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Chapter 15


Well, as I always say to fuckers, don’t provoke the bad bitch, as shit fucking happens, and the shit that happens is fucking thriller and not some small shit.

I always try to keep my fucking sanity intact and not do bad stuff because I’m someone righteous and of good nature, a balanced bitch who doesn’t want harm or collaterals, yet when you fucking threaten me to those lengths and you actually do it? Well…. As I said, shit fucking happens….

If Alpha Boy wouldn’t have killed Viktor and Viktor wouldn’t have seen him, I weren’t going to do things to this degree and for sure I wasn’t going to go with Alpha Boy, because I fucking know what it means from now on. A full-blown war between sides, having Alpha Boy as main target now and I the second, because Viktor won’t be reserved and between certain limits with Alpha Boy as he is with me.

In his own madness and toxic ways, Viktor does have certain feelings for me, so he would never want me dead no matter what he would put me through. Yet Alpha Boy, Viktor wants him fucking dead without fucking delays now more than ever because he’s his fucking rival and now upfront for killing him and for taking me from there. So, yeah. It’s bad.

If till now I could make him understand Dylan has nothing to do with me because for real nothing happened between us and he was just delusional on thinking stuff that really wasn’t into existence, and I could control him to some levels with that from sending assassins after him and attempting hits on his businesses and whatnot, now all that can’t be controlled anymore.

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