Announcement! 02 October 2022 | Opening Of Interactive Tarot Section!

Hey babies!

It’s my pleasure to announce the opening of Interactive Tarot Section of our website! Yay!

I’ve worked a lot on it to make it happen, but I took it as a game to “win” it faster! MUHAHAHA!

So! The Interactive Tarot (Members Only) section is up and running. It only has my “Thoughts From Your Person” self-made deck for the moment, so this one is pertaining to answers for the love department.

More of my decks will come soon enough, and they will be mark for what they are for (Love | Job & Career | Business) so that you guys can choose the right one for your needs. But there will be various decks made by me on each department soon to come, so not only one per Love/ Job & Career/ Business.

Yet you need to have patience with me till I manage to work on each from technical points of view as I’m not working all this through a specific software but manually. Ha-ha! However, you can expect more and more to come in this interactive tarot section of the website.

This first deck has a number of 140 cards to choose from and get answers, yet you’ll have more info on this when visiting the section and seeing the deck I have for you as a start.

The Interactive Tarot (Members Only section appears on our main page, and you can see it in the main menu of the website as well, for a fast reach.

And yes, this is accessible only to Baby Angel Wise and Baby Angel Abundance members of our website to make use of it.

Visitors and other Baby Angel members, except for the mentioned ones above, can only see and click through for content till the selection of cards for each deck. From then on, they must become a Baby Angel Wise or Baby Angel Abundance member to get access to actual selection of cards and then see the further messages from each card.

As a reminder for those new to our website, Baby Angel Wise membership gives access to only all pertaining to Tarot on this website, whereas the Baby Angel Abundance membership gives access to both Romance Books and Tarot with all included when it comes to Members Only content. But you will see more info on all this on the Join Us page.

So! Baby Angel Wise and Baby Angel Abundance members! You can now enjoy the interactive tarot with answers on the spot to your questions! Hope you’ll get the answers you seek through this section! Have fun as it’s my pleasure to give you more tools to help you guys more and more!

I need to go to sleep now…. MUHAHAHA! Jesus…. Ha-ha!

Love you!

Your true friend always,


Andra-Cristiana Stan

original link:Love Stories Tarot
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