Chapter 155 – You’re My General After All…. |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 155


“Do whatever you want. It’s your right. I’m using mine. Walk faster. You had fun, bathed, relaxed, and now full of energy to walk faster. Stop dragging. Unbelievable…. He didn’t read them…. But he drives everyone crazy because he rebels out of safety to take a bath here while important duties are put aside…. Yeah…. New born…. What should I expect?” She’s with her eyes everywhere to identify potential threats, with her sword in her right hand, following him.

He’s smirking and enjoying her attitude, though she’s serious in all she says. And yes, he’s with his hands at his back, walking like a powerful royalty in stance.


She’s mimicking him again.


He’s smiling.

“I’m thinking over what type of punishment to give you….”

She’s in her pissed off grimace at his back.

“If you’re still thinking over that…. You’re no fit to your position….”

He smirks.

“No…. I want to be original…. Something new as punishment…. I have rights over that….”

She deadpans at his back.

“Original…. Well, something original would be for you to reach there beaten up…. That would be such a punishment for you….” She laughs under her lips and she’s thinking of how she would proceed with it, getting him there passed out….

So crazy…. She’s just like me…. He, he, he….

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