Chapter 145 – When The Memory Is Lost… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 145


I feel like throwing up. I’m in a deep, sickening, and tormented sleep or faint or I don’t fucking know anymore. The shock I’ve just had is cutting me into pieces. I can’t accept the reality of it. It’s like I went to bed as one person and woke up as another whose life I don’t fucking recognize.

I feel with clothes on me this time. The thought of that motherfucker touching me to get me dressed is making my being bleed in Hell’s pains.

I delay opening my eyes. I don’t perceive sunlight anymore. I think it’s dark. I’ve probably stayed passed out for hours.

The air in the room is shifted and the bed gives me a change in something. I don’t know. I also don’t feel his presence around or any other presence. I’m alone by my instincts.

The headache is knitting my brain out, blood whooshes through my veins, and my heart is getting drifts to reach my throat. Even my breathing is fucked as I can’t seem to regulate it. I’m on a pillow with my head and covered with a duvet something, facing down.

I squeeze with my right hand the pillow and I feel like crying my eyes out, but I don’t want to give satisfaction. I don’t know his game with all this and how I ended in this shit in the first place.

I need to see what the fuck really happened and if I really got fucked by the motherfucker. And…. I’ll kill him. That goes without saying. I just need to wait until I get my strengths back, though I regret I haven’t died. All this would have been over and I would be embracing eternal peace and rest.

Alaric Hudson…. I know no such person…. Ever…. His face didn’t ring a bell to my mind…. And he only makes me feel dirty and in sins…. He seems true to his feeling for me…. But that’s not my problem….

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