Chapter 12 – Why Don’t You F*cking Kiss The F*cking Walls For A F*cking First Round, You Son Of A F*cking Bitch?! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 12


Well, when I say in my mind, “HE’S OUT!”, I have the instinct to force my body and proceed with the slicing monster processes on the kissing my face fucker, yet, once more, I can’t fucking perform it, as my body is still numb and doesn’t respond to my instincts and wants….

Oh…. How the fuck has all this happened to me? Me…. Black Demon whatever…. I’m such a fucking killer, in such swift and with precision moves, fighting so many fuckers at once to their fucking deaths, and now I’m lower than even a baby kitty…. Even a fucking kitten would give her fare share of scratches and stuff on someone…. I can’t…. I’m whimpering inside out of frustration while the fucker is in such a kissing party on my face, NOT LEAVING ME ROOM TO FUCKING BREATHE IN FUCKING PEACE! UGH! Oh…. When I’ll come back to my entire set of abilities, motherfucker? Oh…. Prepare well, buddy…. YOU’RE FUCKING DEAD WITHOUT A MISS!

He’s so fucking lucky I’m like this…. Like the fucking UNIVERSE has conspired against me to keep me like this and not FUCK THE FUCKER NOT STOPPING WITH HIS FUCKING KISSES! WHY AREN’T YOU FUCKING STOPPING ALREADY?! I NEED TO FUCKING BREATHE SOME AT LEAST! Finally…. Oh…. Breathe…. Breathe…. You’re so dead…. Don’t look at me with that sweet glare…. It ain’t fucking working…. You’re dead…. Let me breathe to be able to fucking yell at you at least! UGH! Oh…. My fucking lungs…. I need to breathe some more…. To catch my breath…. Kind of hard…. BECAUSE OF THE KISSING MONSTER OVER HERE WHO’S NOW FUCKING SMIRKING WITH HIS ENTIRE FUCKING FACE! YOU’RE DEAD! Oh…. Breathe…. Oh…. Oh…. Look into my eyes and see how fucking sliced you’re gonna be once I’m out of this fucking state. Fuck the amnesia, I need no fucking memories to fuck you out of existence, bastard…. No, no. No memories. I act by instinct. It’s all there. You’re so fucked once I’m able to fucking move…. Oh…. Oh yes…. Oh, breathe…. Shit…. Oh….

“I must confess some things, baby.” He’s kissing my forehead now, leaving me room to fucking breathe for a change, while I’m a fucking inflamed “monster” in stare at him, unable to even fucking speak at this point, yet I’m not feeling sleepy or anything on that line at least. I’m gathering my fucking strength it seems and I’m able to stay awake.

Confess what? What the fuck did you do? That doesn’t sound like a good news type of confession by the smug everything on your face with all that cocktail of pleasures in your fucking eyes at me…. It sounds like something I would personally kill for…. My instincts never fucking lie to me…. Confess away and give me more reasons to fuck you out of life once I’m back to full control over my fucking being…. Spill the tea, fucker…. Oh….

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