Chapter 9 – If It’s For Her Help, I’ll Do It |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Auction

Chapter 9


Yes, she seems to have finished with her wrath, as even the energy bubble she was in and those light pulsating lines coming out of her hands and fingers have vanished, and she’s now sent back on the bed with ease, like a falling feather, to resume her peaceful sleep on the bed without the manifestation around her.

And no, she’s had no awake moment during all this. Her eyes were shut, and she was sleeping in a deep one.

“She’s started cleaning up the premises around her it seems.” Caston is with his eyes on the three fuckers dead on the floor.

I can see that.

“I’ll be fucked if I’d ever step wrong in my life, man….” One of the three of my men coming upstairs with us says at my left in the room, with his eyes out of his orbits at the dead corpses.

“Boss would have killed them the same once he found out about it.” Gabe chuckles.

Of course I would have done the same. You don’t fuck with me and hope to still be breathing after. You betray? You’re dead. There’s no other way. And my Baby Auction is the same as me. Ha-ha! Mmm….

My eyes move for a second to my baby to see how her chest is in a sweet and calm breathing, like the sun smiling again and the sky clearing up outside after all those monstrous phenomena less than a minute ago.

Caston is making steps to the dead fuckers, and his gaze is scanning them.

“Dark energy is still on them. They’ve done more than what they said. That’s why her energy killed them. I think it was something about her as well. Like her location or something with you. That Jafa…. He seems to want her back at all costs. Preparing a hit to overtake her from you…. War of something between you and him…. Unfinished business connected to the auction night…. He wants retaliation. He seems pissed for what you’ve done with taking her from him, but he’s keeping the 200 billion. He didn’t want to have her sold. He just wanted to show her off and win her for himself. He wanted you to start war that night, and have you infringe the new treaty from first night of celebrations for it. It was a setup. A trap he meant for you with her and the other girls. But he wants her for himself…. And you fucked that for him along with not having war with him since then for the entire families to see and side with him against you.”

He’ll have his war with me. He can fucking count on it. And the 200 billion? I’ll take them back as well. That’s because of what he’s done with my men and my baby. He’s asked for it. I never go back on my given word and paid deals, yet this time it will be a fucking exception.

He sighs, straightens himself, and casts his lunatic eyes at me behind his glasses, bobbing his head in anger.

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