Announcement! 02 November 2022

Hey babies!

Okay, so I’ve uploaded the AndaStanTalks podcast to my Linktree link. You can now access it directly from there, to be easier. You can select the platform where you want to listen to it and so on. Well, you’ll check it out for yourself and see whatnot over my Linktree link.

You can also subscribe to my Linktree and be updated on whatever I might add or notify or such. I’ll give you guys my Linktree link here for you to have it, yet I also have it at my profile on almost all my social media accounts.

I must apologize for something, as only yesterday I took notice of that change…. How I’ve been out of my podcast platform for almost two years, and how the dashboard on my side for it hasn’t changed at all, or not that much, I wasn’t aware for the last episode to not come out in segments for the audience as well, as it had been in the past.

On my side, it’s done in segments, yet it seems it doesn’t take the episode to be in parts to select anymore, taking the entire episode as one full segment for you guys when listening to it.

Therefore, at the time of recording the episode with the Pick-A-Card Reading attached to it, I said that you can go and choose your pile and listen only to that segment and not go through the entire reading for all piles, because I was more than sure that was possible like in the past.

Well…it wasn’t, and I’ve been aware of such a thing since yesterday when I revisited one of the distributing platforms of the podcast, seeing it, and then looking to more, and…it hit me of that change…. Ha-ha! Well, when you’re not working with a platform for a longer period of time like I’ve done it with the podcast…. Ha-ha!

Anyways, shit happens, but we’re now aware of it, so, I won’t be doing pick-a-cards anymore but full collective reading with as many messages as possible for many of you to benefit from when on the podcast. We’re flexible people, so, no biggie…. MUHAHAHA! Oh….

And of course, you can also give a follow to the podcast (AndaStanTalks) on your favorite platform (from the ones having the podcast available) to have it and be notified from there as well when I’m uploading new episodes, as yes, I’ve decided to assign that on my to-do list every week or more than once per week.

We shall see about that, yet it will be a regular where I’ll be talking about things and deliver Psychic and Tarot readings for you as well. We’re multi-tasking people, so why not, right? Ha-ha! Aww!

Okay, babies, here is my Linktree:

And that’s about all I wanted to announce in this post! Ha-ha! Muah!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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