Chapter 25 – I’ve Been Sent In A F*cking Den Of F*cking Werewolves… |Members Only| Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate

Chapter 25


She’s having some fiery of revenge sparks in her fucking eyes at me, while my right hand is still having her wrist in the air and she’s still with her fucking other hand clenched in Gina’s hair.

Gina is crying her soul out at my back, now having her trembling hands grab my jacket at my back to sustain herself while her hair is still in this bitch’s hand.

Oh man…. If this bitch over here is not letting her fucking hair go, and after so many fucking slaps on the poor girl like that, I might fucking fuck everything and snap in beating the shit out of whoever this fucking bitch is in this fucking household as job position. Let her fucking go or we’ll have it bad, “honey”. You can’t fucking measure with MY fucking balls like you do with her, bitch. That’s for sure.

The fucking battle between our stares is already bloody, though I’m with my same smile on my lips at her, waiting for her to stop with Gina.

It fucking breaks my heart to witness how this poor girl was fucking raped and almost beaten to death last night by that fucker and for I to save her from certain death, and now to see another show on her with this damn bitch.

Like, come on! She’s such a tiny creature, having everyone on her like this, man?! What the fuck could she possibly do to always draw the bad shit straw on her?! And that fucker last night and this bitch over here both are calling her worthless! I can’t fucking stand either situations on this poor girl who seems to have no one on her fucking side and take a fucking stand for her!

‘Cause she for sure can’t do it for herself…. She’s indeed weak as strengths…. But that doesn’t mean one is worthless if he or she can’t do certain things. We all have our own value no matter what.

“Madam? I’m asking you once more to release the girl’s hair. I said I’ll do whatever she was supposed to do and couldn’t. Please.”

Last warning, bitch. Choose, and choose wisely. I won’t resume in trashing this fucking hallway with you by grabbing your fucking hair in return…. Just saying….

She’s clenching her jawline and breathing in fucking rage at me while Gina at my back is saying between chocking tears….

“I’m…sorry…. I’m…so sorry…. Please…. Forgive…. Me…. Mrs. Grithal….” Her hands are shaking harder on my back and her voice is like she’s almost there to fucking faint….

HA-HA! Oh…. This is fucking Mrs. Grithal, honey? Oh Jesus… She’s cruel alright. Donovan said the truth last night. Don’t worry, baby Gina. I’m here now, and this bitch over here? We’re gonna be “besties” for sure…. Ha-ha! And here I was wanting to not be late before the bitch to not have it bad on me from first day…. Eh…. It doesn’t matter. What I’m sure of as of now? This bitch is for sure to die by my hands before leaving this mission behind. Oh yeah…. She’s head maid. She must be an important pawn for Astrid. We’re on, bitch. Don’t you worry…. Your days are counted. Only further evidence shall change my mind over you. But from how I’m seeing you? I.Don’t.Think.So. Mhmm.

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