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Chapter 11


After I make sure Dylan goes upstairs in silence as I’ve requested him, I briefly shut my eyes and sigh, being MORE than baffled over all this that has just happened and over MY reactions, and then shove the fucking gun at my back and stroll to the fucking chair at the fucking bar to take a seat, facing the door, crossing my fucking arms and looking down at the floor, hearing how fucking Viktor finally opens the main door of the house, getting inside, and slamming it at his back, how he usually does when he’s in his urgent angry pants to have a fight with me or something he’s REALLY pressing him regarding me. Oh yeah…. I know that fucker so damn well…. Oh….

I’m already in massive headaches and the fucker’s ass has just showed up to spike them even higher…. Purrfect. My fucking luck as always. Yet now I’m even MORE lucky having fucking Alpha boy upstairs with the adrenaline of having him coming downstairs and engage with the fucker fucking my heart and brains even more. Why not, right? I never get to choose on stuff…. I’m just fucked with EVERYONE’S WANTS BUT MINE! Yeah….

“Annika! I’m back home, dear! Where is she?! Ha-ha!” He’s fucking playing the drunk him, though he’s fucking sober. He doesn’t fucking get drunk no matter how much he fucking drinks. He’s always fucking sober and perfectly knows his everything and all around him.

This fucking son of a fucking bitch….

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