Your Angel Messages For Each Zodiac Sign (Your Boss’s Thoughts) (#1) | Timeless Reading | Members Only

Foreword and Disclaimer

  • This is a collective reading with messages for each zodiac sign.
  • It’s valid for your Sun, Rising, Moon or Venus in one of the zodiac signs you’re having them. So, check all of them to get more messages for yourself from this reading.
  • Messages can pertain to your job, career, business you need to hear at the moment of you reading this collective reading. If you have a boss over you, these are their thoughts of you. If you’ve got a business, so you’re your own boss, these can be the thoughts of one of your partners, collaborators, or even clients of a bigger ranking in relation to your company, so one of your important and vital clients.
  • For this reading, I’ve used one card for each zodiac sign from my “My Boss’s Thoughts Of Me” deck, a deck we don’t have yet at our Interactive Tarot section for our Baby Angel Wise and Baby Angel Abundance Members to make use of. But it’s with a “coming soon” tag.
  • To be able to read this reading you must be a Baby Angel Wise or Baby Angel Abundance Member of our website. Check our Join Us page to see what each membership gives to be able to choose.
  • It’s gender free.
  • This is a timeless reading, so it’s valid for whenever you see it.
  • Don’t try to fit the messages presented if it doesn’t resonate with you. However, retain the main messages as it may resonate to your future self. What doesn’t resonate with you, let it fly. It’s a collective reading, so it may resonate with you in parts, half of it, all of it, or none of it. It means it wasn’t meant for you, and I’m sorry if even one message wasn’t for you in this collective reading.
  • Use discernment and responsibility. This is friendly advice and info and doesn’t take place of specialized advice. Seek experts for professional advice for your own needs.
  • For entertainment purposes ONLY. The psychic/tarot reader doesn’t take responsibility for your future actions.
  • I do NOT do personal readings. Thanks for understanding on that.
  • You must be 18+ to read this reading.

Let’s see the messages for you, baby….

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