Announcement 14 October 2022! New Deck For Halloween! | Interactive Tarot Section

Hey Baby Angels!

Well, I’ve been literally HAUNTED! Ha-ha! To make this deck for the Halloween season. The messages and everything just came to my mind and didn’t want to leave me in peace at all, so I had to put aside whatever else and work my ass on this to regain peace from this at least…. Ha-ha!

It wasn’t my intention to have this deck right now, yet if it wanted to come into existence for this Halloween, I made it happen, working on it from scratch all this past week, as yes, all these messages are freshly channeled for it, so I had no written cards for it in my own made decks. Ha-ha!

But I had fun making it and letting the creative and psychic juices flow.

It has general messages, as it is for Halloween. So, it contains love/ job & career/ business/ spirituality. Yet you can use it outside of the Halloween season as well.

The deck has a range of 55 cards to choose from. The messages are short to a bit longer.

I wanted to have a larger one, with over the number it has, but because time was pressing me, as we’re already approaching Halloween, and how smoke was already steaming from my everything, ha-ha, as I had to work the messages, the visual cards, to then put them on the website and whatnot, I had confirmation to just fucking stop at the 55th card. Ha-ha!

Anyhow! I hope you guys will love playing with it and that this new deck will bring you more answers, as we now have TWO decks in the Interactive Tarot section, with more to come!

My pleasure to bring more goodies for my Baby Angels…. Aww! *hugs and kisses*

So, here is the deck. You can click on the image to go to its page and start your interactive tarot session with it or on the table below it where I’ll put both the Interactive Tarot section and Halloween Messages deck links.

And yes, to be able to access this deck and the other within our Interactive Tarot section, you need to be or become a Baby Angel Wise or Baby Angel Abundance member. For those of you new to the website, check out our Join Us page for more info on what each membership of the website has to offer. (But you can see the Interactive Tarot section, yet you can’t go further and use the decks without one of those memberships.)

Go To Interactive Tarot
Go To Halloween Messages Deck

Alright, Baby Angels! That’s all I had to announce in this post! Hope you’ll enjoy this new deck specially made for you!

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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