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Foreword and Disclaimer

  • This is a pick-a-card collective reading.
  • Choose one or more than one pile according to how your instincts are calling you to make your choice/choices. If you get confused and can’t choose only one pile because another calls you in as well, choose them both or how many piles are drawing your attention and not letting you make a one choice pick. As when this happens, to not be able to make a one choice pick, it means that it may be messages for you in those piles as well, hence the confusion you’re met with. Therefore, follow your intuition and see why the confusion.
  • “Love” reading. For this reading one card shall be used for each pile.
  • It’s gender free.
  • This is a timeless reading, so it’s valid for whenever you see it.
  • Don’t try to fit the messages presented if it doesn’t resonate with you. However, retain the main messages as it may resonate to your future self. What doesn’t resonate with you, let it fly. It’s a collective reading, so it may resonate with you in parts, half of it, all of it, or none of it. It means it wasn’t meant for you, and I’m sorry if even one message wasn’t for you in this collective reading.
  • Use discernment and responsibility. This is friendly advice and info and doesn’t take place of specialized advice. Seek experts for professional advice for your own needs.
  • For entertainment purposes ONLY. The psychic/tarot reader doesn’t take responsibility for your future actions.
  • I do NOT do personal readings. Thanks for understanding on that.
  • You must be 18+ to read this reading.

Let’s see the piles for you, baby….

Let’s see the reveal of the card for each pile for you, baby….

And now, let’s see the messages for each pile, shall we, honey?

Pile 1

Baby Pile 1, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Hmm…. Let’s see…. Hmm…. Oh, that’s good. Some of you, have proceeded in cleaning your life, avoiding promiscuity, avoiding engaging into random and on the spot sexual encounters which were sucking your good energy and exchanging the bad karma of those people in your life, like taking a portion of it on your shoulders through the sexual energy, and you didn’t know why the fuck things suddenly started going bad for you, when you weren’t doing something to attract that in your life.

Well, if you knew it was due to that or not, your Angels finally got a grasp over you, making you change your ways, to cut off the bad karma of others in your life you were gaining from this type of sexual life. And that’s why, honey, things are improving for you in other aspects of your life, because you’ve started the purging of that kind of bad and toxic sexual energy, no matter how good or not those sexual encounters were for you as a fact.

And for some of you, your Angels managed to make that change happen in you by making you realize that type of satisfaction is no longer satisfying you in truth. It satisfies on the moment, yet after it, you feel a certain way and you regret doing it again because of whatever you don’t feel good about it when that ends, as it’s different for each of you on the reasons aspect of not feeling good about it anymore.

And for others of you, they made it happen for you due to how the pattern of either the toxicity or disappointment these relationships are bringing in for you, as you don’t seem to find the right partner for you like that when it comes to a solid relationship that you now want with all in it attached. No one wants more than that for a one time or a few times tops.

Or you don’t want that more than that because of how the reveal of true colors comes from each such person before you. You realize it was just sex and nothing else can come out of it, and not even sex anymore because now you got to know some of the person as well, and it totally puts you off on the sex, too. So yeah, you’re fed up with such feelings and want to shake them off by changing your ways when it comes to this.

And here comes the best part from all this cleaning, purging, changing your ways on this as your Angels are letting you know now. With each such change, and the more you keep it like this, in avoiding promiscuity in your life, they’re now able to push you to that special person you want in truth even if you acknowledge this to yourself or not, as only in this way you can step forward to that person meant for you in your life.

That’s the key for many of you in this pile to finally meet and claim your true partner in life.

Because your true partner is a traditional one in certain ways and looks down to people doing that without barriers. No, they don’t judge people living their life like that, yet when it comes to choosing their solid partner for a serious relationship, they won’t choose the one accepting sex from the get-go like it’s nothing and totally normal. They may have sex with you, yet your chances on the “big prize” are slim to none.

They want someone balanced, someone who knows their worth, someone who’s discreet when it comes to their private life, and someone who’s not available to such random and on the spot sexual encounters. That’s their ideal partner in life, as that’s how Divinity has set things to be.

And regardless of your gender, if you don’t heal your ways to those levels, instead of attracting that type of good and right partner for you, you only delay things and even reach to the point of missing out on such a person who’s got everything you need and want to have in your life.

Before Divinity is able to bring this person in your life, you must achieve a certain “purity” level in your person and in your life when it comes to your sexual activity. That’s how your Soul Contract is set to be to unlock that chapter to a happy love life with a healthy and right for you partner. And that means to start saying no to people hitting on you for that against whatever chemistry and burning fire they might stir up in you.

However! You must do all that because you want to show love to your own person, your own energy, your own life, and NOT because you want to gain such a person. Don’t go like, “Oh? Yeah? So…that’s the key to grab that person? Alrighty then. I’ll hold myself till I get my fucking paws on them, and we’ll see of whatever after.” Ha-ha!

No, baby, no. That’s not the way. Why? Because if you don’t do it to become the one your Angels want YOU to be for your own good and rewarding destiny and become resistant before temptations, and you just DO IT for the gain of such a person, it will be bad.

And again, why? Because if you do not BECOME that type of person understanding of all that to be for YOUR own GOOD, and you do it till the right person comes into your life, you will fall back before such temptations outside of the relationship at some point, because you haven’t healed it out of your system, and the addiction for variety will majorly affect your life with your true person, ending up losing them because of your unhealed ways.

So, do it for YOU and not for the gains of such a person. This person shall be YOUR reward for your EFFORTS of becoming a healed one from that in truth, of keeping things in balance on that side of your life, and NOT because you’d force yourself to do it because of that gain.

Alright, Baby Pile 1! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 2

Baby Pile 2, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Whoa! Ha-ha! It’s truth and justice time for all your past pains, losses, and heartbreaks due to a certain someone, honey! MUHAHAHA! Well, YOUR Angels always had your back, even if you didn’t know it or see it that way when you went through all that, because KARMA IS A TRUE AND PAINFUL BITCH, LOVE! HA-HA!

No matter if all that happened to you a long ago or recently with that certain person, know that you’re about to receive a lot of clarity over certain things, a lot of truths are about to be finally exposed, a lot of gains are about to explode for some of you against the odds, and for others of you even having that person crawling back to your feet and trying the impossible with you to get you back because they know how MAJORILY they fucked up yet to ONLY receive the SECOND hit of BITCH LADY KARMA through meeting your TOTAL and FINAL rejections. Well…. You took your power back, honey…. Ha-ha!

If you’re in the process of a divorce, and you know you’re not in the wrong, miracles in a way or another shall happen for you from unexpected people and in unexpected ways, bringing you favorable outcomes in all this mess.

If you’ve been threatened by that certain person in a way with something material or not or both, they’ll be the ones getting fucked by it in the end, if you’re in no wrong yet that is being used against you as a tool to either get revenge on you or just to keep you trapped into something.

Because your Angels are now stepping their game up to cut off all bad from the fucking roots for you, baby! You’ve endured enough, and it’s fucking payday for all parties involved! Ha-ha!

Oh, this is so good and makes me so happy for you guys, because you’ve suffered and compromised on many things a lot to reach to this point of justice and balancing of scales.

Yet this is the time when things can come into fruition for you guys on the justice made for you, because you HAD to learn some lessons as well from all this hurt and unfairness done to you to be able to step into your happy life from that point on and be a knower of stuff now compared to how you were before all this, no matter you’ve been the innocent one in all this.

It was meant for you to undergo all this, as it has been the key and test for you for the Divine to see if you’re ready for the next and true blessing in your life when it comes to love the way it should be for you and not how it has been.

Because against everything that has been thrown at you, all that made you feel in a negative way due to how your life with that person has been, you kept yourself on the right path and haven’t done the same as them, and that’s how justice has been or is about to manifest for you.

For example, if they did you dirty as in cheating or being toxic in a certain way, you didn’t act the same way, instead you’ve kept your integrity and tried to solve things out in a just way by compromising and attempting to find a middle ground no matter how hurt you’ve been.

Your Angels are proud of you on how mature you’ve proven to be in all this situation, as being an adult isn’t the equal of being a true mature person. A mature person is able to overcome their ego and look at things from all perspectives to truly understand the entire issue and how to choose their actions or when it needs to wait on certain things before making a move. And you’ve done it. And now? KARMA, BABY! Ha-ha!

And I’m seeing that, for some of you, all this will lead to a marriage or very serious relationship with someone who is your true destined love, which may materialize very fast for you. I see something like you get this shit closed and/or legally finalized and in a matter of weeks or months from that moment you’re happily married with this other person. Ha-ha!

Well, no matter how your Angels had it for you guys to wait on the goodies in your lives, from that moment on, they’re moving VERY fast for you, making the other side REALLY explode. Ha-ha!

Well, who told them to fuck with a good soul like that, right? It’s no one’s fault than theirs, as I see you really had faith in them to be the real deal for you, and you’ve offered them everything from the bottom of your heart, and then to be faced with such things from them.

So, of course your Angels are taking a harsh stand in this when it comes to your side to elevate and reward you with what you deserve, and when it comes to them to kick their asses in some pits of pains and losses they’ve never believed they could fucking live. Karma, honey, karma….

And don’t worry, you’ll be able to heal from all this and put it behind you because of how your Angels set things for you from that moment on. I see all type of goodies happening for you guys in this pile starting from now, turning the page to a new and well-deserved chapter of your life. You’ll feel that only NOW you’ve started breathing and living real life as it was on merit to be.

Alright, Baby Pile 2! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 3

Baby Pile 3, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Well, I’m having a bit of confusion here, because I’m still getting the energy from pile 2, though I’m now on pile 3. Maybe you’ve chosen both piles or you may need to read pile 2 as well for some messages over there that you may need to know of. I don’t know, yet the energy from these two piles is somehow connected this time around.

Because the hand of God to deliver Karma to sides is in place for both piles. Hmm…. Are you the person in the wrong from the story in pile 2, being hit with some shocking events in your relationship when you thought you’ve had perfect control over things, considering your partner was under your iron hand to manipulate them to your wants and you to do whatever the fuck you wanted with them and on the side without paying for anything as a cost for your deeds on them? Huh? Well, if yes, please refer to pile 2 to get answers from there by flipping the scenario to find YOUR truth on how things are going down for you, honey. It’s a true BOOM for you, unfortunately.

Yet take all this as a hard lesson to learn on your own skin and that is time to change your ways for your next stage of your life. God NEVER wants the “death” of His children, He wants them to undergo the right path and not stray away from it, because this shit happens when you don’t do the right things in life AND you affect others to that degree when they don’t deserve that from you.

You mess with people’s lives because you consider yourself entitled and their owner against whatever you do and are to them? Well, think again on the real consequences part, baby, as God has patience till He has no more with the ones like you, and here comes the punishing part He gives to provide justice to His OTHER children who were in the right in all this.

God is stripping you off of all the goodies you’ve had till now, because you’ve proved that not only you don’t deserve those blessings, but you’ve also played the “little God” with your person’s life, and He’s now sending you back to basics to have a rerun of learning over how real life is and what can cost you to act like that, through the practice of it and not through the theory or possibility of it anymore. You must live it to maybe finally understand your true actions and what comes out of it and maybe become aware of the fact that you must change yourself to avoid this to happen to you again in the future.

Though it doesn’t seem that way, even for YOU God is giving you a second chance to make things right in your life and for your future relationships, yet you must pay this karma first and prove to Him you DESERVE that future next blessing to come to you as a reward from Him that YOU have changed and aren’t the person you were before the Karma hit took place.

Elevate yourself to being a good one from now on to receive the blessing light in all its forms, as if you keep yourself in the darkness conjured in you at this moment and from how you’ve lived your life thus far, only bad things will hit your life, honey, unfortunately.

Even now, the choice is still in your hands to either grab the salvation hand of God with time and bring you on good again in life once you pass this karma or if you just want to live a life of misery in a way or another because you refuse to change.

Anyhow, let’s get over this and move on to the others of you in this pile.

For some of you, there’s someone coming into your life unexpectedly and it may intimidate you to some levels because there’s a choice you must make. And you’re afraid to make that choice because you don’t want to experience heartbreak anymore, though you would really want to believe in them as being the one for you this time around.

In this case, your Angels want you to focus on how this person makes you feel beyond that fear you might experience. Are they making you feel safe? Are you feeling good vibes from them? Are you seeing the one hurting you in the past in them in a strong vibe in your guts you just can’t shake it off?

They want you to analyze all this set of emotions and perceptions you’re having around them or with them and not decide anything, no rejection and no acceptance, till you’re not sure you got to know their real face and their true intentions, till you don’t get the clarity of how they’re truly making you feel in your heart and soul, and not through physical chemistry only.

Because for some of you, this person may explode a huge healing in you from all your past on the spot and that forced detachment from the past hurts in a matter of seconds may frighten you because you don’t know how to take it. Like, “What the fuck just happened? Is it a red flag what I’m feeling and I must back off because of the intensity? Or is it a good thing what I’m experiencing, and this person made it happen for me just like that?”

So, you’ll be confused to very confused experiencing that, and your Angels want you to embrace those feelings in you and let them happen, because that’s what you’ve waited and prayed for all this time to happen.

It’s the healing process striking you like a thunder to clean your heart and soul of all their burdens, to provide you with a clean slate from now on. And this person may be your true counterpart in this lifetime, so you must give them a chance to see things from their true perspective, and then better decide on things.

For others of you, watch out, as someone you’re with or someone new, if you’re not already in a relationship, is trying to give you a huge heartbreak, by revealing their true face.

For those of you with a partner, prepare to have a bomb of some sorts coming from them. It’s a sudden change happening, practically changing the entire relationship dynamic, leaving you in heartbreak and despair for that something to happen to you, as in no way you were expecting that from them.

Your Angels are telling you to be strong and not focus on what’s happening but on what and how to put yourself first to have things favorable for you in all this. They want you to not focus on the heartbreak or on the why but on what you can solve when it comes to YOU and your children, if you have. Find fast ways to secure yourself (and children) and let them go. I’m sorry….

They will guide you through your intuition and will send ideas in your mind on what to do in those moments, and they want you to listen and not lose more time than needed, as because of something, you will need to take action and move fast like a thunder.

Everything is going to be fine for you, as much as possible, don’t worry, yet this is something that couldn’t be avoided because of certain actions from your partner. Your Angels are with you and will guard you in all this yet listen to them and don’t look back.

They will light the way for you, so just look for it and follow it, baby. You will have a new life after all this, they are promising this to you. They will give you a big rebirth in everything. It’s their oath to you as your Guardian Angels.

And for those of you single, this new person is coming in a lovey-dovey manner of everything being dreamy and whatnot, attempting to fool you to gain something from you or to put into action a sort of revenge on you that you know nothing about, exploding that bubble they’ve initially created to trap you with.

And for you, your Angels are telling you to give time to get to know them and neither refuse nor accept them and their offer, because by playing this “game” of time with them in a passive manner of not engaging with them on “real” stuff, they will drop the mask at some point because of anger you don’t give in, and then you’ll see their true colors because they’ll flip their entire mode of operation with you, even maybe bullying you with words, in the attempt to belittle you and that YOU weren’t that worthy of their time anyways.

You’re worthy, they just couldn’t crack and fool you to their wants. And that’s your cue you’ve been protected from falling prey to such an individual with no good intentions at all, as love is not among this person’s real wants with you. So, be careful and play it right for yourself, baby, as you’ll have it good for you if you do it like that.

Alright, Baby Pile 3! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 4

Baby Pile 4, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Well! Finally, a good vibing pile of energy inside and out of you and around you to the best possible degrees! UH! Heavy energy with piles 2 and 3, so it’s a fresh breath of air with you guys…. Muah! Thank you! 🙏❤😇🤗🥰😘 I’m a happy “Angel” right now…. Ha-ha!

Alrighty then! Let’s get into it for YOU guys! Yay!

Well, I don’t know where some of you are going to, yet it’s a sort of event, gathering with quite a crowd. I don’t know if you are a celebrity, or if that event has you as the important person, or if you just go there as a participant of some sorts, yet you shall be the main attraction of the night or day in that place, honey!

I see a lot of people taking notice of you, wanting to approach you, for a meet and greet and getting to know you, because there’s something SO special about you that they simply can’t resist and stay away.

You become the prize in the eyes of many at this event, and of course the ones over there considering themselves the “main prizes” will send you the evil eye. Yet don’t bother with those, because you’re the true diamond from over there without much effort from your part or even any effort from your part, because that’s your energy and person. You’re fucking born with it, so yeah. Ha-ha!

You maybe will be surprised of how many are going to offer you their hearts and fight for your attention, making your head spin from the not that wanted attention, especially to that level, and this may make you wanna find a retreat spot to breathe for a tad from all that, even considering taking a hike from there. Ha-ha!

Well, your Angels are showing you how far you’ve come by working on yourself, understanding your true worth, understanding that what needed to be healed was a must for you, you’ve accepted your spiritual evolution, and so on, making a Molotov cocktail booster in your energy to put you in a glow you’ve never experienced before.

For some of you, I see an offer for work or business made to you because you’re just what they need, and they find you at this event I’m talking about.

And your Angels are telling you to be very careful on which offer of “love” you accept because you’re entering into the testing period for the Divine to see how wise you are in your love choices when you’re now getting that type of attention from people. Because, obviously, not ALL are good for you, but one.

They’re also telling you, actually warning you, to consume ANY alcohol or open drink even if it’s just soda or water. Make sure you drink from things unopened with you watching that process of opening a sealed bottle or can of something, and to be soda or water. No alcohol, honey, not even a fucking sip from it.

Because someone, after taking notice of you, may try their hand on you with some substances and do some bad shit to you against your will after. Regardless of you being a male or a female, it’s valid for both. So be careful to extremely careful on that. Don’t take drinks from no one offering it to you, especially if they aren’t properly sealed.

And during this event, it’s with high chances to find that special one for you, taking you by surprise because you weren’t there for that. Yet your Angels are telling you to wait for after the event for things to move and not accept anything during that day, especially if you’re a female.

Let time pass and don’t make yourself available to no one on that side, because there are some things you know nothing of, and those would ruin this soul connection from happening the right way.

I repeat, especially if you’re a female, as if you’re a man, and that person is a female, you know what you’ll have to do after this event where you’ve met her, as you won’t be able to go against your instincts from how your Angels are going to flash things on this person for you to know of what’s happening and what could she represent for you.

Now, for others of you not going to any such event, Angels have prepared something of a goodie nature for you as well! Ha-ha!

There’s a person coming to you offline or online with the following expression, “Hey, do you remember me?” And you don’t…. Ha-ha!

This is a person you may have had a crush on at some point in your life, yet things weren’t of the nature for you guys to even talk or talk that much but to engage into something of a love relationship back then.

However, what you’ve crushed on back then is nothing from how they are at this moment. They’ve changed a lot, and for the way better inside and out, maybe even reaching to a sort of stardom at this moment you know nothing about because how you knew them to how they are now as that “star” doesn’t match. Many things for the positive are changed at them yet unrecognizable to you to point to who they actually are from your past.

And, well, from one thing to the other, you may find yourself in a very romantic love story with them, leading to something more because they’re now able to make that move with you they wanted so bad in the past, without you knowing about, yet they had to undergo this part of their life to reach to where they are right now, enabling them to fulfill their love as well.

As let me tell you a little secret from your Angels. They were crushing on you way more than you did on them without showing it to you back then not even a bit. You’re their real wish fulfilment in this life and they can’t wait for that to finally happen.

And they had to refrain themselves from approaching you back then, because they wanted to reach to the level of being able to offer you all they could and you deserved, to be happy along with them when it comes to your actual life together. Aww! I said it’s a very good vibing pile, didn’t I?! Huh?! Ha-ha!

Oh! And for some of you, that’s why you’ve met with failed and bad relationships, because THIS is the person you’re MEANT to be with. Alright?! Ha-ha! So, stop hurting for the past in your love life, because you’re getting your rewards soon enough, honey.

Alright, Baby Pile 4! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

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Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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