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Chapter 61


Yeah…. He’s done a real bad shit…. And it fucking came from the former leader…. YOU! Oh…. Let him fucking speak his fucking truth and I’ll fuck him after. His fucking soul will feel the fucking beating worse than his human body while going through my fucking hands…. Oh man…. It’s fucking coming, mister. I’m fucking sure of it…. Speak. Not wanting to fucking speak anymore? Huh? Yeah…. You know you’re fucking speaking to fucking Saint right now and not to your fucking niece anymore…. What did you fucking expect, huh? I’m what I fucking am from blood, to body, to mind, to heart, to fucking soul. It doesn’t fucking matter which form I fucking take as I’m fucking Saint all the way, and I’m already on punishing mode even before fucking hearing it all, as I CAN FUCKING FEEL IT, MOTHERFUCKER!

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