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Foreword and Disclaimer

  • This is a pick-a-card collective reading.
  • Choose one or more than one pile according to how your instincts are calling you to make your choice/choices. If you get confused and can’t choose only one pile because another calls you in as well, choose them both or how many piles are drawing your attention and not letting you make a one choice pick. As when this happens, to not be able to make a one choice pick, it means that it may be messages for you in those piles as well, hence the confusion you’re met with. Therefore, follow your intuition and see why the confusion.
  • “Love” reading. For this reading one card shall be used for each pile.
  • It’s gender free.
  • This is a timeless reading, so it’s valid for whenever you see it.
  • Don’t try to fit the messages presented if it doesn’t resonate with you. However, retain the main messages as it may resonate to your future self. What doesn’t resonate with you, let it fly. It’s a collective reading, so it may resonate with you in parts, half of it, all of it, or none of it. It means it wasn’t meant for you, and I’m sorry if even one message wasn’t for you in this collective reading.
  • Use discernment and responsibility. This is friendly advice and info and doesn’t take place of specialized advice. Seek experts for professional advice for your own needs.
  • For entertainment purposes ONLY. The psychic/tarot reader doesn’t take responsibility for your future actions.
  • I do NOT do personal readings. Thanks for understanding on that.
  • You must be 18+ to read this reading.

Let’s see the piles for you, baby….

Let’s see the reveal of the card for each pile for you, baby….

And now, let’s see the messages for each pile, shall we, honey?

Pile 1

Baby Pile 1, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

This period, you’re finding yourself in a state of balance and clear emotional state. You’re happy with yourself or soon to be that way.

Work is getting more back on track for you, bringing you a satisfying amount of income, and things are quite improving for you on many aspects of your life, because you’ve understood the concept of patience and taking things from another perspective to make everything finally start working out for you.

You’re quite pleased on the work front, therefore, you can now switch your attention to your private life as well, because till now, that wasn’t quite possible.

And because you’ve let things naturally unfold for you on all corners yet putting in the necessary effort and work to make things happen for that natural course to take its course for you, the moment when you’re now going back to be present on the “love” market, with a renewed self after a period of isolation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how on demand you really are.

Whatever social platforms you’re using to connect with people, friends, family, you’re about to meet a lot of love choices, because people are just mesmerized by you and want to make an attempt on you in love matters, though it may start as a friendship first.

Yet the friendship as a starter will not be without flirt and hints of those people’s real interests with you. But you’re now someone taking things slowly and wanting to really find the one for you and not just some fun time, so you’ll really take your time to get to know their real self and whatever matters to you when it comes to a solid partner.

For some of you, it may come through work, that solid partner you’re seeking, especially if you’re working on a platform with an online business of some sorts, where you may either be simply an employee over there or even the boss of it, because I see that from all the love choices you’re having, the one getting your most interest is coming from there and not from other social platforms.

In one of the mornings from now, you may either initiate a call yourself, or you’re about to receive an important call, or a text message. Whatever it is, that call or message, it’s either going to be a breakthrough for you on something, or even the end game of getting something you really wanted to achieve.

However, you are in a place of full love to yourself and ready to offer it the same to the one deserving of it, and you’ll have no barriers in doing so the moment that special person to you will be validated by you or finally accepting your offer.

With your pile, I’m having all the good vibes and all things happening in Divine time, as it’s supposed to. All you’ve been doing and acting thus far, is as it was meant to be, and your Angels are pleased you’ve listened to their guidance. They’re now moving you further to what you truly want, as it’s time for your blessings when it comes to love as well, because you’ve definitely earned it.

So, whatever you’ve been doing in your life thus far, continue doing it because it’s working, favoring you before your Guardian Angels, enabling them to bring you many blessings in the next period and in the future.

And they’re saying that you’re going to get your special one, who may be different on some things than you, yet you’ll be the perfect match, and love will be but assured from both sides with time.

Whatever may worry you on something regarding that special person, no matter if you’ve already got to know of them or not just yet, your Angels are telling you to drop the worries and get what you want and be what you are in truth, as that special person to you will appreciate your authentic self, and once they’re going to better know you, they’ll start giving in to you, because of the destined bond between sides.

Yet patience from your side will be required with the person that is your true destined one, because they may have a certain set of complications in their lives or maybe just considering themselves not ready to engage into a relationship or something like that. I see a certain level of stubbornness from them because of something, so yeah.

Alright, Baby Pile 1! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 2

Baby Pile 2, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

Well…. Ha-ha! I’m getting several scenarios here, and I’m not sure if this is you or the person of your love interest or even BOTH of you. Ha-ha! Yeah, you may be mirroring each other to some degrees. Ha-ha!

Well, I’m laughing because I’m seeing two people (you guys), each in his/her working environment, working the hell on to deal with things and keep focus, rejecting ALL incoming calls NOT related to work, ignoring ALL texts or social media pop-ups NOT related to work, speaking to or calling ANYONE NOT related to work, giving the impression private life or love for you DOESN’T matter or exist at ALL because you’re just NOT fucking interested because of WORK, yet at least ONE of you, is fucking working their ass off and daydreaming and questioning themselves of the OTHER! Ha-ha!

And this one person from the two is so damn skilled to both work and keep their fucking head in fantasies and thinking of the other on different things, like, “Where are they now? What are they doing now? Who are they with now? I do hope they’re not with anyone…. I’M GOING FUCKING CRAZY!”, and many such things they perfectly hide before others and even before the “object” of their love interest.

As yes, this seems to be a somehow hidden or secret love “affair”, as it may actually be a started relationship behind the scenes with no one other than the two to know of, or the one having all this train of thoughts to keep themselves hidden with perfect stalker abilities from the other, as they truly have their mind, heart, and eyes on them at ALL times.

So, if you’re the one with the questions and all that tension for the other, know that not only they’re not dating or seeing anyone and working their ass off, they’re not thinking of you either. Ha-ha!

Therefore, at least you can be happy on that and pouting on the not thinking of you either, because they’re too absorbed in their work that if they know you, they don’t think about you and anyone one else because you’re the least of their priorities from how complicated things are for them at work, and if they don’t know who you are, you’re totally inexistent for them, obviously. Ha-ha! I’m sorry…. I’m just telling the truth over here.

And if you’re the one not thinking and not knowing of stuff, know there’s such a person around you or at a distance, heavily thinking and desiring you to be with them, as you’ve just become a very hot target for them. They can’t just keep themselves away anymore and there are high chances for them to break soon enough and make a move that may or may not shock you.

However, you’re both at a certain same level of high intelligence, very serious and on the work people, able to deal with many things at once. For you guys, mixing business with pleasure isn’t a negative concept to apply to you because you can perfectly separate things and work everything out without affecting either side for the important stuff. Very balanced people on that.

You both know the meaning of boundaries and what needs to be done on all ends in your lives. And you both have your Crown and Third Eye chakras open to some incredible levels, so for many of you in this pile, with this such a person, you’ve also got, with or without your want, a strong bond of spiritual and energetical connection of maybe hearing things from the other, seeing things from the other, or even feeling things from the other, and vice-versa.

So, if you didn’t know from where was coming certain repetitive or not things, you now know this person is connecting with you in the 5D and 7D, because of their intense concentration of thoughts and feelings on you. And you may get those while wide awake and working or doing stuff, and in your dreams as well, because they’re unable to control themselves anymore. So, if you’re on the end of not knowing what the fuck is happening, you now know. Ha-ha! Jesus…. But such things, no matter how weird are to happen in the modern world, they happen and are very real.

However, the one not knowing of this yet being a target of the other, will not be easily persuaded to get into a relationship with them. Their inborn laser sight will get into play and truth from the other in EVERYTHING shall be needed to be put on the table for a rigorous screening and considering if this relationship is a go or not for them.

Very difficult to get past them and make them give in because they’re knowers of a lot of stuff and you can’t really fool them. Only if you’re their true destined one you can make them become yours or if only they just want to fool around for a while. Yet that depends from person to person and what their mood is in that precise moment. But to fool around is very rare for them to act.

That’s why, you need to express to them in your all sincerity your true intentions and what type of relationship you truly want with them from the get-go. They can’t stand half-truths or games, and you won’t get ANY type of relationship with them if you play it out like that.

Yet, if you’re already in a secret relationship with them, the coldness on whatever from them comes due to work at this moment, so you can breathe in relief that no rival for you is in sight just yet, because if you don’t move your ass to get the relationship to a next level, they’ll understand you just like what you guys are having right now and they’ll soon move their ass to another one offering them that true and destined relationship they truly deserve without making a scandal with you or threatening you with something.

They’ll just announce you that all of it is over and they’re now leveling up to a much needed committed and in the public eye’s relationship, one that they’ve understood you couldn’t offer to them or didn’t want it to that level.

So, they’ll be very cool and upfront on that with you, yet I’m afraid that that will mark the moment when you might get the awakening of being a fool and losing your true one in life, without possibility to bring them back to you, as they’ve already detached from you and they’re all in with the new one who has offered them on the spot what you couldn’t or being confused over or not really wanting it till then.

And their detachment will be permanent, because they shall consider you haven’t seen their true value before a rival came into the picture and now YOU aren’t the one worthy of them.

So, yeah, it shall be a total loss for you when it comes to them if you’ll wake up at that moment that they’re your true love in this lifetime. Too late for that, unfortunately.

However, you can flip the scenario if you’re the other one.

Alright, Baby Pile 2! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 3

Baby Pile 3, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

What do we have here? My, my…. Ha-ha! Well, your seduction levels are at high peaks this period. You’re charming, bold, put together, and sly like a cat. Ha-ha!

Some of you, I don’t quite know why, yet something you’ve just done on you, or finished doing on you after quite a period of time of undergoing it, is going to shock a lot of people once they’ll see you, in the most positive way. And even your “bullies” will fall at your feet for a chance on you. Ha-ha! Like you’re gonna take one of those…. Ha-ha!

Anyhow, you’ve accumulated a lot of “magic” in you to use with the opposite sex, and this period you’re attracting like a magnet lots of them, and a lot of hate and jealousy from the other sex.

So be prepared on that, because lots of scandals and fights shall emerge because you simply exist around. You don’t need to actually do anything for people to show hate and play dirty just because you receive attention when you’re not even directly asking for it and you’re actually minding your own business.

For some of you, watch out, as you may experience an enhanced libido, making you lose your reason before potential partners with whom you’d match in chemistry, and lots of bad choices and mistakes can happen as a result, because you’re going to make choices through sexual impulses and not reason and all the other set of senses to choose a right partner for you. And this may lead to some not pleasant consequences in a variety of reasons.

Okay, I’m going to say this as well. For some of you, watch out if you’re already having a partner and that partner is a male. Because if not yet, soon enough a very seductive female with no good intentions is going to approach them and an affair shall start, because this person has high skills to drive any man crazy out there and manipulate them to their own wants on everything.

This woman is set to destroy something for her own gains and then take off from the relationship with the stupid one, leaving even HIM behind. However, the relationship you’re having with your partner will be broken as well and lots of losses will be determined because of this “mistake” from your partner inside the couple’s assets and whatnot.

So, I don’t know what to really say as measures to take, as you know better what you can actually do to at least prevent that from happening between them, as only love isn’t present in this relationship she’s setting up, yet I can tell you to start from NOW in securing whatever common assets or funds you guys have together and to keep a strict watch on those to at least have an iron hand on those and not have major losses happening to you both once that bitch is going to back off with her own wants from all this.

Wherever you’re having power and authority of decision over material things and financial assets, make sure you’ve got them covered as soon as possible and the stupid has less to no authority to make major and under the heat of the moment decisions he’ll so fucking regret later when the female shall reveal her true colors before him, leaving you both in almost fucking bankruptcy. So, NOW is the moment to take heavy measures on that to at least save THIS aspect if you can’t deal with the stupid to refrain from engaging into such exterior affairs.

And if you’re the male I’m speaking about and you know you’re generally having a hard time in refraining yourself from going around with different bitches just because you can’t hold your fucking member into your fucking pants and all of them seem to you SUCH a fucking flaming love to you, know from me that you’re going to be majorly fucked by one of them and the LEAST pleasuring you when your everything shall fall apart because you’ve engaged with that specific bitch.

I’m sorry for being this blunt and raw with you, yet if you don’t get your shit together and stick only to the partner you’ve chosen for a committed relationship, this is a karma you shall face from one of them soon enough.

And that bitch I’m talking about shall be the one you’ll least expect to do this to you, because you’re SO in love with her, man! More like with her exterior shit and the novelty of whatever.

And I’m already getting your thoughts while you’re reading this, man…. Jesus…. Stop thinking which one of them would do this to you! How many do you fucking have, man?! You’re really pissing ME off right now! I’m sorry! But you are! And trust me! You won’t know which one will do this to you till it would be too late for it! Stupid ass! Oh man…. Jesus Christ…. I didn’t expect to have this in this reading…. Nope.

Okay, leaving my own pissed off whatever side right now aside, as I’m here to help and not JUDGE, though you SO DESERVE to be put at your PLACE for your OWN good and no one else’s, I’m going to say this to you.

Fucking cut off ALL such extra marital or couple affairs AT ONCE, and just focus on your OWN partner and business and whatever you guys have built together to prevent a fucking apocalypse on ALL THE IMPORTANT stuff to you.

Don’t listen to what the Angels are warning you about and laugh on it that it can’t be happening to YOU as it has NEVER happened to you thus far because you’re SO FUCKING SMART and having everything under control, don’t be sorry later when what you’ve been warned about shall happen.

At the end of the day, it’s your own choice and your own life, yet don’t be sorry for knowing this and just laughing it off instead of preventing shit from happening, as it will be a painful shit to happen to you when it shall happen. And your partner will be dragged along with you WITHOUT deserving all this shit, because in this relationship they’ve been and are ALL THAT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN! Man…. Oh….

I’m sorry, guys, yet I can’t not say things when they need to be said. Truth hurts many times, yet it’s the only one that can set you free and REALLY help in mending things or preventing stuff.

Oh! It’s getting interesting…. I’m having a woman reading this and having the same thoughts as the one above. Yes, darling. If you know you’re doing as the one above, and YOU are the one doing this at your partner’s back, though you’re a WOMAN and not a man, because I’ve specified it’s for the male side more at the beginning, you CAN flip all genders in the scenario, and all that is VALID for YOU as well, unfortunately.

The man or one of the men you’re involved with on the side will do it to you and all I’ve said shall unfold for you and your partner you’re in the official relationship. I’m sorry, yet all this happening to the ones like you guys when doing such stuff is no one’s fault but yours.

Take the precaution measures I’ve been pointing out as fast as possible in this case and just…do the right things for once, honey. That fucker doesn’t love you, at all! He’s just after whatever you can provide and ARE providing for him from your PARTNER! He’s fucking using YOU, woman! All he’s showing before YOU is FAKE love! FUCKING WAKE UP ALREADY, GIRL! Who the fuck loving you for real would accept such a relationship and not wanting to take you only for them, huh?! Stop finding reasons to my last question and use your true brains and reason! You are NOT in love with him! You’re just infatuated with him because of the certain adrenaline he’s fucking giving to you that will cost you EVERYTHING! Is it worth it to that level, woman?! Huh?! Oh God…. I’m having a fucking headache right now from all this mess…. Oh….

I’m sorry, yet if I’m calling you guys out on things, I’m doing it with the best of intentions from my part for YOU, to correct things for YOUR own help and good. You MUST heal toxic ways and things bringing you guys NO GOOD in your lives, which you’ll later see when bad things happen because of such actions done because of impulses and momentary adrenaline, giving you addiction to such stuff, turning your life really upside down when everything blows into destruction for the Divine clean up by force to learn the lesson the hard way if you haven’t used your mind to learn it the easier way and avoid all the big shit from happening as a result of your actions.

That’s why, better to wake up now when you STILL have some ways to prevent things from happening, if you will. If not? Well…. I’m not going to repeat it a millionth time.

Alright, Baby Pile 3! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

Pile 4

Baby Pile 4, let’s see what messages are there for you in love….

You’re glamorous and in the spotlight, honey! No matter how you think you either look or are, and maybe thinking less or way less of yourself than what others see at you, you’re really turning heads and have become the main target of many!

And all this has been achieved by you undergoing a lot of things, and many of them unpleasant and quite painful to undergo, to become what and who you are today. Yet you’ve succeeded to be up there at this moment and on merit getting the attention from others.

You’ve achieved the level of understanding there’s no competition around you to participate in, because no matter however you’d think about yourself, you DO know your own worth and healthy boundaries are installed in you.

You’re someone possessing a lot of creative juices, and whatever you’re making or working on turns out beautiful and getting a lot of attention. You’re an inspiration to many and a true leader when it comes to your craft, because you’re also quite original and abundant in ideas.

Your Angels are warning you to lower a bit your shopping sprees, because you’ve been spending quite a lot lately, and they don’t want you to fall into an addiction on that.

Your Angels are telling you that someone out there you may or may not know yet has already set their eyes on you, seeing you as marriage material, loving the way you are, and considering you their perfect match in this lifetime, because they’ve been observing you for quite a while now to make sure you’re the real deal for them and they don’t get mistaken on certain things.

They are also warning you that there’s another such person targeting you on the same things, yet this one isn’t in love with you in truth like the other but just seeing you as a treasure to get and make use of with the trap of romantic feelings for all their given offer once they shall present themselves before you.

So, your Angels are alerting you to be sure in your choices and not fool yourself in choosing the fake instead of the one who truly loves, wants, and is serious with you, the one truly destined for you.

Because with the real one you will have a happy life and long-lived relationship, with stability and all such a true relationship should be and have, yet with the fake, the “honeymoon” stage shall be short-lived, being replaced with lots of disappointments, heartbreak, and toxicity to put up with, even stripping you off of all your abundance and all whatever wealth you possess or may possess in your future on your own right.

Therefore, make sure you use your mind first and foremost when making your choices in love and not be let on by your other parts, because it’s vital. You must see through appearances and identify true reasons of the one before you of why they want you in truth.

Your Angels will give you signs to see and guide you, yet they want you to not stubborn and NOT see what they’re flashing before you to help you make your choice. Do not ignore the signs and don’t rush into anything till you don’t have it clear if the signs were for good or for the bad when it comes to each person coming before you with such an offer. You can’t make the mistake, as if you do, it will cost you a lot without deserving it.

Now, if you are on the other side of the coin, meaning you’ve already targeted someone and you know that person is your one and only, but you haven’t made the actual move towards them just yet to make your feelings and intentions known to them, be prepared. Ha-ha! Oh yes….

Well, this person has been through a lot to be the one you see they are today before you. They’ve been through all the Queens/Kings in the tarot and all of the Pages and all of the cards to become the Empress/Emperor you see they are today, and it hasn’t been easy at all to go through all that, yet they’re armed with all to figure things out at a glance or two when it comes to someone.

So, they are caring, kind, loving, nurturing and whatever on the good side with the right people, the people proven to them they deserve this side of them, yet they can be very cold and cutting off with the ones not deserving their good side or the ones they believe look kind of “fishy” to them at first.

They’re quite intimidating and hard to crack when it comes to love and make them give in, as they would NOT do it THAT easy. You must work a lot on proving things to them, proving your sincerity, acting on your words, and even then, you may hit a cold brick wall with them because they’re having a hard time to open up and be vulnerable even with the one they may start nurturing some feeling for, because of being afraid of disappointments and making a mistake in choices.

They’ll need a lot of “evidence” from you that you’re indeed the one for them and that you do love them and you’re sincere in your everything with them, and not just having ulterior motives, because their screening will be a harsh one and you may meet a lot of resistance and rejection from them at first because of the above mentioned. They don’t want to be vulnerable with someone and face heartbreak by doing so if you’re not the real deal.

So, if you ARE the real deal to the person you have as your love interest in that sense, prepare for such a reaction and be understanding with them, because they’re not a cold one in truth or some toxic person. They’re just protecting themselves, because they do know real world and how the majority is, they’ve had their share of hurt in life, and you must prove yourself you are the one for them.

As the moment you’ll prove it to them in your own way, through your own Angelic guidance on how to proceed, all that shall be cleared, and you’ll have the best partner, even exceeding your own expectations to have in this lifetime, because even what you thought you knew about them and loved them for is even less from what you’ll discover at them once they’ll start opening up to you and becoming a couple and all that.

Because they never show their everything to everyone. They’re some complex creatures with lots of rare and good qualities, making them a diamond of high class and not some small one.

Alright, Baby Pile 4! This is all I had for you! Hope it helps you one way or another!

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Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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