Chapter 222 – Well… I’m A Giver… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 222


And we start fucking, meaning I start trashing the fucking room with him after I lose count of pin strikes at his head. No, he’s a strong motherfucker and he doesn’t go down. It’s a good fucking, a passionate one. Muhahahaha!

For his every attempt to fuck me one way or another, he gets a punch, followed by a slap to keep him awake. He’s my bitch right now…. Don’t you fucking lose the pace, bitch…. I’m for very long runs…. Angel can so story tell about it…. Muhahaha!

I’m now at booming the walls with him. “Why, bitch? Is it too much for you? I know I have a very long, thick dick and I like it so deep, yet you’re a trained bitch on that…. Why getting dizzy, you whore? Huh? I’m paying here, you just need to take it as long as I want it…. Give me what I’m paying for….” I’m keeping him in punches.

No, I’ve blocked his demonic attacks on me, and we’re dancing with human strengths in this sex game over here. I’m not using powers and he’s not using powers. It’s the way it goes as set, treaty rules. I said I’ll stay inside the rules, didn’t I? Muhahahaha! And yes, I’m playing the bad boy act with his bad bitch…. Muhahaha!

After I make sure to remodel the entire room with him, like crashing the bar, the armchairs, sofa, coffee table, all there is in this room, even some paintings from the walls, I give him the final thrust, meaning a big ass punch on his left temple and leave him, in full blood all over him, on the floor.

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