Chapter 152 – Condemned Law To Love God Above Hell, Eternal Heart Is Greater Than Darkness |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 152


“It is. No what if. And no, you’re not crazy, Angel. It’s just one fucker who wants me to fuck with him, which I will. He’s under search teams since then. I’ll catch him again. Don’t worry. And what you said last night with him touching you and being with you, it’s not real at all. Trust daddy. He’s a mind player among other things and him having that mark on you since then, can play you into thinking his presence was vivid. But he could never simulate the sexual act for you to feel or see as he’s banned on that. He can’t do that without your consent, which I know you’ll never give it to him, with or without memory of me.”

Mark? She said about the marks…. My left wrist….

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