Announcement 12.09.2022! Become Or Being A Baby Angel Free Member! New Perks And Other Communications!

Hey loves!

I have a lot to communicate in this announcement post…. Ha-ha! But first things first….

Well, I’ve finished remodeling the first free chapters, table of contents, and categories of each book yesterday. So, they look more “beautiful” and “neat” than the previous massive work I’ve done on them…. Ha-ha!

I was pleased to find myself in more energy juices and have all that done in less than two weeks, I guess. I don’t quite remember when I’ve started all that, as I haven’t looked at the previous announcement post where I’ve stated the start of all this, but anyways, I know I’ve processed it faster, man! Ha-ha!

And after I finished all that technical work madness for me, I’ve began working inside the chapters of each book, starting with Icy Shoots On A Hot Billionaire, to start redoing everything, add some stuff, and have things meet the new “visual” concept, and “beautify” them as well. Another technical mad work for me, but anyways…. We’ll reach there after going through a total of over 900 chapters of all books available on the website with time…. Ha-ha! Yeah….

As a side note, with time, all the inside chapters of the books will change to the new “visual” concept, but for that, have patience with me, as that is way more time consuming than with the first free chapter posts and categories, because of the total number of chapters stated above, and I need to perform at least 3X stuff on each, so yeah. I’ll move my ass as fast as I can to work them out, but I can’t promise a definite deadline on those changes to meet finality and all to look as “beautiful” and “neat” as the ones already processed.

(Because I also need to set time aside for my creativity and bring you guys even more content to consume. All this technical part, as I said, is a hella time consuming for me, not leaving me much time for my creativity as well. I can’t WAIT to FINISH all these changes for the website I’ve set for myself as a new row of work and have more time for my books’ content and tarot readings, as I’m already overly HAUNTED by the characters from my books in my mind to, “GET THE DAMN STORY ON ‘PAPER’ ALREADY! YOU CAN’T SLEEP TILL YOU DON’T WRITE SOMETHING! WRITE!” Ha-ha! Yeah, well…. I’m writing, but not as much as I would want and need to because I need to prioritize things and take action on them as needed, for a sort of balance to be met. Well, I’m trying…. With the balance, I’m trying…. Ha-ha! Anyways….)

So, while performing the work inside the chapters of “Icy Shot Of A Hot Billionaire” to “beautify” it and add things at the end of each chapter, I’ve made the following decision:

“Hmm…. Why not give my current and future Baby Angel Free members more benefits? Hmm…. Why not unlock Members Only Content for them on a time to time basis, and for all those unlocked chapters on books/tarot readings posts to become permanently unlocked for my Baby Angel Free members community, once I make such a chapter of a book or tarot reading post from locked and available to only my Baby Angels paying memberships to unlocked for Baby Angel Free members as well? Hmm…. Alrighty then, let’s do this and make some hearts and souls happy with love from my heart and soul.”

Therefore, the decision was taken as permanent.

So! Baby Angels Free! From 11th September 2022, I’ve gave the roll of the first generous chunk of unlocked chapters for you on “Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire” to start this “launch” of Baby Angel Free new perks!

As a Baby Angel Free (becoming one or being one), you now have access to the unlocked chapters for you from “Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire”, containing chapters 6-33, which are under Members Only content.

Since 11th September 2022, they’ve become unlocked for the Baby Angel Free members, and will remain permanently available for you guys.

Once I unlock a chapter on a book or unlock a tarot reading for the Baby Angel Free community, it will permanently remain unlocked, and by having a Baby Angel Free account, it will always give you access to those unlocked chapters/tarot readings from the Members Only content.

Now, I will make announcements when new chapters on books/tarot reading post become unlocked and available to the Baby Angel Free community of our website. And each announcement will have the updated titles and chapters/tarot readings posts becoming unlocked, for you guys to better have the big picture of exactly which ones (past and present) are unlocked and ready to be read by you guys through your Baby Angel Free membership.

So, always keep an eye on the Announcements! section to be informed over which content becomes available to you loves, because you guys have plenty to look forward to. And there’s no coins to earn through watching anything, no stress over mismatch over things, just to wait for when something from the Members Only content becomes unlocked and announced to you Baby Angels Free. *heart* No hustle, just the waiting game.

Of course, if that waiting game becomes too much for you and you can’t wait to read on something, you can always choose one of the paid Baby Angel memberships offered on the Join Us page and upgrade your Baby Angel Free membership as you please to have fast access to what you want and need. It’s really up to you. I want you guys to have free will of choice and feel good and at peace about taking an action, and not feel like someone is forcing or tricking you over something, as we’re not doing that here and will never do it, and I’m trying at my best to deliver that to you guys with all I can and I’m allowed to do.

Now, the unlock of chapters/tarot reading post. I’ll unlock chapters/tarot reading post in either: daily, every other day, or per week. I can’t promise on how many chapters/tarot readings posts will become unlocked in each take. It could be one chapter of a book, it could be one chapter of a book on a number of books or a number of chapters on one book, it could be a tarot reading post. That should be a surprise for you guys and for me as well, as I’ll chose which ones the moment I’m going to perform the unlocking over them for the Baby Angel Free membership.

We will see in the future if we’ll get you guys to choose over which ones the unlock shall be made in a voting manner or something like that, yet it’s something I’m already taking into consideration for the future, as I love interacting with you guys. *kisses*

So, once you become a Baby Angel Free member, start commenting on the free chapters/tarot readings posts for visitors and inside the locked for Members Only content to which you have access as a Baby Angel Free member. Also, rate the chapters/tarot reading posts by giving them 1-5 stars as you consider they deserve. And, give a like to each you have access to by choosing the emoticon you want, as on Facebook. Sharing on your social media is another thing you can do to help our website grow and have more upcoming perks as a Baby Angel Free member.

But for now, you can start enjoying the unlocked chapters 6-33 of “Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire” series as a Baby Angel Free.

Now, let’s make the other set of announcements I intended to make through this post! Ha-ha! Yeah, it’s a longer announcement post this time! MUHAHAHA! We’ve got more things to inform about…. Ha-ha!

This is the new thing you’ve started to see on the website since yesterday and will be present inside each chapter or post on the website, at the end of it, with time (when I’ll manage to go through everything and redo to the new “visual” concept, ha-ha!):

Tip (Gift) Andra-Cristiana Stan
Tip (Gift) Andra-Cristiana Stan in a pay-what-you-want manner to show support and appreciation for her work. Your contribution will help her continue her work, support the website/app and improve it, and enjoy her creativity in different forms.

Well, as it says on it, it will help the website, app, and content creator which is I. Ha-ha! You can tip (gift) with a pay-what-you-want as a visitor, logged in as a Baby Angel Free or a paying Baby Angel member if you want to give more and support the work on the website, enabling the Baby Angel Free community to have permanent access to more Members Only content and faster as well, and for the creator of the diverse content on the website to be able to produce even more.

AND! For I to bring in even more cool stuff I want to implement in the future for our all Baby Angels. Yet, I want you to want to do that and because YOU believe in what I have to offer and for the upcoming improvements and diversifying things both creative and technical. As both the tipping (gifting) and paid Baby Angel memberships are contributing to that. And I thank you so much for your either contribution! (Tipping or being a paid Baby Angel member)

Another thing I want to announce, and the last one of this announcement post. We’re now officially in the Google Play Store with our app Love Stories Tarot since today!

But, as I’ve said before, our app is ONLY for Android users. I’m sorry for those of you having another device system…. It’s a starting app in its all, basic in everything, to mirror our website with just the little extra features in the app. It’s a compromise for now, and once we’ll be able to perform changes, enhancement to it, and technical changes to make it available to iOS users and such as well.

Yet it’s only the beginning on the app lane for us Baby Angels, which has consumed my brains out in its entire process from start to end to learn things on my own, walk all the requirements and implementation path, and have it like this as a first step in its journey, ha-ha! I’ve said I’m not apps savvy…. Or IT savvy…. Just learning on the go after the first impact of, “WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?!”. Luckily I’m one to adapt fast to things…. Ha-ha!

So here’s the app’s link in the Google Play Store (You can click/touch the title or image of it below to be directed to it for download):

Our App In Google Play Store Available To Android Users
Love Stories Tarot

So! If you’re not a Baby Angel Free yet, become one and start reading! More content will become available to you from the Members Only!

Become A Baby Angel Member To Have Access To Members Only Content!

And ALWAYS keep an eye on our Announcements section!

Oh, forgot about something…. I haven’t entered in the Tarot section to make changes for the new “visual” concept and stuff, soon I’ll do it. I need time on things, man…. Ha-ha!

Alright loves! This is the “novel” I wanted to communicate to you through this announcement post! Hope I made someone happy with it! Ha-ha! Blessings! *popping hearts*

Love you!

Your true friend always,


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