Announcement! 14th November 2022 | Opening Of Our Baby Angel Affiliate Program!

Hey guys!

It is my pleasure to announce that from today onwards you not only can enjoy the content of our website by being one of our Baby Angel members yet you can also make money with us by becoming a Baby Angel Affiliate! Yay!

So, lately I’ve been busy with setting up this part of our website as well, yet I’m happy I can finally send it live and for you guys and whoever new ones to take advantage of. Yay!

The commission for each sale through your Baby Angel Affiliate links is 25%. Whatever membership from the purchased ones through your referral links, will give you a 25% commission off of it in your affiliate account with us.

The cookies for affiliate links are 30 days long.

For payouts, you must cross the $100 earnings minimum limit during a month to be paid. (Actual payout will be 30 days after since that minimum limit crossover has been reached).

If you fail to reach that minimum amount in a month, don’t worry, the earnings will be added to your next month and so on, yet the payout will be sent out to you once that happens for you as a minimum and will be paid 30 days after that day when the minimum limit is reached.

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to join our Baby Angel Affiliate Program.

There’s no country restriction as far as I know, yet you’ll see when you’ll register if your country of origin doesn’t appear on the list to choose.

Attention! To become a Baby Angel Affiliate you must use a different username and email address than you have as our other Baby Angel members, as these are distinct sides of our website.

So, if you’re already a Baby Angel Free-Baby Angel Abundance (all types of memberships in between) (or become one), you cannot use the same credentials as username and email address to join or login in the Baby Angel Affiliate area. You must create a new account through the Baby Angel Affiliate Program section, and you’ll also login with that newly created account for this from there and not from our main login area for Baby Angel Free-Baby Angel Abundance as you’re used to.

You have a first set of creatives to use inside your Baby Angel Affiliate dashboard (referral links with creatives) and begin your Baby Angel Affiliate earning job. More shall be added to have a variety to choose from.

When registering for our Baby Angel Affiliate program, you’ll have the full Terms and Conditions to read and consent to. So please, read it in full to be informed on things.

If things shall modify in any way, it will be announced through our main Announcements section, so always keep a watch on this section to be updated on stuff.

You cannot use your own referral links to apply your commission for your own purchase of one of our paid Baby Angel memberships and have it reduced with 25%.

However, if you wish to use from your Baby Angel Affiliate earnings to gain a wanted Baby Angel paid membership of our website and indulge in our Members Only content, you can do so by sending an email to , indicating both your Baby Angel Affiliate email+username and your other registered Baby Angel (Free or expired from the other paid memberships) email+username, and mentioning which paid Baby Angel Silver-Abundance membership you wish to pay it from your earnings and have access to.

The chosen Baby Angel membership shall be upgraded by us on your account as soon as possible, and the amount of “purchase” will be deducted from your Baby Angel Affiliate account, from your available earnings.

Another thing to mention about getting paid that you must know. When you shall be paid from your Baby Angel Affiliate earnings (when you’ll cash in), it is in your own responsibility to pay whatever local or state taxes you’re bound to (financial taxes or whatever laws on this are in your state that you have to state your earnings and pay taxes on), as it’s not in our responsibility to file your statements for your earnings and pay the taxes on them out. It’s your own responsibility and duty to conform to your state’s laws on this.

And when we’ll send you payments, commission for the transfer of your earnings will be deducted from your amount to be paid. (Bank transfer commissions and/or conversions)

The email to use for whatever questions or conversations for the Baby Angel Affiliate Program is: , and, as I said above, mention in the title of your sent email “Baby Angel Affiliate Program” + “whatever you need to ask or say”, to have a higher response rate as a Baby Angel Affiliate. And of course, patiently wait for a reply, because as always, it’s only one person doing everything on this website for now, which is ME, and though I’m always prompt in replies to emails, there are times when I’m having a lot on my plate and I might delay a bit with the reply, yet I always reply as fast as possible. Ha-ha!

Oh, I’ve placed the Baby Angel Affiliate on the Join Us page as the last one on the page, so you can register from here or there as well.

It’s already placed in the main menu of the website, so you can access everything from there.

And I’ll soon place the required everything to access it from the main page of the website as well as a last item on that page.

Okay loves! This is what I had to announce through this post! Hope you love the new launched thingy on our website and I wish you happy and unlimited earnings! Muah!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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