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Foreword and Disclaimer

  • This is a pick-a-card collective reading.
  • Choose one or more than one pile according to how your instincts are calling you to make your choice/choices. If you get confused and can’t choose only one pile because another calls you in as well, choose them both or how many piles are drawing your attention and not letting you make a one choice pick. As when this happens, to not be able to make a one choice pick, it means that it may be messages for you in those piles as well, hence the confusion you’re met with. Therefore, follow your intuition and see why the confusion.
  • “Love” reading. For this reading one card shall be used for each pile, from my Love Tarot deck. (Yeah, yeah, I know it’s NOT in the Interactive Tarot section YET, as I STILL have things to work on this till I can finally place it in the Interactive Tarot section, loves. Trust me, if you were to look at my “working” environment and see how EVERYTHING is thrown around me to work on everything, and the fucking mess of papers and projects spread around, you’d have a fucking heart attack for sure…. Ha-ha! Yet in all that mess, I’m the ONLY one knowing everything and I’m getting closer to the “manifestation” of things as well. So, just bear with me for a little longer till I’ve got everything sorted out and can deliver the “final” product on that as well, babes. It’s with a coming soon tag along with the other deck of mine, “Your Future Spouse…?”, along with others. Yet we shall see which ones finally strike the Interactive Tarot section first. I need sleeping as well at times, you know? Ha-ha! Love you!)
  • It’s gender free.
  • This is a timeless reading, so it’s valid for whenever you see it.
  • Don’t try to fit the messages presented if it doesn’t resonate with you. However, retain the main messages as it may resonate to your future self. What doesn’t resonate with you, let it fly. It’s a collective reading, so it may resonate with you in parts, half of it, all of it, or none of it. It means it wasn’t meant for you, and I’m sorry if even one message wasn’t for you in this collective reading.
  • Use discernment and responsibility. This is friendly advice and info and doesn’t take place of specialized advice. Seek experts for professional advice for your own needs.
  • For entertainment purposes ONLY. The psychic/tarot reader doesn’t take responsibility for your future actions.
  • I do NOT do personal readings. Thanks for understanding on that.
  • You must be 18+ to read this reading.

Let’s see the piles for you, baby….

Let’s see the reveal of the card for each pile for you, baby….

And now, let’s see the messages for each pile, shall we, honey?

Pile 1

Baby Pile 1, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Well…. This card is coming out lately a lot as it seems…. However, different messages, obviously. Yet now I’m having my vision focused on the number 6 on it…. Hmmm….

For those of you working in the service industry, whatever type of service that may be, either you offering it as an employee or as the owner of the business offering services of some type to clients or partners or whatever, know that you may find or meet someone that will either get your attention or YOU get their attention. And this is a connection which will really “burn” your being. Yeah, in a VERY sexual way at first, let’s be honest over here, shall we? Ha-ha!

However, for some of you falling into that scenario to happen, it will be just that fling with a passionate whatever, yet nothing comes out of it after. It all chills out. And the reason for this is precisely because you jump into the connection due to the sexual fire and not wait for other things as well. Well….

And for the others of you, though doing that as well, it may lead to something more, because there are chances for this to be a soulmate for you.

Either way, your Angels are warning you on the decision lane of acting from the sexual impulse, because in each scenario, you may lose something that it has high chances to pain you one way or another.

Therefore, why not tune down that sexual fire just a lil’ bit and think with the main brain some more for a change, honey? Regardless of your gender, baby. Who knows what your Angels have prepared for you on the good side if you do so, which may be even with that exact person?

Or maybe with another? Yet if you show such behavior or you may “disappoint” someone else on you because of your in the “heat” of the moment wrong choice, you lose on something greater in love which your Angels are trying to bring for you? Huh? I don’t know, the choice is yours either way, baby.

For those of you in a long-distance relationship, it seems that you are missing them a lot, or they are the ones with that ardent feeling of wanting to be with you and can’t take the distance anymore, so you can expect for a very surprising and on the spot decision to fly over to you and spend some very wonderful moments.

And for some of you in this situation, it seems that the one traveling to the other may tell them they’ve decided to permanently stay because of how they’ve worked out things behind the scenes during the separation. This will send the relationship to a next level which will bring satisfaction to both and by surprise for all this to happen, yet your Angels are telling you it was the time to happen now and not before. And you’ll finally understand why not before and why now.

And for others of you, I don’t know where you’ve met this person, offline or online, yet they decide to make you a surprise visit with a very hot-minded intention towards you.

However, your Angels are telling you that this person may have picked you among three choices, and they’re taking the flight to you due to a momentary choice and not necessarily having in mind to make it more than a one time or a weekend together or so. So, be careful with this person, because they’ve made you a choice and not the chosen one.

Because one of you falls in love and the other has only a fire of lust, and if you’re the one with the love bug in you, you’ll fall prey to a major disappointment if this person is just fooling around in sex choices for the thrills of it and not for the wants of true love and stuff like that.

Because how fast they came to you, THAT fast they’ll leave from you with maybe never returning to you. Take things slow if you don’t want temporary stuff and avoid making mistakes costing your heart and not only, honey.

Alright, Baby Pile 1! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 2

Baby Pile 2, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Well, some of you are in a sort of “isolation” from society, not really participating in anything, showing your face less to none, and I see a lot of focus on improving different things on you, maybe even in the spiritual side of you, with work being your most important thing this period, and for that, your Angels are congratulating you for doing the right things of building yourself up the right way.

Some of you have been reading different stuff on what actual love would be, as I’m seeing. This is a specific message for some of you. Hmm…. You’ve discovered something, like a key to true love or something…. Ha-ha!

I’m laughing because I’m seeing how you’re almost bobbing your head to whatever you’re reading over there, so absorbed and so understanding over whatever it is you’re reading over there in a book. I see it as a physical book, yet it may not be one. Something about “Freud” theories or something like that? Ha-ha! Oh, honey…. If you’re reading Freud…. Anyways. He’s got good stuff on certain things, yet on true love? Well…. I’ll leave it at that.

But your Angels want me to develop a bit…. Okay. Freud had a disturbed libido in a way, honey, so he only saw love through sex and not how it really is. He was right on some things, yet on most, when it comes to actual love, he wasn’t. And now I’ll really leave it at that.

Anyhow, though the majority of you in this pile are in that isolation bubble you’ve imposed on you, it seems there are people out there with their eyes on you, and though you don’t give in on anything you do for others to know stuff on you, they kind of know your every move in a way, because they’re very interested in you on the love lane.

Something you’re doing, maybe in your work or just when you go to buy a coffee or something, is keeping their interest in you at some high levels, wanting to be able to make a move on you, sooner than later, as they’re “monitoring” you for quite some time.

So, some of you in this situation may expect for something of a proposal or such to be forwarded to you from someone quite unexpected by you. I’m seeing this person as someone you may know little of or not at all, hence the surprise to be approached by them, as they’re quite bold once they’re going to decide on making the actual move towards you.

However, with you, your Angels are telling me that either way, you will know what to do and how to react, because you’ve matured a lot during this hermit period of yours, and you’ll be able to make the right choice.

Alright, Baby Pile 2! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 3

Baby Pile 3, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Oh, baby magician…. You’re REALLY in your seduction game this period, honey! Ha-ha! No, seriously. You’ve got some magnetic and alluring energy going off the charts! You’re crowned with all the tools this period to attract people to you, and whatever the case, you’ll always have the Ace card to pull out and make them love you against the odds. Ha-ha!

However, your Angels are telling you to not be THAT desperate to make someone love you, as some people aren’t meant to be with you, no matter how much you’d try. And I’m seeing this for someone new you meet. Hmm…. Oh, this person is meant to challenge you…. I get it now….

So, if one of the people not falling in the “trap” you set for them in a way? High chances to be the one for you, if you’re a male, as your Angels are saying. Nothing would seem to work…. Ha-ha! Well, honey, keep trying, as all of it is worth it. You’ll understand why at some point. Ha-ha! I’m sorry…. But I’m not allowed to tell you why I’m laughing, yet you’ll see why when the time comes.

If you’re a female, someone new or not that new is about to go all in to impress you, and all of it will make you laugh because you know why they’re doing all that. However, your Angels want you to consider this person and see where all this is going to lead you, yet keep the precaution measures on just in case, as there may be one or two of them trying that, and you may not be sure at first who has high chances to be the right choice for you for something of a relationship.

For others of you, be careful, as someone out there wants to tempt you with some money to do something which only love isn’t. It MAY be a test for you from someone truly interested in you, or it may be what I said at first with trying to trap you into something you won’t like at all as an outcome.

Either way, your Angels are warning you to NOT accept money from anyone no matter how badly you would need it, and for sure DON’T accept sexual affairs through that temptation of money, because it will end bad for you. Refrain from it and learn to say NO, if this person isn’t someone from family or someone you know for a long time caring for you and wanting to help you for real, WITHOUT asking for a sort of sex in exchange. Regardless of your gender, honey, because even as a male you can get trapped into some nasty things you never believed possible or to happen to you in this world.

Because whatever alluring and believable illusion this person would play before you will NOT match with what really is behind the curtains once you accept something in good faith and it turns to be a dark scenario instead. So be careful, baby.

And for a portion of you, your wish to love on someone is about to manifest. And it may start with either you giving a red rose or that person giving it to you. I don’t know, as I’m seeing such a thing.

There’s someone returning to you, maybe on a promise they’ve made you don’t believe to become true anymore, as it maybe went on a long time ago, and they’ll make you the surprise. Maybe at a kids’ event or birthday? I don’t know, yet someone shows up out of the blue and you may be shocked to see this person before you. Yet they’re sincere and hopeful.

Alright, Baby Pile 3! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 4

Baby Pile 4, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

For some of you, your Angels are warning you that because of your failed and hurting past relationships, you’ve become TOO judgmental to each and every person approaching you with the want to start something with you.

Whereas it IS healthy to be reserved and scan the person to make sure there aren’t bad intentions or whatever on the red flags lane to prevent unwanted things from happening, you’ve taken that to a peak of paranoia at times. Yeah….

And what they mean by that. They’re saying that instead of judging things from both aspects over a person, their both good and bad, you’re ONLY focusing and like a lunatic searching for ALL red flags, like just can’t wait to see it, man! Ha-ha!

And sometimes something that isn’t a red flag, you’re perceiving it as such and wanting to believe it is, just to protect yourself from a bad choice in love again.

Your Angels are understanding the scare you have from the past and not wanting to be the victim of another such situation, yet they want you to see things from their true perspectives and not filter everything only from the bad side of assuming over things.

They want you to find that balance in your analysis over a person and read them the right way and not tag them as being bad from the get-go just because you THINK they show certain colors from how the others from the past have been to you.

They’re proud of you for using your mature mind, as you’re doing it well for the most of things, yet here they’re cautioning you that you’re exaggerating a lil’ bit at times, and that’s unhealthy for you and your potential relationships they’re trying to bring to you.

They want you to FEEL more the person when your mind is instinctively shutting down possibilities of that person to be something with potential for you. And of course, to not make a decision till both your heart and mind haven’t reached to the same sound and clear conclusion of either giving that person a chance or rejecting them.

Well, one of you seems to think while reading that, “To feel? What do you mean by that?”. Well, honey, it’s definitely not feeling the person through actual physical touch or…stuff like that. To feel that person through their energy and what vibes they give to you, and how your heart is taking them. That kind of feel, baby…. Ha-ha! Not laughing at you, as it’s great to ask when having confusions, yet you were sweet in that type of thinking. Hope I made it clear to you though.

Anyhow. Others of you. Hmm…. There’s someone from the past returning, one that broke your heart, yet they’re vibing new energy, meaning they’ve done some work on them and they don’t seem to be the same person again. And there’s some new love you have around you may or may not have started something with.

And the moment you’re considering to give a chance to the new person or to get into more with them, the one from the past make their entrance in your life, sending you into a major confusion, as you did love them yet you can’t forget the pain they’ve put you through, however you’re seeing something in them so changed for real that it kind of halts you in your tracks to make a final decision this time around.

Well, if that’s your case, your Angels want you to see which one of them is giving you the most confusion and which one gives you the most clarity. In the sense, which one puts your heart to peace and rest when looking at them, and which one stirs it up in some twerks of anxiety. I think you can see now which one should be your right choice….

And the last portion of you in this pile…. Hmm…. It seems you guys may already have TWO relationships at the same time. Oh yeah…. Well…. You’re finding yourself in a tough spot to make your pick already because the one being toxic to you, you’re codependent to it due to something. And the one giving you all the goodies in your heart is not providing you with the whatever the toxic relationship is giving to you.

Your Angels are condemning you to living in two “worlds” at the same time, playing two sides at the same time, as it’s not fair to any party involved, including to yourself, honey.

However, they want to help you with this decision you seem to now want to make, as they’re proud of you that you’ve finally reached the point of understanding all this isn’t constructive or healthy for you and your future.

And this is what they want to say to you to help you with that decision, “No matter your choice, losses you fear or may not know of will be in place. A tower moment will take place. Yet all this will make way to a new chapter where you can really be and feel, a chapter where you’ll be able to build and live without fear. Choose the loss you’ll know it will all make it worth it, and you’ll have no regrets over later in life because of that choice. Yet make sure the choice you make will still be there for you and not betray you.”

Alright, Baby Pile 4! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

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Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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