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Foreword and Disclaimer

  • This is a pick-a-card collective reading.
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  • “Messages from your Angels through Angel Numbers” type of reading with one card.
  • This is a timeless reading, so it’s valid for whenever you see it.
  • Don’t try to fit the messages presented if it doesn’t resonate with you. However, retain the main messages as it may resonate to your future self. What doesn’t resonate with you, let it fly. It’s a collective reading, so it may resonate with you in parts, half of it, all of it, or none of it. It means it wasn’t meant for you, and I’m sorry if even one message wasn’t for you in this collective reading.
  • Use discernment and responsibility. This is friendly advice and info and doesn’t take place of specialized advice. Seek experts for professional advice for your own needs.
  • For entertainment purposes ONLY. The psychic/tarot reader doesn’t take responsibility for your future actions.
  • I do NOT do personal readings. Thanks for understanding on that.
  • You must be 18+ to read this reading.

Let’s see the piles for you, baby….

Pile 1

Your Angel Number is: 7730

You’re praying for things to happen for the better for you in work and money.

However, the Angels are complaining about what happens when the start of such blessings occur for you.

Why? You’re happy to have landed a job, a raise, a new stream of income, yet as soon as the first day or first few days pass, your energy and heart put into working and earning and proving you’re truly worthy of it goes low to none, becoming bored, dissatisfied of unreal things, and you just back off, praying again for something better.

Honey? That’s not the way to go around blessings. Until you don’t go through all of it, like it or not, giving your 100% as energy and soul and heart output in all you’re given to do, you’ll remain trapped in the same cycle.

Go all the way with all that you’re given as opportunities, and when that completes, new and more amazing doors shall open for you.

Till then, you’re stuck and never really happy. It all stands in your choices and endurance to overcome each cycle by working it out and not backing off from it.

Alright, baby? Alright.

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Pile 2

Your Angel Number is: 72

You want love, that one and true love destined for you. But we have a problem, baby. Yeah…we do, unfortunately.

Your Angels are trying to send that person to you, yet you’re SO DAMN PICKY and thirsty TO HAVE FULL CONTROL over things, that you lose focus over real values in a person by keeping that damn checklist before your eyes and not considering other aspects as well.

No one says NOT to have a checklist or to lower your standards, yet SOMETIMES what you believe is the perfect and right thing for you, Divinity says no, as it wouldn’t add value to you in any form, on the contrary. And Divinity knows better of what’s right for you than we know for ourselves, because Divinity has all perspectives over things, which we don’t.

So, honey, if you don’t want to just be alone or go through different testing period relationships, why don’t you revise that checklist and see what needs to be added as a compromise or as true value in a person, and sometimes go with the flow as well for a change?

Who knows? Maybe the true partner for you may seem unworthy of you at first, yet if you would go with the flow, the reveal with time will prove to you that even that checklist of yours with the perfect design will be unworthy to the real worth your true partner truly owns for you, baby.

Sometimes, Angels cover people up to not be seen at their true value, becoming a test for the other partner to see if they choose right or not, and that if you would truly value them no matter what. And if you choose wrong, who’s at fault, baby?

Angels want you to reflect on this and see what you conclude for yourself, as it’s your own free will choice at the end of the day, baby love.

But don’t be sorry if you choose wrong….

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Pile 3

Your Angel Number is: 36

Uh! What do we have here, honey?! Amazing! The power you’re owning this period is INSANE!

You’ve got so much creative energy steaming out of you! High vibrational being you are right now, BABY! Whoa!

Listen and pay attention over here, honey.

You’ll be getting a tremendous insight into ideas and creativity to put it into practice this period. Your Crown chakra will be flooded with Divine downloads on what to do, so DO NOT ignore it.

Take all those inspirations coming as your blessings from your Angels and put them on paper.

Look at them and now consider what the plan of immediate action should be for all of it, step by step.

And then?

Start doing them one by one as you’re guided to do by your intuition and mind, as Angels are with you all the way, offering you their unlimited assistance to make things happen.

And then? Whoa! Ha-ha! I’m not joking, honey….

All you’re gonna put into action from that will become seeds of great, sooner or later, fortunes for you, baby love.

You’re in such a powerful creative and manifestation period that the fuck if you’re not gonna nail it, honey!

Well, when the Divine time is right for each of us, it fucking booms, yet nothing is done without hard work, confidence, consistency, patience, not giving a fuck on what others have to say, and listening to angelic guidance, as our Soul Contracts have levels we need to pass first to reach to that “yummy” stage of reaping our deserved rewards.

So, baby, your ass is loaded with miracles ready to manifest, and you’re already given the recipe from your Angels of what’s to be done to reach to that transmutation for you from the 5D, spiritual world, into your 3D, real world, the one we live in.

Man! The energy is vibing so damn high from your pile! I fucking love it!

Congrats, baby! Love ya’!

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Pile 4

Your Angel Number is: 3

Well, honey, someone is messing with your stuff, in the sense they either want to stop you from achieving something you’re meant to have as it’s yours and you’ve worked and are working so damn hard for it, or they just want you to puff away as they can’t fucking stand the heat of the competition you are to them, and for either scenario, they’re so fucking busy to erase you from their way or…erase you in other ways.

No worries, baby. As long as you’re doing the right thing and keep going with whatever it is you’re doing, setting yourself to overcome everything thrown your way, as you can do it, Divinity with your Angels are to step in and deal with the other evil forces lurking around under the form of other people and not only.

You’re protected, kept under a mix of harmonious energies to aid you achieve your purpose in the end, as long as you abide to the right path, listen to your angelic guidance, and never respond to the challenges in a bad way. In a bad way, in the sense you don’t emit the same evil energy back to those doing something to you.

Just ignore and follow your own path, as the results will speak for you, and your Guardian Angels are calling the higher Angels, those who take up the fights and battles for you, and THEY WILL serve the merited punishments and install the walls of protection and bans all around you to keep you safe.

Whatever you’re working on, you’re building your own empire with time, baby, and that’s why you’re getting so much hate and “bullying” from others under the form of friends, competitors, etc. They can see that even if you don’t see what you’re about to become with time, as they can fucking sniff and feel the great energy you’re containing as a Master Builder.

Well, you’re a Master Builder because you’ve earned it, and that’s why God has given you this force and energy to make things happen. It wasn’t given to you without merit from your part. So, never feel ashamed or remorseful if others don’t have it the same as you, baby. They must do all that you’ve done to accomplish this blessing. It’s not your fault they’re occupying their time and energy with low vibrational stuff. You do you and be proud of yourself, without bragging that much.

And another thing, baby. Because you’re in such a clash of evil energies around you, please consider shutting up about your plans, ideals, wants, dreams, actions to take, etc. Keep it to yourself and don’t share them with anyone.

Once that thing materializes, it’s only then people can see it as a result. Do that to further protect your energy and manifestation abilities. You don’t need to let people know about stuff, as they’re not ALL fond of you to succeed in life, honey love, on the fucking contrary.

And it’s your own duty to protect your all stuff to enforce the transmutation from your dream and planning world into the tangible and accomplished result, right? Right, baby.

However! I’m cheering for you, and I can’t wait to hear you’ve become someone of greatness as I would be so damn happy about it for real! Good souls as you and me would NEVER give the bad eye to those who succeed in life through their own capabilities and efforts. But we’re not low vibrational, are we, baby love? Ha-ha! Love ya’!

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