovered truths. Be thoughtful and pay attention to details and everything connected to these messages or whatever form they’ll take form when that news (in whatever form) comes to you, as they contain answers to more secrets to uncover, meant to help you in your quest of solving a series of difficult situations in your life at the moment.

For some of you, the revelation over certain things will put you in the position of choosing between two people or situations, as one of those people or situations is good for you and the other has been the fucking liar and venomous spider in your life, and that ones need both confrontation and removal from your life once and for all. As you cannot continue on that path anymore to deepen you into a greater series of bad and painful consequences.

Make sure to not be emotionally manipulated by this person or people if it comes to choosing between two people, and make sure you analyze the situation on facts, proven and solid evidence, before making the choice, because the one lying is a fucking master manipulator and will stop at nothing to still keep themselves attached to you for their own fucking gains and your fucking further downfall.

That’s why you must use your good discernment more than ever, like a fucking objective judge, to be able to raise above the situation, above the emotional turmoil, and make the right choice for your own good and greater good, as you’re not, maybe, the only one affected in your life because of this person playing a double, posing as someone good and caring and whatever when in fact their the damn “devil” with a well-carved masked and role-play before you and others like you.

Stay calm and be bold and strong before the trials coming with this, with the understanding that NOW is not the moment to play weak and back off but to go bull against whatever needs the good “battle” to conquer your life and whatever is yours back yet do it with wisdom and with calculated risks.

As, of course, there’s no room for foolish moves yet not for playing it safe in running away from it either. It’s fighting time and you must do it with all you have to assure your guaranteed success. Because God and your Guardian Angels have activated the safe and protective parameters for you to fight it and win it, but you must do it and not play coward.

It’s a true make it or break it time for you, and you must make it at all costs, because what comes next for you, after this conquer, will be worth it and rewarding to you in many ways, yet you’ll see it when the times comes for you to confirm to yourself my now words to you.

On the other side of the coin, your Guardian Angels are proud of you for managing to keep secrets and private things to yourself, as these people and situations in your life, as I’ve said in the beginning of the free reading, have been confused and puzzled over how you’ve changed and why they cannot work their ways with you and on you and through you as before.

Well, you’ve woken up over the first set of truths and you’re now a changed one, because this time around, you’re learning the rules over the actual “game” played on you and over your life and through you without you ever having been aware such a malevolent game would have been even possible to exist around you and from people and situations you considered genuine and not presenting even the slightest possibility for them to become the cause of it, to betray and manipulate you in such dark ways, costing you lots of important things, people, and situations in your life.

Whatever patterns they’ve constructed on you and your life to keep you in that “sucking” of you and your life is not working anymore, because truth always breaks whatever set chains on a person or thing or situation, giving you the leverage to correct things and turn the tables in your favor this time around, making them kneel before you because those fucking chains are no longer trapping ones, reverting those chains on them now, as you’ve been the unfairly trapped one and not them. So yeah….

Therefore, make use of all the good news coming your way, as no matter how dark or not they are, truths contained in them are good keys to further unlock and break those knots of secrets and manipulation having you a fucking prisoner without your knowledge or consent. Use it wisely yet put it into action without delay, because you’re favored with Divine protection and retaliation to fight it and take back all that’s rightfully yours.

And yeah, your Guardian Angels want you to keep mastering yourself in keeping your own secrets and private stuff private, for only you to know, and to serve you as the element of surprise with a major hit for the other side once you hit them with it. They’ve used such elements of surprise as well, to do it bad on you, so now you’re allowed to do the same, yet not to use it for bad but for healing your life and getting out of that fucking web of bad circumstances and people in your life.

Whatever good things are happening or about to happen for you, your Angels want you to not share it with others and keep it to yourself, because no matter how painful it is to say it, the truth is that not many but a VERY few people would truly get joyful and supportive over your happiness and achievements.

Each such happy moment or achievement is a mean of jealousy and hate sent to you and more than that, they may do bad things behind the scenes to either take it from you, destroy it, or to just snake in “poisonous” things to make it all break for you on the bad side and not be praised anymore for whatever you’ve done right and rewarded for it fairly. So, watch out on that as well, for your own good. Be happy and be proud for whatever good is happening in your life, yet take the precaution for people and situations to not ruin it for you, baby. That’s all I’m saying.

As only YOU know how hard you’ve worked, how and what type of sacrifices you’ve made to have those achievements in your life, and people don’t know nor will acknowledge that but will just try to deem you unworthy of it and that it should have been them the ones receiving that whatever you’ve accomplished and not YOU.

That’s why you MUST be precautious with whom you share your successes with and what type of success you’ve gained. Keep it a secret as much and as best as you can for less people to know, if possible.

It’s a protection you’re creating with all this for you and for whatever good and genuine people in your life having access to all that you have through your achievements, like your genuine to you family members, business partners, or whatnot on that line to whom you can’t really hide certain things and they’re also part of your team leading to that success gained through you.

And this may be a specific message for some of you, yet a big truth shall be revealed to you on the 2nd, the 7th, the 27th, or the 9th of a month after reading this reading over here. Or it could be on the 2nd or 7th day of the week after reading this. Like on a Tuesday or a Sunday. Or it may be on all these dates and/or days, something coming to you in parts leading to a bigger picture over a truth once you put together all the pieces received of the puzzle.

Therefore, pay attention to these dates and/or days, as some truths meant to be keys to unlock something of importance to you shall land in your hands. And these truths, these “keys” are only meant to be used for good and to resolve something. As these truths cannot be used to harm or play them in a dark scenario of benefit, because the Divine shall block it and shall revert it into a great Judgment and Punishment for doing it that way, to use this on the wrong side of things. Therefore, be mindful and wise, and don’t let your darker side of maybe revenge or whatnot take over you.

You must find ways to use them in the sense of fairness and to achieve your and the greater good with that, because for this only purpose they are presented to you by your Angels through people, things, or situations, to help you overcome your hard times and get to calmer waters and to brighter horizons, and not to add to the already shit been done to you and get that web of complications to become wider due to your own involvement this time around. So, use your good discernment and be VERY wise on what you take action upon when the time comes.

And for the last portion of you, I’ve already mentioned about that person above, at the previous card, for the love part. Well, this person seems to have a long period of time and with heavy attachments to you, keeping a hella series of secrets when it comes to you and their feeling for you.

Therefore, be mindful and take your time when they shall finally approach you, because there are, as I’ve said, some nasty things knotted in their life which may or may not be on your liking or understanding.

Your Guardian Angels want you to give them a chance to explain certain things to you for a better understanding from your part of how things really are, for you to not misunderstand certain things, as certain details may come either confusing or on a wrong side to you, and it’s not really that bad as it seems at first.

That’s why, you must use your patience and interrogate them even several times on the same thing if you do not understand or even frankly tell them your own perceived opinion over their speech on that certain thing, with the purpose to bring you more clarity, maybe through a different of selection of words or to bring you certain proof over whatever to sustain their words or whatever. And take your time in deciding over this person, because indeed you can’t make a mistake that may cost you even more than ALL you’ve had before.

However, know that this person, as I’ve already highlighted, already knows even the most intimate, things of your life, and if this person is in fact a manipulator and not the real deal, they’ll be a perfect player, knowing how to mold into each and every possible scenario when that time comes in the want to conquer you through romance for whatever hidden interest they may have on you.

Therefore, be not mindful but very mindful with this person, as they may be the real one for you or the perfect fake to overtake you. Because both the real one and the fake know a whole bunch about you and how you would think or react in different situations when such an upfront meeting and conversation shall take place. It’s on YOU to choose the real deal and avoid the “double”, a double which would bring only misfortune once they play you to their fucking side.

And for a best assessment, your Angels want you to go into an iced state over emotions or body perception and MAINLY use your discernment, because your body and emotions may be manipulated towards the wrong choice.

Even your mind needs to be in VERY clear state and not rush into anything, yet your mind and intellect will play the biggest role to have you make the best choice possible.

Sure, listen to all your other senses and intuition and consider them in your final analysis, yet for this specific person, it’s best to use mind over heart decision more for your final take over them in a yes or no to their proposal and intentions. As the real one for you will find the right ways to prove to you that they’re indeed for you and not the other, and you WILL be sure in making the right decision once the proper “facts” are presented to you.

The real one shall have their own angelic guidance in what that specific something shall be provided before you to KNOW it’s THEM the right choice and not the fake. And when that specific something, in whatever form shall be before you, shall be provided by them to you, your own angelic guidance shall illuminate you in accepting them as your true and Divinely given partner for you in this lifetime. So, have no worry over that, as OH! You’ll fucking know and spot it on the fucking spot from the real one for you.

Yet, do as I’ve said to do things the right way, as the male in this situation shall provide that important something to the female to show it to her he’s the real deal and not the other.

And if it’s a female and you’re the male in all this. Well, the right one for you shall not try to prove anything to you, as a real one shall not try to chase you or validate herself to you in anything. The real one shall stay in her own lane and let you see the truth when the time comes. And there’s going to be a specific something at her that shall guide you towards her as being the one for you. Something Divinely put in both of you for the male to identify it in a more spiritual way as a magnetic field between sides, which shall move you towards her, stirring up your curiosity and whatnot as beginning stages, till you’ll get more proof on her only you could validate to yourself if this person is indeed the one given by God to you or not.

Yet, the same, be mindful of that double, fake replica, and make sure, as the male in this situation, you’re not fooled by it and choose the double and not the real one. The same way to test it and make sure is as I’ve specified above. Let your mind digest on things more, because as a male you may be fooled by your body’s chemistry towards a fake and miss on the real deal for you. Use your discernment and not what your lust or whatever may manipulate you maybe towards something that’s not the real one for you, and you shall find the truth on the double when it may be too late for you, when the toxic and karmic cycles begin between you and the fake replica of your true counterpart in this lifetime.

And as a last message for some of you…. Be very careful and prepared. It seems a secret baby shall be revealed to the male, and it’s mostly for the trapping side and not for a real deal with a real mommy Divine given partner. This is a last resort from this person to cage you into a karmic cycle with them and delay you from your true destiny, affecting you on many lanes of your life and not only in your private life, as this shall give the start of a small or more apocalypse in your life.

First of all, if this shall happen, make sure this baby is yours. Secondly, if it’s yours, do the right thing regarding the baby, as it’s yours. So, don’t run away from your responsibilities as the biological father, as that would be the bad thing to do, because you did contribute to the “making” of this baby. However, when it comes to the mother, you must assess your true feelings and reason if you truly can be with her or not, and what true consequences would come from this for you and your life.

I’m not saying to not choose the mother of your baby as your life partner and provide the baby with a complete family, yet you must first analyze yourself with utmost sincerity what the right thing would be and if this female is your true one or not. Give time and thought to it, try to know them more to see things at their true value, and make sure this person hasn’t done it with the baby with the sole intention of getting you as her partner due to other interests having nothing to do with love or being true Divine counterparts.

If your assessment, though you may not agree to it at first, conclude she’s the one and not a fake replica trying to set you up for something, by all means try to work on this relationship and accept it. Do not run away because you may think you’re not ready or something for such a relationship yet you’re sure she’s the one for you, or whatever thoughts may prevent you from giving a go to this relationship with her. And if your assessment is on the wrong side of things, as in this female isn’t your one and only yet doing all this to keep you in something by force as a last resort on you, do the right thing by the baby and don’t give a go to other type of relationship when it comes to her, because she’ll cause a lot of misfortunes in your life, as I’ve already told you. As if the baby turns out to not be yours but just a last hand played on you for all that, you know what to do without me mentioning it.


 Well, for this part over here I’m having quite a load of messages to deliver, therefore you must really see for which one of you these really are, and if it’s for you or another person/people connected to you, because there’s a load of different energies mixing in here, so it’s kind of confusing to tell if it’s for your side, as a person, or coming from others connected to you. That’s why you must see what truly connects to you in energy, in the sense if it’s you or about other people you are or may be dealing with this period.

Alrighty then. Ha-ha! So! Here I’m sure it’s about you, though. It seems that no matter the type of crisis you’re personally having or due to external factors, you are bound to forever be of service, of a good and flawless one, to self and others.

You can always work things out during the most stressful times and nothing thrown at you by work, life, or specific upfront or hidden enemies can succeed against you because you mold, flex, and find your way out of it in the most surprising ways, because you’re quite innovative and unpredictable, making the others, from the other side of the fence, not only confused but quite mad at your ways of overcoming the most challenging situations, as they can’t throw you off tracks.

So keep going and do it the same from now on as well, because with each positive change you make on you and around you, you can expect a remarkable level up to become number one in many areas of your life and in society, in the field you’re working, and so on. Because when it comes to you, because of the potential you contain, there’s unlimited room for improvement to send you to the highest peaks and fulfill even more than your current wildest dreams, yet all that as long as you stick with the process, concentrate, and keep the same combo of calm and actions as thus far along with whatever positive changes you make to add to that combo.

As how I’m seeing it on you, you’re that type of person who’s like reinventing the metaphorical Molotov cocktail to boom to some atomic levels on the positive range in life in many things you’re destined to achieve for self and for others.

It’s like you’re finding the new mix of such a Molotov cocktail only you know the recipe to it, enabling you to boom whenever you need to work out positive and expansive changes for the better, bringing in sweet rewards in different forms for self and others. So yes, you’re quite the pioneer on that, as well on other things you’re yet to discover within to then get them out and materialize when the time comes.

And to be such a person is quite rare nowadays and even in the past. Therefore, cultivate more of this side of yours because it’s lucrative with many blessings to be bestowed on you in the near and farther future.

Appreciate all the qualities and skills you’ve been given by God, and are about to be given, and focus on them, as these indeed are some special “weapons” you contain in the fight with life for a personal and greater success.

And stop focusing on the sadness over whatever flaws or weaknesses you consider or know you have. Because that’s not healthy. Whatever you know you still have to work on to correct, to improve, do it in the pace you can, yet never let those flaws or weaknesses get the best of you, as that shall be your downfall.

Embrace your flaws and weaknesses in the sense of knowing you’ve got them and that you’re doing all you can and in the time you can to improve them, but don’t make an obsession or to consider yourself unworthy of something just because you’re having a set of such known or unknown flaws or weaknesses.

Because, watch out, as this period your mental will be challenged exactly on that because of one person or different people. I’m seeing someone or a group of people trying to put you out by pointing out different maybe physical flaws you may or may not have, certain behavioral ways you may or may not have, maybe even pointing out over your social status, background, financial status or whatever they can to bring you down and distract you from all the set of true values you contain.

And they’re going to do this precisely because they want to dim your light and make you feel bad or obsessive over some quite dumb things or situations. It’s a fucking “game” they’re trying on you to make you feel worthless where they know or consider would work on you to make you shift your focus from your priorities and goals where you’re value is over the roof and, as I’ve said, to take you out of the game/competition or whatever it is going on between you and these people by belittling you in such a fucking childish way.

Therefore, you must remain confident on the set of value and qualities, which are some flawless and unbeatable one, reason WHY they fucking do it like this with you, and don’t lower yourself to such a mind game or mind games they may try on you in this regard.

Be prepared and don’t surrender mentally to such attacks. Instead, either back off to avoid a direct conflict and continue doing your own thing to shine brighter, as you really don’t give a fuck on their whatever opinion on you, or confront them the same as they do with you by admitting of knowing that set of whatever flaws or weaknesses you have and being even quite proud of having all that and being able to do whatever you’re doing in life as it is.

Never be fucking ashamed by anything. You should always be proud from where you’ve started and where you’ve managed to be and to fucking achieve on your own till this moment in time against the odds and whatever setbacks or lacks you’ve had. So NEVER let people play your mental or emotions on anything. Focus on the positive of your life and actions, always, and fucking keep going without looking back.

Look back to only know what lessons should be learned from whatever situations and relationships of your past and fucking keep going without stopping. No matter the past, present, or future trials, your fucking duty is to find the right ways to overcome them and thrive, honey. And THAT’S what really matters against whatever and whoever may differ.

As long as you know you’ve done nothing bad to someone, you’ve acted no bad on you or negatively impacted the life of others, it’s not your problem nor business what others say or want. You’re meant to be different and achieve different things in life for self and others needing what you do to change their lives for the better as well.

The naysayers are not your fucking problem. Just fucking ignore those and let them bully you from afar, as you’ll reach far and you’ll finally detach from having them around you, in the sense there’ll be some healthy boundaries when you’d be able to really not see or chat with them by the force of vicinity or whatever.

Alright. Now, I’m having someone reading this that has undergone a massive weight loss. I don’t know if it was through only dieting and an exercise routine or with the help of plastic surgery or whatever such weight loss surgeries. However, this message is for the first part of that massive weight loss and not for other physical purposes.

Honey, you’ve managed to get off that load of extra pounds weighing you down, and for that you should be proud of, especially if you managed to do it ONLY through dieting and exercising. This is what your goal has been, to be lighter and to improve your image, in the sense to be happy with yourself when you look in the mirror, and that you’ve helped your health improve at the same time. This should be a major achievement for you, as it hasn’t been easy for you during this process, at all.

But now? After all this massive achievement per you goals and wants? You’re not happy…. When you should have been happy to reach your goals….

Why? Because you’ve now become obsessed with your image. You want THAT perfection, and you’re now going overboard into insanity. If for all this done by you thus far has been based on a sane mentality to shed those extra pounds and improve your health at the same time, you’re now striking to replicate the image of others, in the sense you want that “plastic” perfection replicated on you.

While others looking “perfect” are there to be of inspiration, and they should become motivation for others “lacking” a certain self-respect for their health mainly, as we fucking forget about the health thingy most of the times, and to improve our image at the same time, they’re not there as role models of becoming just like them.

We must understand that each of us is different, and we should embrace our differences to the healthy sense of it. We’re all beautiful in our own way. You do NOT need external perfection to be loved or to integrate in society and be respected for WHO you are inside and out. That’s a fucking modern and unhealthy mentality that ONLY a perfect physical image can be appreciated, respected, and of value to work with.

No, honey. Forget about all that fuckery, as natural is and shall be the new thing. All you do and become in natural ways, and for your natural, in-born traits inside and out, you shall be respected, integrated, and valued.

Because this person I’m talking about over here is looking at themselves and sees the effects of the weight loss process on their body, and instead of being happy of achieving that weight loss to both better your image and health, you’re now looking at how maybe some wrinkles have been formed on your body, saggy skin, breasts and whatever the fuck your thinking and seeing that may or may not be THAT bad as you’re considering, honey.

This is a phase when your mental MUST be in perfect parameters and not fucking go literally mental for the “new” “damages” you’re seeing at yourself, annulling on your own ALL the previous efforts and achievements of a better image and health for yourself due to a fucking unnecessary depression for THIS now.

Because due to this FUCKING NEW DEPRESSION you’re developing, you’re SO DAMN QUICK to consider plastic surgery for this part now. HONEY?! HELLO?! Are you still sane or what?! Okay…. Let me sketch it to you for a better understanding. Maybe! For a better understanding of the actual situation on you, that if you want to accept it and understand it for the healthy senses over all this you’re now living.

Your body during gaining weight has been internally and externally kicked and punched to adapt to your new weight. And that affected your HEART to mold to your new expanded body and for you to live and function. So, your heart has received A LOT of fucking “tortures” due to the gain of weight.

And let’s not forget, as a side note for what I’m about to say, that you’ve gained that weight in maybe years and not all at once. Which on one side has been “good” for your heart to “better” adapt to the imposed changes and still function to some “optimum” parameters and keep you alive and as well as possible.

Because in many cases, for overweight people, your heart increases in volume with a lot of fat on it, around it, suffocating it, affecting its normal functionalities, and it’s a hard process for it to adapt, yet in many cases, it succeeds to adapt to keep you alive and “normally” functional in your day-to-day life.

Alright. Now. Obviously, you’ve managed that “massive” weight loss in a period of time WAY shorter than what it took for those pounds to add on you along the years, maybe. Right?

So! YOUR HEART has received some MORE PUNCHES AND KICKS, some way more severe ones to ADAPT to NEW transformations of your body due to “rapid” weight loss, as your heart HAS received it as a RAPID weight loss and not how YOU have perceived it as duration till you’ve reached your weight goal.

For you, it may have seemed a fucking LONG TIME, yet for your heart? MAN! Wanna know how your heart really perceived it? Huh? Like in the snap of one’s fingers to take all that in and fucking readapt to your knew body and keep it in “healthy” and “functional” parameters, to cope with everything SO DAMN FAST.

Therefore, your heart needs a “break” to fucking breathe to fucking already undergone changes to not affect your life from this point on. It needs healing, honey. In the sense you need to STOP with further drastic changes for a while, and it may be some years to let it “breathe” and “heal” in the new parameters you’ve set for it. Alright? Because we fucking forget about our heart and potential damages still processed by our inner body during all this process or such processes when it comes to our body.

Yes, by losing weight you’re helping your body and health and heart. Yet it NEEDS a break to take in the new changes and adapt for the positive side of things.

Because, now we come back to the main issue here, this person or those of you in such a situation, has developed that “image” obsession and considering plastic surgery for different things to correct what you NOW don’t like at yourself as an effect the weight loss has left on your body, as I’ve mentioned above.

Now, understand that if you’ve lost weight due to dieting without exercise or an appropriate exercise routine, it’s normal for your body to have lost elasticity and tone and whatever else, as that’s what happens after weight loss, especially if you don’t help your weight loss program with a specific and healthy exercise routine.

If you’ve undergone a specific healthy exercise routine along with your diet and still have some body affects in skin and whatever, it’s also normal, because it depends on how much weight you’ve lost and how much your skin has expanded during your overweight period to allow fat to get inside. So, it’s normal to not have a that perfect body after all that, and that IS FINE, honey.

Compare yourself for the now and before in terms of image and health and THAT should be YOUR prize for the conquers of how more beautiful and healthier you ARE now instead of developing the now UNHEALTHY obsession of MORE to be done on you and fucking affect your heart, literally!

As if you’ve achieved the weight loss due to weight loss surgery or whatever type of such surgery procedures, your heart is already more than fucked and in need of “rest” and “healing”.

I don’t fucking care what’s being said that it’s fine by tests or whatever, as I’m receiving some life-threatening messages from Angels over here if you do NOT understand this and let your body adapt and let your heart take in the new parameters of your body for some years, honey. Your LIFE, as in actual BREATHING LIFE, is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than your body image issues and obsession.

And this is their warning for you, which you SHOULD consider as a real thing and not as an opinion of a possibility, as it has high chances to happen.

Those of you who have undergone weight loss surgery or such types of surgery are in need to heal their heart by paying attention to given treatments and diet and not push it too far with the weight loss, letting the natural course take its course, and for whatever slightest issue to address immediately the specialized doctor for prevention treatment and whatever they shall consider needed to avoid heavy heart problems and complications due to weight loss, surgical intervention, and medical treatment given to this, as some heavy complications are to appear and you must be in preventive mode and not neglect it and let it aggravate till you can’t ignore it anymore and land in a difficult situation of medical staff to not be able to perform “miracles” in treating it or even literally saving your life.

So, pay extreme attention to whatever, no matter how “obsessed” on that you would be with your doctors, as for this it shall be a “good” obsession for prevention purposes.

For those of you CONSIDERING weight loss surgery for further and faster weight loss, your Angels have a HARD NO for you, because there are high chances of heavy complications and heart failure during the surgery or immediately after. In this case, they want you to take it easy and in your own pace to lose weight by going to a nutritionist and implementing a healthy exercise routine or continuing the one you’re having at the moment with whatever healthy modifications expressed by your doctors.

They want you to take the hard yet healthier way of losing weight, allowing your heart to better breathe in the changes step by step without invasive interventions and substances as in a surgery, because your heart is already challenged by your overweight and weight loss and a surgery is a bigger complication and pressure to it that it may, more than not, not be able to take against what the medical tests show as a preliminary to surgery validation. As the set of complications on this is hidden and it will be visible when it’s too fucking late, man….

So, no matter how hard or long it may seem to you like this, make the effort for your own life, as in being among the living, and shed those pounds in a slower but healthier rhythm for both your body and your heart, allowing it to not be too damaged by the new body conditions you’re giving to it step by step. And they want you to enjoy this process all the way to becoming a new and healthier you in utmost safe parameters.

Oh! And they DO NOT want you take ANY weight loss pills or specific weight loss tea or whatever said in the market to get you fast ways of losing weight as a complementary thingy to your diet and exercise routine.

Stay AWAY from all that, NO MATTER how NATURAL they’re deemed to be, as they’re going to fuck your heart on the long run hardcore. ONLY keep and consume natural things from the “old” type of remedies and focus only on your healthy diet and exercise program to achieve your weight loss goals in the healthiest way without much or life-threatening affects on your heart.

And the last warning from your Angels is for those of you with the obsession of plastic surgery for different parts of your body because of the “affects” the weight loss has left on you. They’re telling you that such interventions shall fuck your heart during or immediately after such an intervention, and there are HIGH CHANCES to say BYE-BYE to life without doctors being able to save anything to at least keep you alive for further treatments on this to see what they can do to correct this heart issue. It’s a drastic situation with not much room for saving interventions, as it will be something like “at second” to intervene, and in most cases that won’t be possible, especially if the medical staff is not illuminated at second of what’s happening and WHAT they should do immediately to prevent losing the patient’s life, or if it happens to you while out of medical care, that “at second” saving medical intervention is out of cards in most cases.

For some of you considering more interventions of body correction, it may happen at the first or second one or when you’re preparing for the second one. That’s why they say NO to any such intervention against whatever formed body image obsession you’ve been developing lately. Your LIFE as in BREATHING LIFE is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than your body image issues and it’s REALLY not worthy to fucking DIE for SUCH obsessions, is it?

They want you to not stubborn against or to disregard this warning from them, as though your medical tests may show your heart is deemed for such type of surgeries, it WILL happen out of the blue that even your own doctors couldn’t know before or not be that prepared for it during the intervention, because there may be no heart specialized doctors around or as in a fast reach to intervene in the saving of your life due to this unexpected complication.

In all these warnings, your Angels want you to take it easy on yourself, to embrace and love the new beautiful and healthier you, and allow several years for your body and heart to heal from the punches and hits got from all this process, and continue and not stop down this path in the most safe, natural, and healthiest ways, without endangering your heart and life, because life itself IS the most beautiful and priceless thing you can have in all worlds.

Stop developing unhealthy obsessions and drop the pursuit of an unhealthy to you perfection body image by understanding that all that you can achieve in natural and healthy ways IS your perfection and beauty against whatever society says or creates that beauty to be.

You’re meant to stand out of the crowd by being you and not replicating others in any way. Get inspired by others, as I’ve said, to do better for your own self and get your best improved version of YOURSELF, yet being you in your own natural beauty and self and not by becoming a certain person because they’re deemed to be perfection. You are perfection in your own way and you must always grow on your own beauty and natural standards of self and not of others for a good life in all its senses, honey.

And stop beating that heart of yours in all the senses. Let it breathe emotionally and in all the ways it may be hit by external and internal factors. Alright? Well, I hope so….

Now, I’m having the warnings for those of you plastic or weight loss surgeons, and then we’ll move on to the remainder of messages for other things for this part of the reading. Oh yeah…. I’ve said it’s gonna be a long ass chunk of messages for this part of the reading….

This period, and for some quite a certain time from this point on after reading this over here and maybe even at present while reading this, you’re going to be FLOODED by mentally unstable patients on body image issues, wanting to go to extremes or not that extreme, and you may or may not see that mental instability because they may more than not appear “normal” due to the fact that hey SO WANT those changes done on them at all costs.

Among these patients, many of them shall have that unpredictable heart complication that shall conduct to the loss of their lives during surgery or after it. All tests will show a “perfect for surgery” condition on that yet the big “surprise” shall appear as I’ve said. So, there will be a row of such loss of lives for each of you, like in a “one after the other” manner due to heart failure.

Your Angels want you to REALLY consider their mental stability more than ever to each one of them and first recommend them the natural and healthy remedies over whatever it is demanded from you, offering your services on that and not on the actual surgery of whatever you’re specialized on regarding that.

Do NOT take patients to perform surgery on having a bare minimum of allowance on that by medical tests just because you need the money or on the thought it’s your money making business and that’s what you do and nothing can happen as it rarely fucking happens in such cases with bare minimum allowance over a patient or hidden emotionally unstable ones. No, no, no.

Your Angels want you to be ethical first and foremost and REALLY perform by the book and allow natural ways to perform first for your patients before anything, guiding them in the right ways even if it means cashing in just a fucking consultation and/or recommendation bill and not the greater cash in such a surgery would deliver to your pockets or your business’s profits.

Because this period and for a certain period from now on, a lot of these patients shall have heart failures and death will flow out of nowhere if you’re not ethical and sincere on the procedures, recommendations by the book, forcing surgeries to please both the patients and your money because they appear doable by a limit, and whatever on that.

Many patients received will have high probability of heart failure and all this, for each of you hit by it, will conduct to a series of bad professional event such as malpractice, loss of your medical license, and well…you know the drill even for one patient to have that happening but for more than one in a sort of a row.

Therefore, against whatever money proportions you would gain from all these patients, it’s really not worth it to overstep ethical rules even the slightest or to rush some things when you could give some more time on certain patients to see how they really are and perform when that would be real outcome due to such disastrous occurrences without preliminary tests to alarm you over it or that they’re at the bare minimum and it’s “doable”, right?

Your Angels want you to REALLY focus on each of your patients and not on the dollar signs you’re seeing on each of them to potentially land in your pockets or your business for a better assessment of which patient is really deemed for a certain intervention and why.

As it seems, by how Angels are telling me, many of you in such job positions are focusing more on the “clientele” than on the “patient”, and that shall be a heavy punishment for both such doctors and such mentally unstable patients not giving priority to what’s more important in life.

Doctors Divinely punished for doing their jobs only for money purposes, disregarding the real situation of a patient, inside and out of a patient, and patients for valuing more stupid and obsessive and not really important stuff than their actual life and by not cherishing what they’re actually blessed with.

These types of extremes are severely punished by the Divine this period and from now on, and you must be aware of such things, as your Angels as both a doctor and a patient want you to do the right thing for self and others, by the book of profession and by the book of life.

Because the patient shall lose its life due to mental obsession of the unhealthy social norms and bullying they’re not overcoming in the right ways, and the doctor shall not lose its life but because of allowing such interventions only for the sake of money, it shall meet with a life destruction in many ways which shall be hard to overcome and it will take years to manage to purge that harsh karma by practicing your medical duty like this.

Therefore, both doctors and patients shall be aware of these warnings and proceed in the healthiest and most correct ways to avoid such disaster in each of their lives. Alright? Well…. I DO hope both sides shall consider and practice this warning in the right way because I don’t want to see the other side of the coin when for both sides shall be TOO fucking late to do something or to reverse things like in turning back time and make the right choice…. Anyways.

Oh! Yeah…. And for whoever you are reading this with this thinking, your thoughts are yelling in my brain, as you’re really out of things in your brain, I’m sorry to say this to you, as I’m saying not out of mockery but with the best of intentions and much love for you and your heart and soul and mind.

STOP with the obsession to ask for procedures to make you look like at fucking 15 again because you consider yourself looking like you’re fucking 51! When I see you’re looking fine and ARE beautiful and youthful as YOU ARE!

Embrace your beauty at each step of your life and ONLY perform natural and healthy ways to maintain your youthful appearance and beauty, honey. And let me tell you something VERY important to follow.

As long as you keep your mind and soul and heart happy with the smallest and biggest blessings of your life and you keep that inner child of yours, allowing it to come out at times to “play” in the right and innocent ways, healing yourself from whatever trauma or toxic ways of living, you shall always have that youthful appearance against your actual age, and your beauty shall always be glowing, because you’re not obsessing.

And no, honey, it doesn’t matter how much the fuck you would change and transform into beauty or keeping a 15-like image as he won’t stay or come back. He didn’t stay or didn’t want or doesn’t want to come back not because of your image but because of either your potential toxic behavior or because he’s not your true person in this life.

If someone blames the breakup on you due to your image change or unchanged on a perfection stereotype, it means there’s never been love from that person to you at all and there never be love as in true love from such a person.

Only a fucking narcissist would front the breakup on such a fucking lame excuse. And you shouldn’t go into a fucking dark night of the soul due to such a person or to fucking obsess on your body image and maniacally consider different whatever fuckery potentially putting your fucking life in danger due to such intervention with the thought you can maybe attract them more and make them stay. Even if they would come back, in the low possibility of it, they will do it only temporary, honey, and not for the long-run.

Therefore, your Angels want you to love yourself more and not let others set your life towards destruction by how they manipulate your mental or emotions with such personal hits and let them go. If their only love for you was or is regarding your physical aspect and not beyond that, it means they’re not for you. When you love, you don’t love only the exterior of a person but the inside as well. And because true love works like that, no matter how you would physically change to some degrees, their love for you shouldn’t decrease or that much, and for sure they wouldn’t leave you behind for a BETTER image in another person.

Your true person will love you on the long term, no matter what, as you will do the same with them. So stop doing this to yourself and appreciate how beautiful and youthful you really are and not by how a failed relationship deemed you to be. That person, as I’ve said, may have not loved you in the real sense from the get-go or they’ve realized you two aren’t the true counterparts in this lifetime.

And in each of these cases, you should make peace with the situation and not belittle and hurt yourself with such mentality, allowing yourself to learn the lessons coming from this relationship, to see where you’ve maybe done something wrong and not repeat it in other of your future relationships and to also see what type of people are not to be considered by you again having this person’s example as guidance for red flags.

You must understand that such relationships with such individuals are karmic ones meant to make you learn things about people and self to enable your spiritual evolution and your future choices for the better and NOT to fucking destroy yourself physically or mentally or whatever due to an obsession over a person that may be very well not your true person, an obsession that may make you miss on your true one in life because of the personal downfall you’re processing because of this other person who puts the blame of a breakup on a fucking body image that maybe didn’t even change from when they first met you till when they fucking left you, honey.

You need to understand that whatever change you would want to make on yourself must be because you want to improve yourself in a healthy way for YOURSELF and not to please anybody else or to get someone’s attention or whatever from others. Just for your own healthy mental, image, and pleasure of being the best version of yourself in the limits you can achieve it without forgetting how beautiful you are in your own natural way. And those who can’t see that on you? Can go and politely fuck themselves, as they really don’t need to be in your life if your image is the ONLY thing connecting with you. Okay?

Learn to value yourself through your own lens, honey, and never let others badly influence you and your life.

Alright, and the last set of messages for this part. Those of you who’ve been attacked by beauty and body spells in the sense to lose your beauty and not shine in your natural way anymore, as yes a lot of such spellwork has been in place by people around you to have different beauty problems out of nowhere, know that these spells now backfire and are returned to those who ordered such spells on you, and you shall regain your lost beauty or whatever affected on you without a sane reason for that to actually happen to you step by step, therefore allow the process of rebirth and rejuvenation to naturally take its place.

Your Angels have been fighting these unjust spells put on you by these malevolent people and now the return to sender has been ordered. And your Angels want you to recover and do all you can to help this process in a natural way, as the spells will be washed away in the Divine natural course anyways. So, all safe on that. You’re under protection and you’ve been under Divine protection even during all this.

The ones having done this to you? Well, you will be able to spot them, because the boomerang will be fast, as the process of maybe getting older, saggy, ugly, bold, or whatever will be in a fucking “instant” and out of the blue and not how it has been on you, as you’ve been receiving the spell and the spell worked on you with time, in steps to send you to that “deprecated” situation. Yet for them it will be visible way faster, and in many cases changes for some of them can be even overnight in certain areas of their bodies, according to what they’ve done to you and how the Divine shall consider as punishment.

Also, those of you having had different health problems due to spellwork done on you, know that you shall “miraculously” meet with a healthier and improving body inside and out, and what’s been done on you shall go back to sender ten-fold and the same, with a faster processing on them than it has been on you and even more devastating.

As that’s the Divine Punishment for those doing such dirty things to innocent people and the Divine is not wasting time anymore to deliver these punishments to those playing with destinies and lives of others. It’s done-done time according to the Divine rules, and the Divine has already started punishing even the intention of such spells to be performed or reperformed on people by the same individuals, sending such heavy karmas on them with even the death punishment due to how dark their hearts and souls are to play such things on His children. Both the ones ordering and paying such spells and the practitioners performing the rituals, spells will be hit immediately to harm the innocent in such demonic ways. And not only for such spells but for all other types of demonic and ill-intended type of spells, but anyways.

So yes, expect better times ahead, honey, in terms of slowly recovering your natural beauty and shine and health, and continue being the good soul you are before God and your Angels, and never stop, as being a good and righteous soul before God and your Angels, by doing the right things, making the right choices, you’ll always and forever be blessed with protection and renewal in many of your life’s areas, and all unfair things to you shall be taken care of by them as long as you do the right thing in all situations you may find yourself, all good and bad situations.

It matters to do the right thing and make the right choice in whatever bad you must overcome, and your Angels shall always assist and protect you from the greater bad and shall punish those doing the bad thing on you when the Divine shall consider it’s time for it.

They’ll get the REAL bad karma, and you’ll get the blessings and rewards for going through it the right way and not giving up on being true before God and your Angels all the way. So, all good, as you shall see manifesting on you during the next period, baby.

Always remember: NOTHING is lost, and NOTHING is in vain, as what shall come instead will be greater and more beautiful and healthier than before as a blessing from God and your Angels to have gone through it as His good and obeying child of doing it the right way and not giving up before the trials and narrow and hard road you’ve been on.

By going through it and all the way in the right way without surrendering is what makes you the champion and His true child. You’ve turned the impossible of your reality into possible with His help and with your Angels’ help, and for that you should be more than proud of and to enable you to keep going with the same mentality and force as it’s for the good of your life in all forms, honey.


When it comes to love, some of you are going to be in the position to make a choice between to people. One person may give you a certain interest by choosing them, and the other is your true love with whom that hidden interest of yours shall be achieved along the way by choosing lover over immediate interests through another whom you don’t really love, or don’t love at all.

Your Angels want you to be just and don’t let yourself tempted into choosing a relationship with someone as being a sure access card into something or for the gain of something instead of choosing the one you truly have feelings for, because this wrong choice shall cost you dearly maybe instantly or on the long run.

The one destined for you will enable your personal progress as well, yet for that it may take some time to take form and not be as “immediate” as it would be through agreeing to someone whom you don’t love in truth a relationship or a sort of union in a more serious way.

Your Angels want you to understand that for certain things to take true form in your life you first must work towards it in the right ways and to always make the right choices and to not take the easy way out when that not only would not favor you in the long run but become your cruel downfall at the same time when the karma time will come for making such a choice.

Don’t get blinded by temptations and REALLY sit and pounder if you truly want that person as in having true feelings for the person they are inside and out and not only favoring them for what they have on their name or for what you could gain through them.

If the person has wealth or whatever on their name and you do have feelings for them, loving their inner person and not the façade of the person they are, then by all means proceed in choosing them.

Yet your Angels want you to first get to know the REAL them underneath all that your eyes see and they flaunt before you, and when you really get to know both the “Angel” and “Beast” contained in them, that’s when you can truly say you know them and if you DO have true feelings for them, wanting to choose them as you do identify them as being your true person with whom you would REALLY spend the rest of your days no matter what the couple may encounter down the road together.

Because when you truly love someone and that person is truly yours, no matter how the circumstances would change, you’d stay all the way with them and overcome whatever together. And that’s what your Angels want you to understand as being true love and not love out of interest.

And of course, regardless of the financial and status situation of a person or yours, your Angels want you to apply the same mentality when choosing your partner, as that’s the right way, and THIS way you shall always have justice for self and as a couple together whenever hardships one way or another may come upon you along the way.

Because such unions and on such conditions God has left them to be among two people and call it true love. This is how true counterparts destined to be together really are in the sense of true love of a true union.

A portion of you who had failed and toxic relationships, dealing with karmics, and unfairly treated by the past partners, left in a sort of misery and losses, know that justice on that shall come soon as God is sending your way your true partner who shall heal your heart and give the restart of gaining faith in the existence of true love again from how they shall be and act with you.

The differences between this person and the past one will be more than visible, and you won’t be able to deny that this person is in truth destined for you, helping you to make the right choice of defrosting your hurt heart and open it to this love, accepting their proposal of becoming a couple.

So, on that, all good and happiness, a blessing from your Angels and God for all that you’ve been through in the past and still doing the right things in life, as you didn’t let your life plumet because of those hurts but chose to move on and focus on the other important things in your life.

Others of you, you will be given a job or business offer that shall put you in the difficult position of choosing between career and love.

Now, for this, you really need to sit and pounder a lot, as your Angels are telling me. Because some of you are with your destined partner but not yet in a that of a serious of relationship, as it may be at the early stages, and others of you are with the wrong people, not meant to be your true partner in your life, and in this case, you should choose this offer as it is given to you by God and Angels.

That’s why there’s the need to properly and deeply analyze the situation with the current person you’re in love matters and truly see and acknowledge if they are indeed in love with them and envision your entire life with them as you do add to each other in many ways and form that one unbreakable team in all areas with pure love on top of it or not because it may be just a temporary thing for you in feelings with this certain person, as the offer you shall receive means relocation to either a different city or state or even country and not for a short period of time, honey.

You must be honest first to yourself and then before the person you’re with if you guys really are IT or not so much. Or if this offer should be accepted even if it means a long-distance relationship to which you have to both agree and not have one of you go on cheating grounds or whatever distancing and then separating ways, as honey, long-distance relationships, especially when it means for long periods of time are the hardest and the most testing on a couple of such criteria.

If that offer shall add to your better future together and you both wholeheartedly agree to the terms of such a compromise of how long it takes, the duration of this offer given, then give it a go and don’t break whatever promises or accepted conditions from both sides.

If you don’t both agree to such terms, you may have to reconsider the offer and find something more suitable, allowing you both to be together physically and not that much apart as how it should be when that kind of offer may keep you two apart.

If you don’t truly feel this person is your one and only, well, you know what to do, yet make sure it’s the case, as if you choose wrong, later regrets will be too late as many things will change when you shall have the clarity and the destiny for you two shall be affected in many way that you may or may not correct, with a lot of years spent on this instead of doing the right thing and thrive together on different work choices to make the needed money to build a proper future together.

Now, those of you having law suits on the roll, unfairly, justice, somehow, will favor you out of the blue in some way, shape, or form, even if you may or may not lose the main case. Something will turn into your favor and from being the “losing” side on something, what you shall gain will prevail and be of much more value than that. You will know it at the right time and confirm my words to yourself when that moment shall come to each of you in such a predicament.

At the same time, expect justice to happen for you in many areas of your life this period, as things you’ve lost in the past, unfairly, shall return to you in different forms than in the past and growth and healing shall be in the cards for you guys.

Those of you experiencing job loss, failed or not that profitable businesses, lacking a stable income or not enough compared to your living expenses and needs, expect to see improvements and growth by finding the right job to help you at least as a starter till a better one becomes available to you, for your business to avoid bankruptcy at the very last moment because of what good thing shall happen for that and put it on the proper active again, and those experiencing not only lack of profits but entering into already unbearable expenses due to lack of sales or whatever to receive a flow of either new clients for a certain new product or service you’ve not long ago placed into your portfolio or for a quite big and unexpected business deal to land in your hands and help you out.

But for this last portion of you for good things to happen is for those who have unfairly been hit though they’ve done all good in their lives and business with others and have never done things to affect others by intention of personal gain by all means even if it meant to play or due dirty to others. So for those in the right, acting the right way yet being hit with bad news after bad news, all these blessings shall come to you to help you and give that much needed restart in all that has been affected without your action or will to get this karma as a consequence of your life or business actions on the bad side.

Because indeed, some of you having done bad things in your life, and those of you in this situation know very well if you’ve done or not by intention and action bad things in your life, are unfortunately entering the karma to be paid by experiencing such hits and of course, you won’t benefit from these Divine blessings as for those who have and are going through it due to other people’s fault and dirty play and not their own but falling victims to it, as for them these blessings are coming and not for those deemed to receive such a karma to pay for their wrong choices costing the life and living of others for personal and selfish and greedy gain.

And yes, for those being hit now with this karma or that has already started for some, it’s indeed only the beginning of Divine punishments for you, because according to what you’ve done it will become more complex and more unbearable to live with it and overcome it.

Your Angels want you to pay your karma and subject yourself to it by now choosing the right things to do for a change and to allow the change of your ways, the toxic ones, to happen, to transform into a good one and go back to the right path as God wants you to for proper rebirth when the time comes and for the rewards at that point for understanding and repenting for all the bad in your life you know you’ve done.

As God wants you to wake up and assume accountability of your actions, to not repeat them again, and to undergo the correction of your destiny on the right paths this time around by paying this heavy karma in whatever form it shall take for you in each of your situations.

It depends on what good deeds and how of a good soul you shall be from this point forward, by choosing the right ways this time around no matter how hard it may seem, to pay your karma faster or not, and of course, to continue in being the new and good you and never stop till the rest of your days on this Earth. Is it impossible? No…. Is it hard? Well, yes….

But not impossible, and remember it’s your own bad choices conducting to this and none other’s, so your now and further choices are meant to improve you from inside out, to purge you, and to refresh your life through trials and tribulations to come back to what God wants from you and for what He shall bless you and support you along the way and after as long as you get the awakening of your deeds and of your person being on the wrong side and performing the bad stuff.

He shall support you if He sees you truly want the change for all the right reasons, don’t worry about that, as He’s made of love and forgiveness, yet at the same time He can’t be tricked or fooled.

So it’s either you want the change and make it permanent or you stick to your own destructive ways and that’s that, as He shall respect either of your choices and He shall either support or further punish you accordingly.

But for the rest of you, unfairly hit by life and people, expect blessings and rebirth in many forms, as Divine Justice is already applied and on a roll in the Living World. And it’s only the start for you guys…. Oh yeah…. Ha-ha! Because we’re “fucking” the demons hardcore, honey…. MUHAHAHA! Anyways….


“You’ve prayed for more money opportunities, a raise, a better job offer, an extra income stream, a business from home idea, and it’s soon to come your way. Make sure you pay attention around you for either signs of inspiration, incoming emails or phone calls or texts, a random YouTube video showing you something, a Google search sending you somewhere not connected to your main search, as something will guide you to the right place for you to make use of and grab this blessing you deserve.”

Alright, Baby Angel! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

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Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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