Chapter 149 – I Think This Is Hell… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 149


They have no chance in saying something and keeping her with them by force as she dives in the water with light speed, being absorbed like in a vortex until she reaches the bottom of the water, turning from lighting and blue to blood and fire.

She feels everything, but has no tear, no reaction to all the pain and burning she undergoes. There are deafening screams, cries, sorrow, the pregnant smell of death, nothing like above from where she came in the water, where there was the smell of exotic flowers, honey, pureness, eternal life.

She dives further and has the feeling of fire daggers and spears crossing through her body, but she’s in one piece and like before. However, she experiences all the changes and attacks on her like they are real.

A fire gate protected by two water demons with swords in a fork shape, dark green on skin, fangs and, well, nasty motherfuckers in looks, release a grotesque sound with a grin and open it for her to enter.

She doesn’t attack them, diving through the gate where there’s now no water, but pits of fire and dry land, with a black coverage like charcoal.

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