Chapter 14 – F*cking War You’ve Asked, F*cking War You’ll F*cking Get! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Agent

Chapter 14


Well, after a session of kissing, she goes back to sleep on me because she’s really out in strengths and she accepts the fact she can rely on me from this point on by letting her guard down.

The car is eating the road with our other escorting cars to reach faster to my jet and get the fuck out of Russia as soon as possible.

Jonathan already announced all parties per my orders, and he’s received calls of things rolling per my indications. Higgins seems to be throwing a party in the office to have finally found our baby alive, and my uncle is preparing things to welcome us home, awfully happy a six years’ ordeal has finally come to an end for the first part.

Sasha and Martin are driving to their jets to board and fly out of Russia, telling Jonathan they can fucking FEEL I’ve found her if I ordered them to walk away from here as fast as I’d done it. They fucking know me…. Ha-ha! But yes, Jonathan confirmed it to them and that war for it is just around the corner.

Mara was shocked to hear about the new transfer to safety regarding her, yet she didn’t question it hearing I ordered it, and she knows Jonathan.

Well, I’m not fucking scared or unprepared to deal with a fucking war with them right now, as I have a fucking army of people in Russia with me and I’m fucking present on the fucking scene to deal with whatever.

Yet, I don’t want to have Baby Ashton involved in anything or have her in danger. I just want her out of it and breathe the air of release from all this, and I’ll deal with everything after.

She’s had enough of it as it is, and I want it to stop for her. It’s fucking time on that for her. No matter how much she’s pushing herself to perform at outstanding levels for what she is, her health is not helping her, dragging her down against her will of facing whatever. I can’t stand seeing that… It fucking hurts me!

I’ve given the two boxes from the floor to Jonathan for safekeeping, as she dropped them there when she went crazy for all that stuff. I said that even those aren’t fucking important to her when other people’s lives are in danger…. Luckily, they’re sealed and no damage on them went on.

The sun is already starting to go up when we’re at around thirty minutes to the airport, and I’m with my head on my baby’s, keeping her tight in my arms and caressing her back from time to time while she’s going from a silent breathing to a more irregular one and back, yet she seems as fine as she can be. She’s sleeping, and I’m with my eyes shut to enjoy her and her breathing on me from a while ago, yet I’m alert and wide awake.

However, Jonathan interrupts my fucking serenity with my baby….

“Boss! They’ve flanked the fucking road ahead….” He’s looking on the road at the fucking cars in a fucking line, blocking both lanes for no one to fucking drive past them from either way.

And Alex with the first two cars before ours have just hit the breaks in a deafening sound of tires along with my other cars in the back.

Fucking motherfuckers…. You want war now, huh? Fine!

My baby because of Jonathan’s raised voice for the first part and from how all the cars have stopped, she snaps from me with a sleepy but ready to kill stare at me first and then looking around to see.

“What the fuck happened?!” Her eyes land on the fucking cars ahead and her eyebrows go into rage as her breathing.

Nothing happened, baby. Just some fuckers needing death sooner than later.

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