Chapter 27 – Take Off Your Clothes |Members Only| Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate

Chapter 27


I leave Angelos behind, sitting there on his ass in utmost silence, and while I’m walking down the hallway to that room Grithal is waiting for me, the fucking air in the building shifts, like I’m entering a sort of dark vibing energy area, a suffocating one, pressing my brain and heart, yet I’m not stopping, going further, acting normal and in full control, no matter how it does affect me.

This is not normal at all, right? Ha-ha! Oh…. If we are to accept the entire spectrum of paranormal happening in this fucking estate, this could be called witchcraft, huh? Hmm…. I wonder what the fucking review on me as first day would be. They’ve already received all my fucking info and documents, and they should only tell me what I need to do and where should I start for the day. But I’ve got the bad feeling all this review ain’t gonna be a normal one at all considering all the “normality” I’ve encountered thus far in here. Hmm…. I wonder….

The moment my fucking right hand touches the handle of the door, an electrifying energy surges through me, almost sending my fucking head in a shake to not go down from the impact it just had on my brain, but I don’t do it. My heart is rioting in my chest, as if fighting whatever energy intended to enter in me and stay there. My fucking blood is a whooshing fire down my veins at such intensity you wouldn’t fucking believe possible.

Rituals, huh? They’ve prepared in utmost detail for the new maid. Oh, Bri…. I apologize for hating you for not nailing this mission instead of me. Dead meat would have been a baby kid compared to your ass in here, and I couldn’t live with myself to know that. But I still hate your bitch ass for the rest of things, nonetheless…. Ha-ha!

I don’t stop in opening the door against whatever the fuck is happening on me with all that energy, and I step inside the room with a smile on my lips according to my train of thoughts about Bri.

“Come inside, Denise, and close the door behind you. Step in the middle of the room.” Grithal is ordering me in a cold and bitchy tone of voice while she’s sitting at a sort of desk with probably my file before her, as she’s looking at it and not at me.

In the room there are eight more such women like her, dressed in the same style of outfit as hers, suits with skirts and black flat shoes, all staring at me like fucking scanning me to the fucking bones. They’re in a line at my right in the room.

They’re looking in their mid-thirties by their eyes, but physically, like fucking Grithal, they look like in their early twenties. All quite beautiful in their own way, not skinny, like Grithal. And all have their hair put in that neat type of bun.

There’s no other chair or table or nothing else in this room. Just white with grey marble on the floor and luxurious architecture, but no fucking furniture of any kind other than that desk and chair she’s sitting at.

And in the middle of the room where she’s ordered me to step in, there’s a fucking circle and a pentagram on the floor in a golden color of lines to draw all that. Above this, there’s the chandelier that has…lit candles instead of light bulbs? And it’s fucking light outside, not needing fucking light inside as there are wide windows all around on the left side of the room.

Are these bitches some fucking witches or something? Jesus…. That dark energy is intensifying on me…. And I must submit to her orders. Alright, alright. Let’s fucking do this, Jas, and we’ll see later…. Oh man….

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