Announcement 27.08.2022! (2nd Of The Day… Ha-Ha!)

Hey loves!

Because you guys have requested me to let you know what music I’m listening to, I’ll make a category on the main menu of the website titled “Andra’s Music Playlist” and I’ll have there posts with several songs in each post for you to have it.

Attention when going through the app, you need to go and see it through the menu from the header of it, as you do it on the website, and not from the black list with menu titles which opens on the left side inside the app. I would need to make changes to the app if I were to add that there as well. So, you will see it through the app on the main collapsing menu of the website.

I’ll have it done a bit later today with its first post which will have a short selection of music videos.

And a bit of explanation on how I choose to listen to songs. It depends. Sometimes I love the melodic wave of it and not focus on the actual words, other times I love the words and motivation/inspiration it sends, and other times both. So it depends on each song and how I resonate at that moment with it and how it helps me within for different states I might have or the needed pumping energy to process things in my work.

Therefore, some of the songs I’m listening to, you might not really like, yet because you wanted to know and give them a try for yourself, I’ll do it for you guys and I hope you’ll like and be of help to you at least some of them. My pleasure to share them with you. *hearts*

So! Today you’ll have first post on that.

Okay, that’s all. Ha-ha! *kisses*

Love you!

Your true friend always,

Andra-Cristiana Stan


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