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Foreword and Disclaimer

  • This is a pick-a-card collective reading.
  • Choose one or more than one pile according to how your instincts are calling you to make your choice/choices. If you get confused and can’t choose only one pile because another calls you in as well, choose them both or how many piles are drawing your attention and not letting you make a one choice pick. As when this happens, to not be able to make a one choice pick, it means that it may be messages for you in those piles as well, hence the confusion you’re met with. Therefore, follow your intuition and see why the confusion.
  • “Love” reading. For this reading no cards are used. It’s strictly psychic messages. Each pile shall have a reveal of image, an image I randomly picked for each pile. Regardless of the gender the picture reveals, it doesn’t matter if it’s not yours or of a person of the opposite sex to you, as I’ll give general messages and also highlight when a distinction on messages is for male or female if the situation calls for it. So, focus on the messages and not on genders, if the distinction isn’t made by me for a certain gender.
  • It’s gender free.
  • This is a timeless reading, so it’s valid for whenever you see it.
  • Don’t try to fit the messages presented if it doesn’t resonate with you. However, retain the main messages as it may resonate to your future self. What doesn’t resonate with you, let it fly. It’s a collective reading, so it may resonate with you in parts, half of it, all of it, or none of it. It means it wasn’t meant for you, and I’m sorry if even one message wasn’t for you in this collective reading.
  • Use discernment and responsibility. This is friendly advice and info and doesn’t take place of specialized advice. Seek experts for professional advice for your own needs.
  • For entertainment purposes ONLY. The psychic/tarot reader doesn’t take responsibility for your future actions.
  • I do NOT do personal readings. Thanks for understanding on that.
  • You must be 18+ to read this reading.

Let’s see the piles for you, baby….

Let’s see the reveal of the image for each pile for you, baby….

And now, let’s see the messages for each pile, shall we, honey?

Pile 1

Baby Pile 1, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Someone has taken notice of you from quite a time now, and this person is someone you don’t know. Well, not just yet. Or you do know them, but not how they look in real life. You’ve never seen at least a picture of them, yet they’re keeping your interest in them.

If the first scenario is valid for you. This person is studying you and trying to gather as much information on you as possible, attempting to find a common collective to make their way to you and finally contact you for the start of something, as they’re really fond of you with quite the butterflies in their being whenever they’re thinking of you.

It is possible, that because of something, for them to have fallen in love with you at first sight, and they’re having that inner calling to make this connection with you possible sooner than later, as they’ve already spent a significant amount of time on you, and they truly want to go into the connection and see what can come out of it with you.

I see that they’re rehearsing their approach or something like that to be perfect and leave room to any mistake in their “presentation” before you as they REALLY want to impress you. Ha-ha! They’re really studying on stuff and trying to learn the right ways to do it and have you fall for them or at least hook you in for a start.

They may seem shy, yet they’re not the shy type. The want to be perfect is what makes them shy, as they don’t want rejection from you because of something they may have played wrong on you.

And yeah, they may seem clumsy when they finally get before you…. Ha-ha! Why? Because all that rehearsal, when they’re finally before you, gets a void, and they forget all the words they REALLY wanted to say. Ha-ha!

So, bear with them at first, because the impact of finally being before you is a great one, leaving them speechless for a while or not making that much sense as they would want to.

However, they’re well-spoken and educated, and bold, and all that, and you’ll get to enjoy that side of theirs once they’ll be able to pass that first segment of intimidation of facing you for the first time.

And if you’re the one doing all that and intending to do this, it may be either you reacting like that at first, or the other one when facing you. And if it’s the other one, it seems you’ve caught them completely off guard, not really understanding what you want from them, and they may straight up reject you because of that.

So, try and put your sincere intentions across as best as possible and at least get them into a friendship at first to make them relax and get to know you, honey. As they’re some no bullshit people and they won’t accept things just like that, no matter how honest you’d be with them.

If the second scenario is valid, where you already know them yet not their real looks. Well, honey, soon enough, you’ll get the reveal of true identity, and I see that’s going to be from both sides at the same time after a long “chatting” and “getting to know each other”, as you seem to love and enjoy many similar things, especially books and such. And for some of you, there seems to be a particular love song you both find the same meanings in it. And who knows? Maybe there are real chances for this to transform into something of a next level between you guys? You shall see, honey….

For others of you, I see someone approaching you while you’re in a library or somewhere reading a book, or you do that towards someone with a book. It’s something at them that takes you over and just go there and approach them, as you may fall in love with them just like that. Ha-ha! Oh, the love bug…. Ha-ha!

Anyhow, the start of this is a book. Something of the person or the book they have or read or something like that is the “culprit” for this connection to start in a way or another.

And for the last portion of you in this pile. Well, your Angels understand that you’re an idealist about love and want your own fairytale from books to become an exact reality, and it can become one, only if you begin to look around you and see who truly loves you and not reject them all because you THINK they’re not that alluring or something like that from how the characters in those books are.

Your Angels are saying that the alluring and all that part can’t be discovered till you don’t decide to finally give people chances on that. As there’s someone around you loving you madly and highly pissed off on your ignorance towards them. Ha-ha!

And as a hint on who that person may be. It’s someone you somehow take notice of around you when you’re reading yet ignoring them and remaining absorbed in your reading or whatever. And yes, it’s when you’re in a public place and you’re doing that, obviously. You may know them directly or knowing them just because they seem to always be there, around you, when you’re focused on that.

And it seems they’ve tried to approach you somehow, several times if it’s a not known person, yet all their attempts to start a convo with you ended with a “thank you” from your part for something, with a smile, and returning to your reading to dismiss them. Ha-ha! Well…. Good for you, yet it may be time to give the person a chance, as your Angels want you to consider this person for something. Yet be careful and reserved, honey, as you never know.

Alright, Baby Pile 1! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 2

Baby Pile 2, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Well, it seems that online relationships are on fire, honey…. Ha-ha! Well, it is what it is in the era we live in.

There’s someone you’re chatting with online so damn fast and furious to have as much convo as possible till the time on the clock reaches 3:33 in the morning. Am I right, honey? Ha-ha!

You guys may love some gaming platforms? Or using Discord or something on the side as well? Or you may have met this person through such a gaming platform? I’m hearing the screams of either win or failure for whatever you guys are playing over there with others or only the two of you.

You or this person have gifted the other three passes or something inside the game? Or a donation of some sorts? For three levels? I don’t know…. Ha-ha! I’m tapping into the gamers’ world now…. Ha-ha! Who would have thought I’ll have that in a reading…. Ha-ha!

I don’t know, yet this pile seems to be for those of you involved in a platform of some sorts, which can be gaming or not necessarily, yet you find love in that unexpected place. The thrill you both have over whatever that is makes it like a mirror between sides and you guys are really on the same page on many things pertaining to that platform and outside of it.

As you’ve reached to a level of personal getting to know each other, and you simply click on many things.

There’s a lot of pouting from one of you when the other isn’t online yet…. Ha-ha! And such over the roof happiness and sparks in the eyes when the green light of being online becomes visible. Ha-ha! I do hope you’re not some teens reading this reading over here, honey, as you’re giving me such teen vibes…. Ha-ha! But I haven’t used any language or such to be inappropriate, yet this website is with a +18 tag for a reason.

But I know adults are in that world as well, so yeah, you guys really act like some teens when it comes to whatever you do together over there and when conversating on the side. It’s that fire in you keeping you young and fresh and living. You really fell in love with one another and you maybe not realizing this just yet or one of you has already realized.

Hmm…. I see this relationship moving because of three cinema tickets. Maybe you guys finally decide to have a real world get together with another friend to see a movie or something, and finally you can have each other face to face for the move to something more to be possible between these two TEENS over here. Ha-ha! Or I don’t know where, yet three tickets to something or for something are involved with possibly a three days trip to something? I don’t know, I’m getting several scenarios on this…. You shall see how this shall apply to you.

However, for those of you chatting with someone for quite some time, thrilling you to speak with them from all others, there may be the popped question of going to a movie together to push the relationship to a next level. It may be you proposing that or the other. I don’t know…. It may also be theater or something like that, yet it will be something exciting and with positive feedback from the other of agreeing.

And for others of you in the same situation with the online chatting and whatnot. Your Angels are cautioning you that someone you got to know online and making your heart flutter, considering them to be the potential one for you, they may have two other people doing the same they do and speak with you at the same time, or they are already in a serious relationship, even maybe married with kids and have made you a third party without knowing, as they’ve lied to you on their true status, which isn’t really single, or they’re playing the field with two more people, as I said.

So, before anything, try and see the truth, as you don’t want to enter into a real third-party situation without your knowledge if things shall move into the real world, or this person isn’t serious with you as they’re among choices and not into only you.

Select people carefully and demand the truth from them before proceeding into a real-world relationship to avoid difficult and not easy at all situations and complications for you, honey. And if they lie to hide their true intentions or background, use your gut to see the truth, as you’ll feel it. And listen to that gut feeling before giving a go on stuff, honey, to prevent things and not go through them.

Alright, Baby Pile 2! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 3

Baby Pile 3, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Well, to be honest with you guys, I didn’t want to select this picture because of the vibes it gives to me, yet Angels insisted on it, as it seems you guys need to know of stuff….

Okay. For those of you in a sort of relationship with someone. You’ve made some plans about something for this person or even with them, yet the moment you’re either putting into motion the surprise plan towards them or you’re on your way to them to go to wherever you guys have planned together or things like that, you either see something disturbing on their social media or you receive a video or a text message from someone or even from them about them that makes you panic and/or takes you by a shocking surprise on the negative side.

There’s a truth of some sorts coming out regarding this person, OR about YOU? Uh! Let me see…. Hmm…. For some of you it’s about that person, and for other of you it’s about…you. Oh man…. Either way, everything planned falls flat because of this, as it’s a fucking bomb whatever that is, honey.

On them, it may be that they’ve changed their status to married or something like that, posting about the relationship and whatnot, and you stay there like a fool, not even having sniffed about that, so yeah, it shocks you to see that. Because that’s their message to you that whatever you guys had, it’s game over, as they’ve made their choice without giving you a chance to a talk at least.

So, it’s quite a hit in the “balls” for you, regardless of your gender, because they didn’t have the decency to at least tell you to your face of how things are and for you to be respected with the truth on that before finding out on stuff like that without prior notice. I’m sorry, honey….

Others of them decide to suddenly block you everywhere without a sane reason for it when you were there happy and hopeful for whatever you had in mind with them, and they maybe even moved from their usual place, if you guys knew of each other’s living homes or such, and you’re left with no trace of them or knowledge over what the fuck really happened, as you know of nothing to have determined that on YOU.

And in this case, some of them have received a new job out of the city or country so they decided to cut off everything around them and go for it without anyone knowing of it, even you, as they didn’t want to have that talk with you and maybe change their mind, as you really have that power to change their mind on it. And they didn’t want that….

Others of them are doing it because they may have got pregnant and they think or know you’d immediately back off from the responsibilities or whatever, so they’ve decided to keep their baby and see of whatever on their own without you ever knowing of it, because of certain complications that seems to exist between you guys and knowing your stand in certain things.

So, they’re doing the cutting off before you would do it, as they wouldn’t bear to have it face to face with you and see your reaction and YOUR cutting off, as it would be even more painful for them than by doing it like this.

And the last portion of them, I’m seeing that all this is determined by something within their family they can’t go against in a way. So, it’s not their want yet they have no other way because of that something from their family which may or may not affect you if they were to keep going with you.

In all these situations, your Angels want you to focus on doing things the right way from your part. You should know better when to force things out and when to give some time, or when to just back off. Only your heart shall guide you on how to proceed in your own situation and how important they are for you as a realization when you’re hit with such a shock.

How important are they for you and what should be the right way of approach from you to overcome this in connection with them? You really want them or not that much? The answer to all that shall guide you on what to do next, honey. Just don’t be a fucking pussy if you really want them yet you don’t find the right balls in you to take action, honey. As for many of you in this situation this is a Divine test to see how much you value this connection and what you’re willing to do to keep it, as they may be the ones for you in this lifetime. So, don’t fuck it up, honey, if you know they’re THAT special person for you.

And for those of you having things about YOU and not about them. Watch out as something is getting leaked about you that may or may not be true and damage your image or endanger the relationship. It’s something really nasty, in the sense it will give you headaches and a hard time to solve it and give explanations over the situation to remedy it before that particular person you didn’t want them to know of.

It will put you in a difficult position and a lot of damage will be in place on many things, so your Angels want you to be strong and proceed in solving the situation as fast as possible and not let time solve it on its own.

This situation demands you to face it on the spot in order to correct things and not lay low for the storm to pass. The relationship with the person you wanted to approach or already are with will be able to be saved if you do it like that and not back off or just because you get weak knees to confront the hurricane, honey. It’s a Divine test you must pass by going through it and not around it. Alright?

Oh! Forgot about this…. There may also be some leaked info about the person of your interest that may shock you, for some of you. Your Angels want you to verify the authenticity of this intel on that person, as it may be false and the person to be innocent on whatever that is.

This person has a lot of enemies or jealous people around them, with the intention to harm them and their reputation by pulling such stuff on them, and not that this person actually did all that. So, before anything, be sure they’ve done whatever that is and it’s not a bad move on them by others. Okay? Alright.

I’m sorry, guys, for such a series of messages with your pile, as I never want to give “bad” messages, yet sometimes they must be known to be prepared and know how to act if it’s possible.

Alright, Baby Pile 3! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 4

Baby Pile 4, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Ha-ha! For some of you, this period, the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE will be discounted sales! Ha-ha! Like all the goodies of a pricey cost you couldn’t get all the fucking year is yours to claim over whatever Prince or Princess Charming out there, man! Ha-ha!

You’ve got all coupons ready, all sites in place, all EVERYTHING set for the final explosion of pleasure to own all that, man! Ha-ha! This is the biggest “orgasm” you really want right now… Ha-ha! Oh, Jesus…. Ha-ha! I’m sorry, yet one of you said “orgasm” while waiting for the moment of heavy purchases to come already. Ha-ha!

Anyhow, your Angels are cautioning you to not go all in against whatever tempting offers are there, because there might be a setback on financial income you’re not seeing yet, and some of the money you budgeted ALL year for this heavy purchase this period to be needed on necessities in the next period to it. So, hold that “orgasm” to a lower degree, honey, as part of that money is needed for the unknown. Ha-ha! I’m sorry…. I clearly hear that word, hence my laughing, not on the other stuff.

For others of you, you or another person are making quite the plans to surprise the other in a way. And they’re going all in without consideration to how much they actually spend, as they want to show the other how much they value them and how much they love them.

So, if you’re in a sort of relationship, expect for the other to gift you with something big, and know that whatever it is, they’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money to make it happen for you.

For some of you, they may have found out you looked over something in the discount section, yet you’d love the real thing and not the replica of it, but you couldn’t afford even the replica, so you’ve just backed off because of it. Does that make sense?

Anyhow, know they know, and they might have taken either odd jobs or a second job you know nothing of to be able to buy you the real and full price thingy and not discounted or whatever.

So, if you considered that their less spent time with you was due to maybe another love interest or whatever, you’re wrong. They needed to keep it a secret to make you this surprise when they could earn the amount to pay for it and then gift it to you, honey. But you’ll soon find out…. Ha-ha!

And for others of you, someone is coming to your workplace as a gift themselves or something like that… I don’t know…. But it will shock you in a way. And they may also bring something with them to surprise you or to ask you out or I don’t know….

Yet it would be in place at your job and you guys will attract quite the attention around, as this person had everything planned to make a huge entrance of some sorts when it comes to you.

Or you’re the one doing that to someone? I don’t know, yet a shock of some sorts and a weird reaction over something will be in place…. Ha-ha! The one at the receiving end will be completely off guard and wanting to go under the fucking desk because of something…. Ha-ha! Oh man…. Ha-ha!

And for the last portion of you, having a birthday or such this period, know there’s someone planning the shit out of things behind the scenes to give you a surprise party you least expect, and at this surprise party you’re meeting someone new or someone of the past is coming back to you.

And if the past person is the one valid in this scenario, they’re the guilty ones for such a big party and the surprise of it for you, as they really want you back and they’re doing everything for you to give them a second chance or something like that.

Oh, and there seems to be a last message for others of you. It seems someone new comes at your workplace. A new boss, a new co-worker, a new something, and this person really spins your head in love because of the intensity of attraction towards them, and you’re already calculating the odds of a potential relationship with them. Ha-ha! Or this person has this towards you on the spot? I don’t know…. You shall see.

However, don’t rush into anything at first chance you get and let things settle in a way till whatever needs to take place to take place and not miss on something because of some “desperate” things and impulses, honey.

Because many potential relationships are ruined because people listen to those impulses first and do not wait on the other things as well to make better decisions. Yet, do whatever you want, baby, but don’t say you haven’t been warned about it.

Alright, Baby Pile 4! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

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Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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