Chapter 13 – Don’t Look Back |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Agent

Chapter 13


We’re outside on the terrace, I’m walking taking in the surroundings to avoid security as much as possible with the gun with the silencer on out in my right hand, and she’s keeping herself calm yet she’s whispering at me, squeezing my suit jacket fiercely at my back, as the fuck I’m going to put her down from my shoulder to have her go back. She’s in a labored breathing.

You bad Baby Ashton…. Ha-ha!



“Put me down!”

No fucking way, honey.


Keep dreaming, badass. Ha-ha!

“It’s bad!”

I don’t give a fuck.

“Really bad!”

Do you see me caring, baby?



Though there seems to be no fucking security around in this area, once I get past the fucking swimming pool to go around the corner in the back, fucking Alexei stands right there under a dark corner like a fucking lion with his right hand in his pocket and the other hand free of weapons.

Of all the people in here, you were the only one not on my killing list, buddy, because you’ve been a good one to my baby. Don’t fucking make me shoot you, Alexei.

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