Chapter 156 – I’m A F*cking Believer At This Point… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 156


He is raging under his nostrils at her and makes way for her to step up and lead the way.

She’s unfazed and follows the order, blank in thinking as she doesn’t want to have her thoughts give her away in front of him. She’s raging inside as well for his reaction at her.

They both go silent, though he’s watching over her with a worried stare at her back.

On their way back, a faint cry of a baby comes to notice from the forest. They stop their route and now look at each other.

“There’s no baby that should be in here.” He takes the direction from where the cry comes, and she closely follows him. He doesn’t take his sword out.

“Erioch? There must be a sort of a trap…. Let me….” She wants to go ahead and him to stay back, but he doesn’t listen, ignoring her.

Saredonna is in her warrior attitude, ready for the worst.

‘There’s no way a baby would be in here…. It must be Horima playing…. He still has Death Angel lines in him…. He can’t be removed from them…. That’s why he’s so dangerous and crowned Prince Demon first day he went in there. He’s got both sides powers…. He must have used the broken veil to enter in here or send something to attack again…. He’s prone on destroying Erioch…. A baby…. Why a baby cry? Why a baby here? He must know our location…. It’s certainly a trap….’

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