Chapter 146 – How The F*ck Have I Ended In This Situation?! |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 146


When I raise in the air to give him another kick with my right leg to his fucking face, he catches me and throws me on the bed, nailing me there with his hands on my wrists and now on top of me, keeping me trapped with his fucking body!

SON OF A BITCH! He’s so fucking strong and heavy…. Never had such an opponent before…. And I can’t take my hands out!

I toss right and left and use my entire force to break free to kill the motherfucker, but nothing works!

YOU FUCKER! Oh, fuck…. He’s probably the one who took me…. The other one wasn’t like this one…. I can feel he’s stronger than the other one…. Even his eyes give strength more than the other….

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