Well, I just saw on Twitter what is happening in China with the protests and whatnot, and I’ve been hit with some Third Eye promptings I must deliver to you guys fast, as my Angels have connected me with what I had said in my last podcast episode at one of the piles where I saw a crowd with something bad happening, and I was alarming the one in that pile to avoid and not force to go somewhere if they get harsh obstacles on their way out of a sudden, as their Guardian Angels are protecting them through that from losing their lives.

Now, before anything, I want you to understand that I’m not trying to create paranoia through what I’m about to say as I’ve seen in my vision, yet I want you guys, as many of you as possible reading this entire post, to be safe and sound against dangers that may or may not happen around you, yet it’s my duty to try to prevent that from happening to you.

First of all, the Asian countries I’ve perceived in my vision as potential targets with such things to happen around you guys as people. China (“hotspots” Beijing, Shanghai, yet not necessarily, as it can be near or farther cities as well.), Hong Kong (another hotspot as China), Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam (low vibe to happen here), Japan (low vibes here as well), Indian countries (not really, as I’ve got no such energy from there, yet you can never be sure.)

However, if your country hasn’t been mentioned, consider what I’m about to say to be preventive over stuff and keep you safe, as nothing matters more or is worth more than your own life, as it’s your most precious treasure in this entire world, honey.

Alright. Now, avoid angry crowds or even in a peaceful manner of manifest. Do not stay, watch, or participate. Get away from there as fast as possible and for the LOVE OF GOD do NOT go there because of your own anger over the cause of whatever that crowd has gathered or is gathering somewhere.

Because what I’ve seen in my vision is a mass murder or almost, on the people’s lives, with one or more cars exploding near or in the crowds, a building or more around set into flames or exploded, shooting over people or using white weapons without notice inside the crowd, a lot of pressure and force used inside and out, and all this happening without notice or without any trigger of possibly happening before it starts to have much time to take a hike from there to save your own life. It’s something happening fast, taking many people at once from the first hit.

And all this is happening NOT from where you think it happens, because it’s not from your actual state people or appearing as the main suspects of whatever doing this, but from exterior ones doing this to have these ones go down as being the ones of doing so. The ones you think are doing it are “puppets” under pressure from the other ones and they’re not the ones ordering all this, or they may be even not involved, because it’s a hit from the outside to start movements of a bad nature, without caring of actual human lives taken due to these movements.

Now, other things through how your Guardian Angels are going to protect you guys and you need to LISTEN to their signs for your own protection.

If you’re driving your car, and there’s a stop somewhere ahead in traffic due to either an accident, a halt from something, a stopping traffic jam of much longer than it should normally happen or something the like that is quite unusual to happen from how you know that route, do NOT speed up or force the traffic to reach faster to your whatever destination! No matter how the fuck important that meeting or whatever it is at that destination for you? Fuck it, and turn your car around in the opposite way, going wherever else but through that route or to THAT destination you were supposed to go.

Call or text whoever person you had to meet and tell them circumstances made it unfortunate for you to not reach there that day and let it go. I don’t care what you may lose by doing that if it’s job or business or whatever, honey! If you go die, will you reach there anyways?! No! So, keep your own life first and whatever else goes second for you! Let ME be wrong in all this and YOU to be SAFE! Oh, and if you’re in a taxi of some sorts, the same applies. Request the driver to turn the car around and all that.

If your subway or other such transportation (underground or on the ground) gets a long delay or you fucking miss it yet you shouldn’t have, change routes and avoid that destination you had in mind to go to.

If you have to go somewhere or want to go somewhere, yet when you’re either preparing to do so or remembering it’s time to prepare to either take the car or a transport or just walk to that place, ALL OF A SUDDEN something in your gut is giving you a bad sign, or like anxiety, a slight electrocution over your skin or heart or a start of a burning headache, slight or more cold shivers in your body or parts of your body (spine, arms, palms, even a bit on your heart), that you usually don’t have or you shouldn’t have for where you’re going to meet someone or whatever, THAT is your sign to NOT go to wherever you were meant to go. Wherever else go but not there. If you’re home when that happens to you, fucking stay home and forget about whatever meeting or date you had.

If someone lets you know of or you see news of something happening in the areas you’re about to go through or around, that’s your cue to avoid that day going around there, no matter the costs. Don’t go even if they’ve announced the danger or whatever passed. That day you hear of that is a NO-NO for you to have destinations through or around there.

I don’t know, honey! Ask a friend or another family member to take you in for the day and night to sleep over or pay for a motel or hotel or whatever room for the night till the day passes and it’s the next day for you, if your own home is through there or around there! Alright?! These are details and not the main point! The MAIN POINT is YOUR LIFE!

Okay. These are the main safety precaution I’ve been given to avoid the bad shit happening, as your Angels are marking and guarding you under safety, yet you MUST listen to their signs to not have you be led to where that shall go down. LISTEN to your intuition, feelings, and whatever thoughts you may have of not going to a certain place against your want or duty to go there. It’s imperative to NOT go against these signs to secure your life.

Your Angels may give each of you extra signs to the ones above, and you shall take them into account as added validation to not go to where you MUST NOT BE as you’d fall under an undeserved and untimely loss of life just because you’ve been in the wrong place and at the wrong time, baby.

And again, don’t go into paranoia now because of what I’ve told you, yet all this should be taken into account by you for when the time comes to know how to act and where and when to NOT ACT to be safe.

I really hope for what I’ve seen to NOT happen, as it’s real bad for a lot of people, yet I’ve done my duty to prevent things for as many of you as possible if it DOES happen.

Alright, baby loves! Please stay safe and healthy at all times! God and Angels be with you without breaks! Amen.

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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